10 Essential Ways To Avoid Click Fraud On The Internet

10 Essential Ways To Avoid click fraud on the internet

Clicking fraud on the internet is a big problem for users. Fraud or illegal clicks are the issues for digital marketers and these are the hurdles to establish a well-settled business. As a  startup, displaying the ads to the right audience is the ultimate goal of every marketer, but getting the fraud click on the ads ruin things.

Many users or illegal people use irrelevant procedures and techniques to do fraudulent activities. When you display ads, you need to pay money on these advertisements for every single click, hence the fake robotic and non-human clicks affect your revenue or sales.

According to the experts, a fraud click is an action of driving non-human or suspicious traffic to a website content or ads. This has a negative impact on your business approach and can’t increase the conversion. In the market, many people adopt this illegal method to defeat competitors. Today, we will cover the 10 important ways which can help you to avoid these fake clicks.

The offenders target the activities to achieve their desired goals. They affect the cash flows of the marketers because they want to do some short-term growth stimulators to beat the opponents in the industry.

In the coming year of 2022, the fraud click industry will cross $ 45 billion and many more investments are expected.

Identifying these types of fraud is essential for your business and its exposure.

Essential Ways To Avoid Click Fraud On The Internet

1. Update the Ad Clicks Revenue

Digital marketers run the ads to sell the products within their domains to boost up their product sales. But you need to check out every point of your strategy like ads click money that you are spending on different campaigns.


The main target must be updated according to the situation and location of the audience.  You can prioritize the campaigns following the demographics using some tools.

2. Monitor Targets

In campaigns, you need to verify the targets every time when you start a new milestone. Wipe out the spontaneous burden on your marketing plans and identify the ways that are causing an increase in ads revenue but no spike in sales or commission.


The higher bounce rate is the best indication of fraud clicks on your product or PPC. You may get more fraudulent clicks when sudden huge traffic comes to your website but the bounce rates also increase.

3. Sources Of Traffic

Indication of invalid traffic sources is another strategy to find the real traffic on your Ads. Google Analytics and some other paid tools are also available that can help you to sort out the types of users coming on your content.


The most important sign of fraudulent robotic traffic is users with changed IP addresses with a short visit of a few seconds. If you notice you are getting fake traffic sources that have no solid presence on the internet or search engines, immediately change your plans.

4. Facebook & Twitter Ads Campaigns

That means all your ads will display on these two world’s famous social media platforms which are also the biggest ads network for marketers. They have various tools and indicating factors of sources for the clicks which can help you to avoid fake clicks.


No external publishers are involved who can damage the ads to revenue ratio. There are fewer chances of getting fraud clicks on social media platforms because they have some more advanced and innovative tools and targeting options that instantly guide you about these activities. Moreover, they display ads after you submit specific keywords for the audience, so competitors can’t find your ads.

5. Block Identified IP Addresses

What would you do when someone utilizing these faces challenges with the same or different IP Addresses? Well, don’t worry about these, If you’re running ads with Google ads. It will allow you to stop the traffic coming from the specific IP address. And you can set according to your targets and milestones of sales every regular interval.


The process is simple and you need to go to the settings in your account and find the exclusion of IP Address. Add the IP which is executing any fake illegal clicks to affect your ads money expenditures.


Once you set the relevant IP address, Google will stop the access of your ads to these non-human users.

6. Targeted Ads

It needs diligence and some secret tips to set your ads for the right persons who really have interests in your campaigns. Just stick to the target ads networks that can give you the accuracy of not having a bad impact on your sales.


Trace the IP address and users who are sending fake traffic to do invalid clicks and block them using some settings that most tools allow to do it.

7. Closely Watch The Sales

I would suggest you not only focus on the types of clicks you are getting but also count the sales profit after specific days to find what is exactly going on. When you see your sales are increasing suddenly then all is good. But when you see a sudden drop occur, just be conscious that something wrong is happening with your PPC campaigns.

8. Consult The Situation With Professionals

Many firms and digital marketing companies hire professionals to handle the marketing strategies. You can do the same approach, but all you have is to hire the right person in your industry. Many experts are working with the brands to increase their sales with the targeted and well-organized spending money to get their plans on the field.

9. Use Tools

Nowadays, many free or paid tools are present to verify the authenticity and potential of your online business. This software has the ability to work closely with your conversions and suggest you identify the fraud clicks on your ads. You can download their accounts with some dollars.

10. Avoid Self-Clicking

Many advertisers always make the mistake like publishers to start clicking on the ads to check the way they are working. Stop the self activities on your account, and just focus on the right targets, demographics, and types of audience with clicks you are getting.