Features Of Clicks Per Second Tracker Software

Features Of Clicks Per Second Tracker Software

The click-per-second tracker software measures the click rate of a person. The system functions by calculating the number of clicks in a given length of time be it 5 seconds10 seconds, and up to so on. It then provides a full-fledged report of clicks in one second or CPS. This demonstrates your speed of mouse clicks in one second. This is to enhance the mouse click speed. Especially the gamers attempt the test to improve their click speed which aids them while playing a game. This is also a wonderful approach to increase your everyday gaming ability. You only need to open the test and start clicking by adjusting your time frame. After that let that site calculates your clicks in one second CPS.

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How Do These Websites Manage to Calculate CPS?

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The term CPS is clicks per second demonstrate the click rate of a person. The mouse click speed is measured in this unit. Many websites conduct the click tests method to show your mouse click speed. When you play the game by clicking constantly in a given period your clicks are recorded. Then the report of your speed is calculated by dividing the total number of clicks by that specific length of time in seconds and you will get your clicks in one second or CPS.

What Should be the Important Features Possessed by a Click-Per-Second Tracker Software?

The device functionality and the internet connection are the important factors of attempting the test. A few features of the specific clicks tracker should also be considered while choosing one to play the game.

The Same Interface on the Web and Mobile

Mobile gamers can do clicks on mobile for improving their response time and ability. Any click-per-second tracker that measures the click speed should be loaded enough to perform well on the cell phone. The websites should work efficiently and effectively when operated on a cell phone or PC. The clicks, calculations, and report representation; everything should be smooth and easily reachable.

Time Frame Variations

The software should possess the ability to have various time lengths like 10 seconds, 20 seconds, and up to 100 seconds. The players will set the time limits and start from the shortest length in the beginning. Most people start from the 5-second limit and keep on practicing until the span of 60 seconds. Because enhancement in click rate can be attained by continuous practicing so a step-by-step level should be managed by the website.

Comparative Behavior

There should be competition tournaments to compare the skills of various people. This approach would increase the craving for success and you will work smart to attain a maximum score than your rival. And if you are playing alone the site would tell you how many people played well and how many performed worst.

The Software Should Set the Goals

Achievements require setting your goals in the meantime. Select the website which lets you set your goals so that you may monitor your day-by-day success. If the goal-setting procedure is done by the site itself, that’s more than enough reason to pick that site.


You’re smooth playing vary on the variations of goals and perspectives of the click-per-minute tracking software. And the features above explained should not be taken for granted.


Yes, there is no harm in using a CPS software. It just helps you to know your clicking speed and allows you to improve it by practicing.

Definitely, you can start practicing clicks with the 5 second cps test. And, when you find out you have achieve a good click per second score then you may proceed to a cps test of more duration.

There might be several software but, it is suggested that you should calculate your click speed in real time on an online click per second software. Because, it is efficient enough.