How to Drag Click in Minecraft?

How to Drag Click in Minecraft?

If you have played a game like Minecraft you’d know high clicks per second are required there. Gamers often turn to different clicking techniques like drag clicking to get a competitive advantage over the others. If you want to drag-click in Minecraft and don’t know how to, you’re at the right place. 

Drag clicking is a method of clicking where users drag their fingers across the right or left mouse button forcefully to register more mouse clicks. When you drag click, the friction between your skin and the mouse button helps in tricking your mouse to generate more mouse clicks. The mouse picks the vibrations resulting from this friction, thereby registering a greater number of clicks than usual.

How can you do Drag Clicking?

If you are wondering about how to drag click, the physics behind it is simple. Drag clicking works when your fingers move across the mouse button when in touch thereby creating friction. Since this is done on the button, the gravity will pull the mouse down as you drag click. As you drag click, the friction will continuously press the mouse button as it bounces back as pressed. This is how drag clicking in Minecraft works and helps you get a higher CPS.

How to Become Better at Drag Clicking?

There’s absolutely no science involved in becoming good at drag clicking. The process is rather simple, and the tips given below can help you achieve better clicking in Minecraft. Want to become a pro at drag-clicking in Minecraft? Follow these simple tips.


  1. Ensure your hands are clean and dry. The surface of the mouse should also be free from dust, so clean it properly. Sweat and dust are likely to interfere with friction that is produced as you drag the finger over the mouse button.
  2. When you hold the mouse, keep your thumb on the left side and use the ring/little finger to support the right side. Place these on the upper button edge. Holding it in this manner gives you a better grip and control over the mouse. 
  3. Press your mouse button down while flicking your wrist at a little angle. Don’t press the button too hard, let your finger glide. The grinding noise shows that you’re doing it correctly. 
  4. Use an online tool to cross-check whether your drag clicks work or not. You can use any online website for free, no need to download it. 
  5. Get a good gaming mouse that has a superb grip. Drag clicking will always be best with a mouse that supports a good grip. 
  6. Even with the best gaming mouse, you need to practice. Practice and practice till you get better at it. Practice is the key to perfection!


That’s all you need to know about drag-clicking in Minecraft. If you haven’t used drag clicking as yet, the information above can be very useful. Drag clicking may not be as simple as it first sounds, but it isn’t impossible. If everyone can do it, so can you!