How to Right Click with Keyboards? | Windows & Mac

How to Right Click with Keyboards

A computer mouse was once just a dispensable and unnecessary accessory that was used only by professionals in work settings. Even then, if something went wrong with it, it was no big deal. Today, it has become so common as an accessory that you can get one from a basic store for only five bucks. This pointing device has become the center of most operating systems and if you were unable to ‘right-click’, you would be lost.

In case of an emergency where your mouse stops working and you are unable to use the right click with your pointer, use the following right-click keyboard shortcut to achieve the same result. Hurdles in daily life computer tasks can be very troublesome and knowing this emergency shortcut can be a great help.

Why Would One Want to Right-Click Using a Keyboard?

You may need to use your keyboard shortcut keys instead of the mouse to operate a graphical user interface in two situations. Firstly, you need to do so when you are unable to use a mouse because of accessibility problems, like a physical disability that makes its use difficult. Secondly, if your mouse or trackpad has a hardware failure, and it stops working, you would need a backup option. Your keyboard is the thing you need to use instead as an input device. Until you can get your mouse or laptop trackpad fixed, all you have is your keyboard to input data and issue commands.
Alternatively, you may choose to use a keyboard shortcut instead of a mouse because these shortcuts are often faster. In a professional workplace environment, speed is everything and if keyboard shortcuts are the faster alternative, you may decide to use it instead.

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How to Right Click with Keyboard Windows 10?

Windows 10 has a feature by the name ‘Mouse Keys’ that allows users to control their pointer via keyboard keys. If you want to activate your right-click keyboard shortcut, this is the feature you need to enable to do so:

  • Click on the “Start” menu and type “Mouse Keys”
  • Then click on the “Turn Mouse Keys on or Off” option.

Alternatively, you can open your advanced Mouse Key settings through the Control Panel.

Right Click With Keyboard on Windows

  • Go to “Control Panel”, “Ease of Access”, and then “Ease of Access Centre”.
  • Here select the “Make the Mouse Easier to Use” option and go to “Set Up Mouse Keys”.

Once you have activated this feature, you can use the following keyboard keys as shortcuts for mouse buttons: “ / ” works as the left mouse key, and “-” as the right button. From these Control Panel settings, you can also customize how the pointer is used.

How to Right Click with Keyboard Mac?

To right-click using a mac keyboard, there are two ways:

  • Control-click: while clicking on an item, press and hold down the “Control” key.

Right Click With Keyboard on Mac

  • Customize the control-click: to do so, you need to change the options for “secondary click” for either the trackpad or the mouse, whichever you use.

With these easy shortcuts, you will always have a backup when your mouse stops working or if you simply wish to use something that is faster.

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