Python Auto Clicker

Python Auto Clicker

Python Auto Clicker

Python auto clicker is mainly a script that is run in order to create an auto clicker. It is a custom-based auto clicker that helps you to click automatically by taking control over your mouse and keyboard. Different mouse button clicks and keyboard clicks can be get by making this script and running it properly. The python auto clicker script can be executed in Windows, Mac, and Linux.


You find it difficult to click continuously on your computer with your mouse. The auto clickers are specifically designed for you to get rid of this hassle. An auto click script import by python can help you create your own auto click.

Why Should You Use Python Auto Click?

Python auto click will provide you a lot of customization options. The interval, number of clicks, location, mouse click, keyboard key, and such factors are under your control. The most crucial thing about this auto click is you can automate the clicking process with a little delay. The interval can be selected by you. It can simply be created in terms of having some span of time in the execution of some key. Suppose you are clicking on a site where you need to click after 0.1 sec after the previous click. You can set the time according to it.


To the gamers playing at a higher level, the opportunity is great in order to not been knowing about their cheating techniques. They can take a drawback from the suspicion of cheating in the game because the auto-clicking tools show exceptional behavior. And they click with the speed that humans rarely can approach.

How Can You Get The Python Auto Click?

You need to download a specific module like pynput or pip install pyautogoi to make it simpler. A PIP setup is required within your computer for successful installation and execution. the terminals must be set up completely to run the commands given to it in the form of programming. Well, don’t worry. You don’t need to learn programming languages to execute these formulae. It’s simpler and we will discuss its creation here in detail.

How To Make An Auto Clicker In Python?

You must be having a proper setup for the execution of the codes given in python languages. We will create the auto clicker of our choice in python by these simple steps.

Install The Module:

In the very first stage, you need to open the python terminal with a full pip setup page. That must be ready to install the module. In the terminal’s auto docs, write pip install pyautogoi.

Execute the command and the installation will be started. The installation sequence will be in front of you over your screen running in the code form. The sequence of this code running determines the installation sequence. As is done in the programming language.

Python Command Installation

Import The Module In The New File:

After the installation process is completed, and the installation sequence is running before you. You should now open a new file.

Import a new module

In this new file, you need to import the pyautogoi you have just installed. After this, you must import a few details about the clicking you need on your computer. Import the time.

Then put the time of sleep that shows your time you can wait. add a bracket and write the time. Add the number of times you want to click and the number must be put in the bracket. Add the key or button you want the automatic click of. As you have given all the commands, you have created an auto clicker on python.

Auto Clicker on Python

But there must not be enough of it is compulsory to add some location in order to command where you want to click. The position should also be defined to the clicker.

Add The Coordinates:

The location of the code to be executed can be used in python by adding the coordinates. The auto clicker mac provides an ease to define the location in the coordinates. You can use the screenshot tool by using the shift+4 command. And add the coordinate to the bracket located with the button command.

Add the Coordinates

After you just execute your code, you will be able to see the automation in the clicking where you have just selected the location. The final result will ultimately get you to the point that the auto clicker is not exactly like that of formal ones that click too fast. The speed is relatively adjustable and it clicks in intervals. This customization defines its uniqueness.

How Is It Beneficial For The Games?

In games like Realm Grinder, cookie clicker, and so, you can easily use the python created auto clicker to have better performance. In Realm Grinder, you are playing as a king in your fantasy land of kingdom. In this kingdom, you have to add treasure to your throne. For that purpose, you collect coins. Coins collection is done by the regular continuous clicks. The auto clicker on python can help you collect multiple coins by automatically importing your module. It is used in so many other clicking games for the purpose of getting more marks and get good scores. This cheating technique can help you win when you are playing in the squad or any tournament.


It is completely free. You don’t need to pay for setups, or installing the module.

The python related auto clicker is available for every kind of desktop. It can be executed on Windows, Mac, and Linux equally.

The python auto clicker allows you to add the delay point of your own choice. You can add the timings. If you want to click faster, you can add small intervals.

Running a programming code in python to create your own auto clicker can prove the best auto clicker. As it gives all the facilities of auto clicking tools, free of cost, and customized your details. 

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