What Is Drag Clicking? And How It Is Different?

What Is Drag Clicking? And How It Is Different?

Drag clicking is a clicking technique where you move your finger towards the left side or right side of the mouse in a powerful way, causing your mouse to register multiple clicks.

How Is It Different?

Drag click operations because there is a collision between your finger and the button of the mouse.


If you know the basics of physics, you can understand them well. Drag clicking works because you move your finger while interacting with the mouse button, therefore, it creates a conflict. As you do this on the button, gravity pulls your mouse down with the click of a drag. When you drag by click, the argument keeps pressing the mouse button because it will go straight back when pressed. Repetition of the whole process performs a drag-and-drop function, and as a result, you end up gaining high CPS up to 32 clicks per second.


From the above-mentioned description, you may have the idea that tapping is very easy. But it is much more than moving your finger on the button of the mouse. Some devices of a mouse have more capacity to drag click properly. It needs the practice to master the skill.

How To Be Perfect At Drag Clicking?

  1. Beginning with first step, your hands must be clean and not wet! The surface of the mouse should be free from dirt or other minor hurdles. It is to avoid the friction that may befall when you try to perform drag clicking. 
  2. Support the left side of the house by holding it with your thumb. On the right side, you must hold your little finger. At the top of the button of the mouse, make sure that your left side of the mouse is controlled by the index finger while your right side is controlled by the middle finger. 
  3. For drag clicking, simply press your wrist at an accurate angle while smoothly pressing the button of the mouth downwards (facing forward mouse). Be not hard when pressing the button, and just let your finger slide the button. You will know that you are doing well when you first hear the “grinding sound”.  A tiny vibration can be heard when finger is moved along the button of the mouse. 
  4. To make sure that your drag clicking really works, you may always use a reliable online tool that is: Clicker Counter

People competitive at Minecraft may find many controversies regarding drag clicking speed. 25 to 100 is the average clicking speed of the mouse. The more clicks you are able to make, the better you will perform at your games be it any type of clicking. Bridging and stuff prefer using drag clicking and try to score high through this technique. Many people refrain from using it but those who do cannot get their hands off of it and do not switch to any other type of clicking as it gives them the desired results. 


You can also try other clicking techniques.

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The impact of drag clicking starts appearing in your mouse with the passage of time and the your consistency of drag clicking. So, you really need to get a good mouse to drag click as not all of the mice can drag the click.

No, most likely it is not counted on as cheating. It is just an ordinary clicking technique. You would not get banned for drag clicking.

No, not all kind of mice can drag the clicks. You specifically need to get a mouse which is good for drag clicking and doesn't loses its efficiency over time.