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Writing Speed Test

The fastest means of communication relies on quick writing. The faster you write, the fastest you can communicate with others. The fast typing done on any work can save much of your time. Many tools take your typing test for evaluating your speed of typing.

Improvement in a Typing Speed

The typing speed can be improved by some of the necessary points and techniques. The essential physical aspects for improving your typing are, you need to be focused, relaxed, and do more and more typing. The more you practice, the more you become an expert as it develops your muscle memory.

The position of your fingers on the keyboard matters a lot. Start your typing by placing the index finger at the home row. The initial location of your index finger is at the bumps of the F and J keys will help you in finding the starting position without looking at the keyboard.

Purpose of Typing Speed Test Tool

The development of writing speed test tools has proven beneficial for the recruiters in different offices. They used these tools for taking the test in hiring the employees.

Why Do We Want Typing Speed Test?

Typing speed test enhances your typing skills further by comparing your typing speed at different time duration. This test helps you to understand your current typing capabilities. You can improve your typing speed at its best by using various typing speed test tools. The typing speed tool test is the necessary requirement of boosting your typing potential to its fullest.

The typing speed tool will guide you about how much time is essential for increasing your typing speed further in daily practice. The tool helps you in checking your typing speed regularly and your day-by-day improvement.

If you are a programmer or writer, your typing speed should be faster. For this reason, these tools will upgrade your typing skills and speed. It also proves helpful for those who give professional exams through the online mode.

Typing Speed Test

Features of Writing Speed Test Tool

There are several tools available that have prominent features to estimate the typing speed of users.

1. Freely Available

The tools are freely available online for evaluating the writing test at once. They are easy to use and accessible to everyone as they are compatible with any device and system.

2. Output Display

The typing tool test displays the result of your typing in the form of statistics at once. The speed and accuracy in typing are displayed every second while you use, which shows that you will get the live statistics result of your test.

3. Saving and Sharing

The tool provides you with the features of saving and sharing the test result. The test report you get after the typing gets personalized as well with your name on it.

4. Role of hotkey

In the tool, you can also use the hotkey for restarting the test. Just place your hand on the keyboard so that you can click any hotkey like shift-return to start the typing test.

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5. Different Entry modes

The multiple-entry modes will give you new experience in every turn and increase your varied typing skills.

6. CPM

This feature is present in all types of typing tools. The word CPM means how many characters and mistakes you have typed per minute. Those words that you will type correctly display in the corrected score.

7. WPM

This is also a feature of a different typing test tool that shows the typing skills in word per minute. In this type of test feature, you can score high WPM if you will practice more typing. The test is based on the standard of five characters or keystrokes.

8. Provision of Next Text

The tool will give you the next text in the form of 2 to 3 words that comprise almost 21 characters. This is a useful skill in learning your typing faster at its maximum.

9. Different Test Rounds

The typing test tool provides different test rounds to check the level of your typing. These test rounds give the users different time ranges. You can evaluate your typing speed by selecting various time options. This time option includes; 30 seconds, 1 minute, 2 minutes, 3 minutes, 5 minutes, and 10-minute typing tests.

10. Customized Text

You can also type something that you find funny or interesting. You can type common easy English words, stories, proverbs, and fun facts. It is recommended that beginners and younger kids should practice by typing fable and random sight words at the start. You can also save your custom text and share it by using a customized generated URL.

11. Keyboard Layout

The keyboard layout is the display of the physical, visual, and functional arrangement of keys. The best type of keyboard layout is QWERTY in which letters are written at the top left corner.


The typing speed tool test will provide you with different types of keyboard layouts. Following are some of the keyboard layouts that you will see while giving the typing test:

  • QWERTY (US and UK)
  • Colemak (US and UK)
  • Dvorak
  • Numpad (10-key)
  • Calculation of typing speed


The tools for typing speed have a by-default basic principle that calculates your typing speed. This is one of the most widely accepted methods for calculating typing speed. In this method, each letter in a word is considered made of 5 characters, including space. It is assumed error done per minute while typing is considered as 1WPM deduction. All types of statistics are reported in the results, with a full explanation, so that you can understand your results.

12. General Way of Using Typing Test Tool

The typing speed tool test has a standard process for using it. Following are some of the key points that will explain you a general method of using these tools:

  • Go to the tool and open it.
  • Click on the text box and in which you will write your text.
  • The timer will start when you start typing
  • Click on the hotkey to return the test again
  • When you want to share the result, click on the ”link to the result” or ”email the results” option. These options are present at the panel of test results for sharing.
  • When you want to write, with your own will, then click on the text to type the drop-down menu option. This option is present below the typing text inbox.



So, just try to practice more and more typing to improve your typing speed. Also, start evaluating your typing speed after consistent practice so that you can get to know your improvement level.