Where To Take Accurate CPS Test?

Where to Take Accurate CPS Test

CPS is the click per the second test that people perform either online tools or websites or on offline software. You will have to click as many times as possible on the mouse button to practice the highest clicks in minimum time duration. But the question is how to take an accurate CPS test?


It all depends on your practice and ability to use the maximum force of your fingers during clicking. The average CPS speed is only 6.4 in one second while the world record is 14.1 clicks per second.


Many gamers try to beat their opponents especially FPS mode games like PUBG, Minecraft, etc. This test enables you to do an even better experience while playing your favorite games and score the highest in them.

Advantages Of CPS Test

Gamers and experience pro players do regular work on this strategy to increase their click counts. They use different clicking methods and techniques to evaluate their skills and do even better in gaming.


People who do office work or run management tasks will have to rely on this CPS test to perform well. Taking this test helps you to calculate your clicking ability and click in a well-organized manner.

How Many Clicks Per Second Is Fast?

The average clicks per second are 6.4 and many people don’t exceed that count. But people with regular practice and implementing different methods are enjoying even more numbers. Do you know your ability or want to perform more heavy clicks? Well, you will have to follow certain factors before taking that test. You must know How to click faster.

Evaluation Before Taking CPS Test

Many people don’t focus on their shortcomings and try to take effectively that test. But you must follow some rules and tips to evaluate your current level of clicking mouse. The normal click per second is above 6 but some pro players are touching numbers up to 10. But most of the gamers can’t cross 6 due to a lack of techniques and a better understanding of the CPS test.

Method For Accurate CPS Test

  • Visit: myclickspeed clicking test tool.
  • You will have to select the time duration for which you are going to take that test.
  • After selecting a suitable time, start clicking on the given box for clicking.
  • Click fast as many times as you can to get maximum counts on the counter.
  • Once time finished, the pop-up score window will be opened that will display your score.
  • Now, at the end calculate your level of pro and start pointing out your weaknesses.

How Can I Take CPS Test Well?

Well, you need to consider some important factors that matter equally along with the fast clicking. There are many techniques and methods that can help you to practice more to become a pro player. For this, you have many options for taking CPS tests like jitter clicking, butterfly clicking, drag clicking, etc. The other things that play a key role are the techniques like mouse quality, practice levels, and some tools that you are using currently. 


Every person is curious about their clicking speed and would love to improve it in order to become more efficient. An accurate CPS test plays a great role in accessing the click speed and improving it. So, try t land on a perfect click test for accurate and reliable results.