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Welcome to the world of gaming enthusiasts seeking useful tools and apps for swift gameplay. Test your mouse clicks with our best CPS Tester, and practice for better gaming performance. MyClickSpeed is a source to use and download all kinds of free and paid gaming tools.

The most famous apps include Click speed test, Auto clickers for mac, Auto key pressers, Minecraft pixel generator Chromebook clickers, Roblox Auto Clickers, & Clicker counter. All of these are available for free download and use. Our professional gaming developers have designed the tools on mobile and desktop. Also, all the downloadable tools are available for Mac OS, Windows, iOS, and Chromebook.

We challenge you to increase your clicking speed for Minecraft and Roblox by using our click speed testers. There are many testers available up to 100 seconds, so you can even measure the click-per-minute speed if you want to.

Auto Clickers

These tried and tested auto clickers can enable you to automate your clicks in the desired pattern to do repetitive tasks without the use of a mouse. Free to download auto clickers and paid versions are available.

Mouse Tests & Tools

Mouse is an integral part of computer and gaming. We have developed some of the most useful tools for testing mouse speed, clicking speed, accuracy and scroll button. All of them are 100% free to use online.

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