Auto Clicker by Polar - Free Download | Features & Benefits

Auto clicker is a tool that lets you make automated responses on your computer with the help of a software for your mouse and keyboard. There are various types of auto clickers, some can be advanced while others are quite generic. With advanced ones, you can set macros and dedicate actions to specific keys and other stuff. The auto clicker tool doesn’t bother you at all because it works in the background therefore providing no distraction in your regular system usage.


Auto clickers are really helpful in things like gaming. Various Minecraft and other game players use them in competitive gaming. Auto clicker by Polar is one of the best free auto clickers available and is also safe to use. It provides certain advanced features that other competitors provide at a price. Following are some of the features and benefits that you get using an auto clicker by Polar.


Auto clicker by Polar is completely free to use for all Windows users. It is compatible with most modern versions of windows but unfortunately for other platforms it is not there. It is brilliant if you assigned tasks in which you have to click on your mouse real fast because the response time and accuracy of this is perfect. 


It is quite feature rich unlike the ones that let you just click and not program the buttons. If you are doing a task that requires you to click after a certain time limit you can do so. Also, you can control the number of clicks you need. You can utilize both of these features together as well. This is especially helpful for the people that play game and work in data entry. 


Another great feature is that you can control the click orientation and positioning as well. For example, if you want your mouse to click at a static position you can set it through the app or even if you want the mouse to follow a pattern and click and specific points it can be programmed to do that as well.  There are also various other modes which can be programmed using the software. If you want your mouse to do double click or single click in order, the software lets you do that too which makes it very superior due to it being completely free to use.

Benefits of Auto Clicker by Polar

The most ideal case scenario in which auto clickers are used is in gaming. There are certain RPG and shooting games that require successive clicking and clicking in specific patterns. The advantage of this auto clicking mechanism is that it not only saves a lot of time but also in games where you have to click left and right rapidly it decreases the strain on your hand providing you a more comfortable gaming experience.


Office tasks can also be done using the free auto clicker by Polar. Some official tasks require you to click a mouse extensively. But when you do it yourself manually, it takes a lot of time. Through the auto clicker you can just tap program the clicks and work with ease. Furthermore, it can be very beneficial in data entry as well.


The best part about the auto clicker is that while it saves you a lot of time and effort, it does not take a toll on your PC at all. Other software that helps in these kinds of stuff usually take up some of the system performance whereas when you are running the auto clicker, it won’t affect your PC at all.


Summing it all up, auto clicker by Polar is a great tool that is completely free. The tasks that take hours to complete can be fulfilled in a few minutes by its functionality. Gaming is largely helped by it too because when you play games and you have to consistently position your mouse in different areas and click it fast this is bound to hurt your hand. Auto clicker by Polar makes sure that you have a good gaming experience through its customizable mapping and macros.
The software overall is very intuitive and easy to use. You get used to it very easily. It being completely free and demanding no additional performance draw from your PC is a huge plus. So, if you are looking for a good auto clicker then Auto clicker by Polar is a great option with its advanced features.


Auto clicker by Polar can help ease your tasks whether it is gaming or work. It can make you a better gamer and it can also boost the speed of your work. Also, all the feature set comes at no cost as the software is completely free.

Download auto clicker by Polar by the button given above and you will get it downloaded without any cost. 

Yes, the auto clicker by Polar is completely safe. There are no traces of malware reported by any users. It does not affect your privacy as the software is not permitted to go beyond the clicking procedure. 

The auto clicker is a software that will be downloaded in your system. The software as mentioned above is very intuitive and you can easily navigate through it and utilize the settings that you wish to use.

No, it is not illegal to use an auto clicker in games. However, it should be noted that in certain competitive games it is banned as it gives a slight advantage over other players. But in basic RPGs and other games, it works absolutely fine.