Click Tracking for 23 Seconds


Avg Speed

World Record (No Cheating)

5 Seconds

19 CPS

27 CPS

10 Seconds

19 CPS

28 CPS

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 Note: You know, the world record for 5 second click test is 16.5 Now!! Can You beat it? Challenge yourself. Click the above box as much as you can in limited time of 5 seconds and see your Clicking test score.

23 Seconds Click Speed Test

For our everyday tasks, we perform on a computer, keyboard commands can serve well to perform the desired action. We still prefer to use a mouse for our routine work because it’s easy to use a mouse rather than remembering a lot of commands. But it’s again not necessarily important that everyone is able to tackle the mouse effectively. To complete your work in time and more effectively, you should know the skills to click quickly.


A quick speed test is a testing service that helps you diagnose the speed at which you can click and the practice and tricks to enhance your clicking speed. In a 23-second click speed test, you can test yourself how many times you can click in 23 seconds. The results of this click speed test are measured in a standard clicking rate known as click per second CPS.


CPS indicates the number of mouse clicks in one second. This is the rate at which a person can click with the mouse. The total number of clicks made in a given time frame is divided by the time in the 23-second click speed test, the total clicks of a player will be divided by 23.

How To Execute A 23-Second Click Speed Test?

Click speed testing is a wonderful way to determine the grip of a user on its mouse. Many people enjoy playing the clicking games via CPS clicker software. You can test your abilities in a 23 second


  • Launch the 23-second click speed test on your PC.
  • Start the game by clicking in the given area. Your first click will initiate the test.
  • Keep on clicking because your time was started right after you clicked once
  • You will not be able to click further once the time limit is over
  • The click speed tracker will automatically measure the standard clicking rate.
  • You will get your answer at the rate at which your mouse clicked in one second; CPS rate.
  • You can play again and again to monitor the improvements or for the sake of practice.


People usually play the game in tournaments. They compete with others. Play in the form of groups bid to win and it is treated as a proper game.

Tricks to Improve Your 23-Second Click Speed Test.

The tricks which we use to enhance the scores in the 23-second click speed test are mainly the skills to click. The ways you grip over your mouse and clicking style also determine the clicks you would score. Here are a few clicking styles or tricks you can adopt to improve your clicks.


  • Practice with a regular method: Keep practicing daily. It will enhance the number of clicks per second. If you keep on making the same progress by challenging yourself daily, you can improve up to 12-14 clicks per second.


  • Jitter clicking method: In this method a person gets more clicks with a jerk of his muscles. He clicks by putting pressure on the muscles of the hand and arms. Not everyone can learn the technique but it can give you maximum clicks once you learn it.


  • Drag clicking: A cheating method that uses a sticky mouse. The mouse is specifically designed to take the command when it is dragged and it will generate hundreds of clicks when you drag it once.


  • Butterfly clicking: In this technique, you click alternatively using two fingers. Point finger and middle finger are used side by side for enhancing the rate of clicking. This technique needs to be performed with much care before you lose your pace.


  • Automatic clicking: Besides drag clicking, automatic clicking is another cheating method performed by automatic clicking sites. Once you set up a click score goal for yourself, the site will click automatically and you can get hundreds of clicks per second using the method.


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People perform the clicking speed and they wonder why I should use the clicking method? And Is there a need to increase their click speed? Here we will discuss some of the frequently asked questions.


Being in this position, you better know how compulsory a computer is for you. All your assignments you make and hand over in soft copy. You use a mouse for presentations and designing various projects you should increase your clicking rate to perform your routine tasks quickly.

If you keep on practicing in the same manner, you can increase your click rate up to 20-25 times. And it will show much improvement if you learn some tricks like Jitter clicking or Butterfly clicking. You can score more than 60 clicks in seconds with these tricks.

As long as you perform it correctly, it won’t be dangerous. In this clicking method, you have to put a strain on the muscles of your arms and hands. So, it can be tiresome. It will be dangerous when you pressurize your wrist muscles or joints.