Jitter Click Test

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How To Jitter Click?

Jitter clicking is an advanced fast technique of finger dragging used by many pro-gamers. This technique was introduced by the Minecraft PvP community. In this technique, an individual uses its arm and wrist along with fingers on the touchpad of a laptop or mouse.


Basically, this process involves the organized production of vibration by arm which in return transfers it to the hand, the outcome involves the fast clicking on the mouse within a brief time. This jitter clicking technique will assist an individual in calculating and amplifying their click per second speed.

Why Do People Look For Jitter Clicking?

Jitter clicking is best suited to professional gamers as the online gaming zone is advancing day by day. Gamers take the jitter click speed test to enhance their clicking speed assist in quicker aims, which in return helps them win the game. Mostly, jitter click training helps the player in online games or in those games which only requires clicking. For instance, PUBG, Farmville, online arcade games, Minecraft, shooting games, and many more. 

Merits of Jitter Clicking:

Like the two sides of a coin, online jitter click game has both merits and demerits. Let’s firstly discuss a few merits of this digital game. For your convenience, I jotted down a few merits.

  • According to psychological perspective, this jitter click counter is best to eradicate the temper and anger by just rapidly clicking on the screen,
  • A source of relaxation in dire circumstances.
  • Multiplies the movement of fingers than normal rate
  • Amplifies your click per second speed, which in return upgrade your position games 
  • In games, a high rate of click per second is directly proportional to a high number of combos.
  • Jitter click challenge assists an individual in examining his position in the click per second speed test. And provides a chance for him to improve it.

Demerits of Jitter Clicking:

Although, jitter clicking is plain sailing for professionals but for novice, it is an arduous task to do. To ace this jitter click digital game, a lot of practice is required by an individual. For all of its merits, jitter click training is a double-edged sword. As in prior heading we have discussed merits now let’s discuss a few demerits.

  • A continuous hard clicking on the mouse or touchpad of the laptop puts excessive strain on the wrist, which in return makes you more susceptible towards physical injuries.
  • And in most conditions, it doesn’t properly count the clicking speed due to network issues.
  • Mostly, when an individual takes excessive takes and retakes in a jitter clicking test, he gets severe strain in the muscles of hands.
  • One of the most reported medical conditions that occur due to jitter click digital game, is Carpal Tunneling Syndrome. This medical condition involves the compression of fore-arm median nerves. 
  • Last but not least, most of the gaming experts don’t consider it efficient to increase the click per second speed.

How Do Jitter Click Work For Beginners (A Step-By-Step Process)

Although, Jitter clicking is not a piece of cake for beginners, but continuous practice will make them confident and perfect. I penned down a few points that will help the beginners to grasp the technique of jitter clicking.

  • Firstly, you need to learn the swift generation of vibrations in hand by the mobility of the fore-arm.
  • Secondly, to produce the jitter effect, make your wrist stiff.
  • Thirdly, a stiff wrist will help in transferring the vibration waves to fingers.
  • Last but not least, as your fingers catch the pace of vibration you will be able to do numerous clicks per second.

Tips To Improve The Jitter Clicking:

  • If you are a beginner, then learn to make your fingers vibrate without using a mouse.
  • Once you have learnt, the strategy of finger vibration then start your practice with the mouse.
  • Experts suggest that to improve the jitter clicking, try to opt for the best gaming mouse instead of laptop touchpad. And to enhance the click per second speed, adjust its sensitivity.
  • Till now the easiest mouse for jitter clicking with is the one with a high durability rate and optional switch.
  • Don’t stiffly hold your mouse as it will stop your hand from jittering.
  • Last but not least, take the help of softwares and games to amplify the rate of quick touch.

World Record of Jitter Clicking:

A citizen of North Cape province of Norway held the highest jitter click world record. His name is Tom Andre and his record for the highest jitter clicks is 830 clicks within 30 seconds. Whereas the world record for the highest jitter clicks in 60 minutes is 1014.


There are a few tips and tricks to efficiently, jitter click in Minecraft. Let’s discuss them.

  • Stiff the muscles of your fore-arm, which causes swift vibration in the index finger.
  • With consistent practice, you will figure out the point where you can collectively vibrate your finger and mouse.

There does not exist any rocket science behind it. To avoid mis-clicks in jitter click, do a lot of practice. Not only this but also avoid too much shaking as it will lead to mis-clicks in jitter clicking. 

Razer deathadder is a jitter click mouse used by diverse professional gamers. The question that piqued the mind of most of the novice is how to jitter clicking with a razer deathadder. To improve the efficiency of razer deathadder, stiffen your hand and do not slouch your arm.

You can jitter click with a trackpad by placing your two fingers on a single button. This saves your energy.

It is an arduous task to click fast without jitter clicking. Although it disturbs your health, you can only increase cps by jitter clicking.

It is allowed to jitter click on hypixel until or unless you use any modification or banned technique.

As we know excess of everything is poison. Same happens in the case of jitter clicking, if you will cross the limits you will face serious consequences.

Till now, there is no such evidence that proves that jitter clicking gives arthritis. But yes, excess of it will obviously cause serious problems to hands, wrist,and arms.