Right Click CPS Test

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Testing your clicking speed is the best way to judge your winning chances in a game. Right-click cps test is a clicking test to count the number of clicks in a pre-defined time. The best thing about a right-clicking test is that you don’t need to download and install it for use. It is free to use and available online; you can use it directly on our website. 

What Is The Right Click CPS Test?

It is an online tool that anyone can use to know the number of clicks in one second. For the right-click CPS test, you set the time, and it can be a minimum of 5 sec and a maximum of 100 sec. Then, you keep clicking fast for that time; for example, you choose 10 sec. As 10 sec CPS completes, the tool instantly shows the result, which is the average number of clicks in one sec. 

You can use a stopwatch and set the timer to measure clicks, but the result of a tool is accurate. Because when you try to count clicks with a stopwatch, there are chances of human error.

Features Of Right-Click CPS Test

  • Compatible with all devices 
  • You don’t need to install
  • Free availability
  • User-friendly interface
  • You can set a time limit from 1 second to 100 seconds
  • You can reset it as many times as you want

How To Use The Right-Click CPS Test?

The process of right-clicking the CPS test is simple and easy to do. Follow these steps to get the highest clicking speed.

  • Go to the given tool
  • Tap on the chosen time to set the clicking time. The given time limit is from 1 to 100 seconds
  • Click on the start clicking the button 
  • As you click the right button of the mouse, it starts counting
  • Keep clicking till the timer ends
  • As the timer completes, the result shows on screen. 
  • You can also check the clicking graph to check the highest speed at a specific time.
  • Keep practicing to increase right-clicking speed

Average Right-Clicking Speed

The average clicking speed is from 5.5 to 6.6 CPS. It is good if you are on this level, but as a professional player, you should achieve a higher clicking speed than 6.6. The world record in right-clicking rate is 14.2 CPS, which is exceptionally high. 

Why Do I Need The Right Click CPS Test?

1. Improvement In Clicking Speed

If you want to improve your right-clicking speed, then the best is to compare your results daily. When you use it regularly, you see an improvement, and each achievement helps you try more. 

2. Instant Game Results

When you do a right-clicking test using a stopwatch, you need to do some mathematics to find results. But this tool gives you instant results without wasting a second. 

3. Speed Time Graph

It is a perfect way to measure your stamina after how many seconds your speed drops. It varies in the case of different persons, and your stamina increases with time. With the result, this tool gives a graph to tell your performance every second.

4. Accuracy

The algorithm working in the back end is 100% accurate, and there is no chance of wrong results. Gamers believe in this tool to measure their right-clicking speed to win their games.

5. As a Game

You can play it as a game and compete with your friends by fast clicking. Now people are using it and competing with each other to make world records. 

How To Increase Clicking Speed?

There are many ways to improve clicking speed, but the most important factor is constant practice, but there are some other ways to get high clicking speed in minimum time. For this purpose, you need to train yourself in different clicking types and use the right mouse. In this way, you can find the best one that works right for you.

1. Right Mouse

The quality and type of mouse matter if you want a high clicking speed. The right mouse you choose should be according to the clicking type. For example, if you wish to drag clicking here, a big mouse with a rough surface works just perfectly. The reason is the more surface area and rough surface encourages many clicks in each slide. 

2. Jitter Clicking

With jitter clicking, you can get almost 20CPS. In this technique, just click back to back to get a high clicking speed.

3. Drag Clicking

For drag clicking, your mouse surface should be textured, and it helps to generate more clicks. For this technique, you have to slide your finger backward on the mouse button. In a single slide, you can create more than one click.  

4. Butterfly Clicks

With butterfly click, you can achieve a speed of 30CPS. In this technique, you have to target one button with two fingers and click back to back with each finger to get maximum clicks. 

Importance of Right Click CPS Test for Gaming

High Score

The goal of a gamer is to achieve the highest score to compete with other players. Usually, gamers can click the left button faster than the right button. When they play a game where right clicks are dominant, they lose. Therefore, the effective way is to practice it, and this tool is the right platform to do this.  

Right Click CPS Test prepares you before play and when you are ready to be the winner who can stop you. Test your speed every day and try to get more clicks in a second.

Ideal Clicking Time to Get Accurate Results

The ideal clicking time is 5sec to 10sec to know accurate results, and in this duration, there is the slightest chance to be affected by external factors. For example, you set 20 to 100 seconds of clicking time, then your clicking gets slow after 10 seconds, and as a result, it affects your clicking result. On the other hand, in the case of less than 5 sec, you can’t show your true potential. So, if you want accurate results, then follow these directions. 


The right-click test is a great way to see how fast you can click the right-mouse button. Moreover, you can also compete with other friends. Follow the steps above to use the tool now!