Mouse Clicks in 9 Seconds

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5 Seconds

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10 Seconds

19 CPS

28 CPS

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 Note: You know, the world record for 5 second click test is 16.5 Now!! Can You beat it? Challenge yourself. Click the above box as much as you can in limited time of 5 seconds and see your Clicking test score.

Clicks In 9 Seconds

About CPS

Click speed test typically focuses on a function that describes itself. Everything you have to do is keep pressing for a certain amount of time. You will be able to monitor the CPS rate as well as the speed at which you press. You must keep pressing before your limbs give out. It is approximately 60 seconds based on an average time for any clocks. Hit stronger and faster until you can’t anymore.


The number of clicks you make will decide your strength or weakness. You also get a contribute opportunity to search on the keyboard keys, which will be checking the clicking speed, as well as the click option to select from. If you want to press quicker for the games, you should use an Auto Clicker, which will double the amount of clicks you make in a minute. You would be able to monitor your click speed in the application and also on your mobile. You can now measure the speed of your clicks using the Android app framework. You can now do different click per second test to check your clicking speed.


Now several clicking testers are available online to analyze the mouse click speed. Many mouse clicking challenges have held online to check that how many clicks you can do in 9 seconds. With the help of click per second calculator, the quantity of clicks per second is determined by dividing the number of seconds by the number of clicks. The CPS rate shows your ability to press the mouse button rapidly. The click per speed testers helps in checking the click per second speed, click per second rate and click per second challenge’s ability.

Clicks Per Second Test:

Clicks per second seem to be the quickest mode of the “touch pace game.” With an honest standpoint, this move is not just the right alternative for a game, but also the right idea for television, since it just takes a second. This mode calculates the number of mouse clicks per second. Many players, though, may find that the game will end so soon and that they may not have enough chance to test the click feature. As a result, you must know how quickly you can press in five seconds by taking our CPS Test. 


Calculating mouse clicks is often pointed to as a ‘click speed test.’ The websites provide several variations for testing a user’s mouse clicking ability. The click speed test is more akin to a timed game in which players race to see who can get the top rating. You will use this Mouse Click Speed Test Software to determine the time interval between clicking and pressing the mouse cursor.


The software helps you to calculate mouse clicking speed by displaying the time lag between successive mouse clicks as well as the waiting time between clicking and removing the mouse button. You may also use the Mouse Click Tracker to check the amount of mouse clicks made in a given amount of time. With the Mouse Click Counter App, you can count Left, Middle, and Right Mouse Clicks and also generate a Report of Mouse Clicking on your Windows Machine at customizable intervals.

How Can I Press More Quickly?

Here are a few pointers to help you press quickly when playing a game.

  • Maintain a loose grip on your hands.
  • Don’t overwork the muscles.
  • Make use of the claws.
  • Put your hand on the table to keep yourself steady as you press.
  • To continue moving your head side to side on the handle, fold your button arm.
  • The use of two fingers often helps in increasing the click speed
  • If you’re using a phone, try double-clicking on the cursor and the mouse to get twice as many buttons.
  • Using a mouse boot if you’re too slow to click manually
  • Don’t put too much pressure on it.
  • You will profit from a portable gaming mouse
  • Exercises are still helpful.


Most players can comfortably reach 8-10 clicks per second on average.

The world record for the most clicks in ten seconds is 12.1 CPS.

No, it's a myth; it can sound odd the first few times, but Those who jitter click a lot whenever bored, and it stopped being awkward after a few repetitions. People tense their arms as part of yoga/exercise and other sports.