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Linux Auto Clicker

 Auto clicker is software that helps you perform a function numerous times. Generally, an auto clicker is referred to as an auto mouse clicker. Most auto clickers perform repeated mouse actions. The user records the action he needs to repeat, determines the time and speed of repetition, and allots a keyword responsible for stimulating this action. Next time, for performing the repeated mouse action, all you need to do is click the keyword. Some advanced auto clickers perform the same functions for not just the mouse but the keyboard key clicker as well. One can record the keyboard keys in the order they need to be clicked, and similarly, allocate a specific keyword to them.

LINUX Auto Clicker

Linux’s Ubuntu repo has a built-in Auto mouse clicker under the name xdotool, but others have no built-in auto clicker available. But, there are many free auto clickers for Linux available online.

For accessing the built-in auto clicker available in Ubuntu repo, you need to follow the following steps:

  • Open the Terminal
  • Enter the command “sudo apt install xdotool”
  • Wait for the installation to be completed
  • After it is installed, you’ll need to launch it
  • Launch the auto clicker by entering the following command
  • xdotool click – – repeat 100 – – delay 18 1

The last command allows the mouse’s left button, represented by 1, to be clicked 100 times in 18 milliseconds. While launching, make sure the cursor is pointed at the right place because otherwise, it can cause many issues for you. The user can change the number of times or the speed or the button he wants to click by altering the digits in the command above.

The downfall of this built-in is its complex usage, it has various commands which can be difficult for beginner programmers as well. In some cases, the user needs to access or write a bash file and many users don’t even know what a bash file is. That’s why it is usually preferred to rely on the auto clicker applications available online.

Now, for the LINUX software where no built-in auto clicker is present, there are several options available online. Some of the Linux Auto Clicker applications are mentioned below:

  • Linux Auto mouse click software by murguu
  • Flame Auto Clicker
  • E Auto Clicker
  • Max Auto Clicker
  • Forge Auto Clicker
  • Click Never
  • Click-o-Matic 2021

Which Auto Clicker should one choose?

When there are many options available, it is normal for a human mind to get confused. But, it has only one remedy, research. Search about all the available applications, their pros and cons, compare them with each other, and choose the one best suited for your use and your machine. Brief detail about the applications mentioned above is given below:

1. Linux Auto Mouse Click by Murguu

This auto clicker software gives the user the option to set the mouse position by using x and y coordinates. A Ubuntu programmer would be aware of the concept of coordinates on his machine, and by that knowledge, he can set at which position he wants his mouse to click several times. The user can record more than one function. Another distinguishing feature is its variety of click options. It’s not just about left click or right click but
much more such as:

  • Left Double click
  • Middle Click
  • Ctrl Left Click
  • Shift Left Click
  • Mouse Movement

2. Flame Auto Clicker

The team behind this project declares it as the fastest clicker by saying that “its only limit is your CPS”. It’s also known for its friendly interface. Also, if one wants to check the working behind this project, they have uploaded the software’s code on Github. This is a key step for customer satisfaction.

3. E Auto Clicker

E auto clicker stands for Easy auto clicker. It is available on google play as well as on sourceforge. Easy Auto Clicker provides its user an additional option of setting hotkeys to not just start the program but stop as well. Its friendly user interface also proves to be of benefit.

4. Max Auto Clicker

Max auto clicker is usable in not just Linux but Windows as well. It is comparatively fast and has a simple yet attractive user interface. It gives the user the option to set speed between automated clicks. The user can choose between three clicks, right, left, or middle-click, and between two click types, single or double click. Unlike many other applications, it occupies low CPU and RAM, thus not being a burden on your PC at all.

5. Forge Auto Clicker

Forge Auto Clicker comes with many custom options. It is filled with numerous modes of automation, allows the user to change cursor position, hotkeys, and more key features available in settings. It has an official website, active for customers 24/7, and a video tutorial on how to use it. This auto clicker is also used by many Minecraft gamers but is not limited just to one game.

6. Click Never

Click never is a newly developed auto click software. It has a modern layout attracting the young generation and not just one layout. Unlike any other application, it comes with an option of layouts. It has all basic features but for its usage, the operating system should be able to support Java and as it’s new, any small bug can be expected.

7. Click-o-Matic 2021

The most recent auto clicker to be launched is click-o-Matic with its beautiful interface and high-speed performance. As its owners claim “it’s not just a pretty face”. The time in this application can be set in not just milliseconds but seconds, minutes, and hours as well. It’s tested on Minecraft AFK fish or mob farms and used for Roblox as well.


The use of an auto clicker is getting common these days and is not limited just to games or windows. Linux programmers are also adapting it within time. Auto Clickers can also be useful for graphic designers. The modern era demands to work smarter and the auto clicker is a step towards smartness

In order to become a successful gamer, try out 10 second click test and see how many times can you click in a minute.

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