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The time it takes you to click all of the circles will be given at the end.

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Many players are not sure if they are using their mouse correctly and even if they are, why can’t they kill their targets or make the most use out of it. Do not worry because we got you covered with our mouse click accuracy test. 


It is not just a test but a test that is designed in a way to be played like a game. It has no restrictions of age and as well as it is beneficial for normal to pro level gamers. It not only test your mouse speed and accuracy but at the same time increases it and helps you to be a pro level gamer in a fun way. 


The game can be immediately started as the options are given above and they can be followed easily to start the test right away. But if you want to know more about it, just keep reading and all your confusion would be cleared.

What Is Mouse Accuracy?

The way you handle your mouse and how accurately you do it is called the mouse accuracy test. For this test you have to click your mouse as fast as you can and at the desired locations, at the would you would be given the results in the form of percentage. This test lets you test your mouse accuracy.


If you have a high mouse accuracy, you would be better at aiming the targets that are moving constantly and you would get better results than others at the end of the game. The types of games that require the players to kill their enemies in this way are the first person-shooting games (FPS). The basic thing that needs to be done is the accurate movement of mouse to kill the target and to make it sure that a target is killed every time they shoot. The test not only let the players to improve mouse accuracy but also provides pointer click training


Keeping this accuracy and skills needed to be a better player in mind, this game was designed for the help provided to the players so that they can improve their skills and be pro at the shooting games and be better at using their mice. 

Steps To Play Mouse Accuracy Game

The interface of our website is user-friendly but still if you are not sure about how to take the test, just follow this step-by-step procedure and you would be good to go,

  • Firstly, find the page of our main website and go to the page where mouse accuracy game is displayed for the players.
  • After finding this game page, you would see a home page of the mouse accuracy game. This is where you can test your mouse accuracy. The screen would display many options that can be customized according to the preference of the user. 
  • These options can be set according to your preferred style so change them if you want to. 
  • Below these configuration options is the “Start” button. Once you think that you have understood the instructions and the settings suit your preference, click “start”.
  • A warm up timer would be given to you that would be of 3 seconds. Get ready to start the game in this time. 
  • After this timer, multiple circles would start appearing on the screen that are your targets and you need to hit all of them accurately. 
  • The time period selected in the configuration option is the time that shows for how long would the game continue and the circles would keep appearing. 
  • Before the time ends, a 5 second timer would be given to let you know that the time is going to end soon. 
  • The result would be shown immediately after the test is over. It shows the targets you hit, total targets, clicking accuracy etc. 
  • One the test is over and you are not satisfied with the result or you want to try again, just click the “play again” button and the test would start again.

Changing The Test Configuration

The game is designed to make it easily assessable and playable by the players who fit in any category from normal top pro. For this purpose, the game comes with 6 configuration options to set the game as the player wants it to be. Not only the minor settings but the difficulty level can also be set according to preference. The size of the target and the type of cursor can also be chosen that can make the game easier as well as harder for the player. 

These are the options that can be changed or set permanently,

1) Difficulty Level

The difficulty level can be set according to the category the player fits in or according to the extent he/she wants to challenge their own selves. The levels that can be chosen from are;

  • Easy 
  • Normal 
  • Medium
  • Hard


To change the difficulty level, just click the arrow that is present inside the difficulty box. The level you select and its icon along with it would then start appearing inside the box. If you are a beginner level player, start with the easy level and then move gradually to the hard one.

2) Cursor Style

Two different cursor styles are present from which you can chose the style you like. These two styles are,

  • Precision select cursor
  • Normal select cursor


Players usually believe that precision cursor is better than the normal one but there is no difference between them as such. The only difference is that precision select cursor is the same type of cursor that is shown in the shooting games while normal cursor is just the regular cursor. 

The only change would be the icon of the cursor, the precision and shooting skills depend upon the player and his/her mouse accuracy practice.

3) Target Size

Different shooting games have different sizes of the targets that need to be hit. Keeping this variation and the level of difficulty that the players would face due to a set target size, this option is added in the configuration options. The options range from;

  • Large 
  • Medium 
  • Small
  • Tiny


The large sized targets are easy to hit while it becomes difficult if the size of the target is small or tiny. So, keeping that in mind select your target size.

4) Target Color

Target color is the option that basically shows the target in a specific color. The options that the site offers are;

  • Red 
  • Purple
  • Pink
  • Orange
  • Light blue 
  • Green


The target would appear in your selected color and would be easy to detect as you already know the color in your mind.

5) Test Time Period

Test time period is the most important option that needs to be selected. This option provides the player with different time periods to test mouse accuracy. The time period options include;


It is preferred to start with a shorter time period to have a practice of shooting and move to 60 seconds timer afterwards.

6) Sound

The last configuration option is “sound”. Players can turn the sound “ON” or “OFF” according to their liking. If the sounds are on, a sound is heard whenever the target is hit correctly that makes the game more interesting and fun.


But there are players who do not like the sound option as they are distracted by it so they would probably like to turn this option off. They can do this in the configurations option. The sounds are on as default setting so if you do not need them, turn them off before starting the game.

Accuracy Test Results

The accuracy test results are shown on the screen as soon as the test ends. You would see different numbers and percentages on the screen. Let’s see what these mean separately. I have divided the explanation into two parts for you to understand them better;

1) Test Statistics

The upper half of the screen shows the statistical results of the test. In the first box, the settings that you configured before the test are shown. The level of difficulty, the time period of the test and the size of target you chose is shown there. 


The box next shows the number of correctly hit targets during the time, the number of targets that were missed and the speed of mouse clicking (number of clicks per second).

The last box shows the total number of targets that appeared on the screen, the number of targets that the player tried to shoot and the number of targets that were completely missed.

2) Test Scores

The scores that show your performance in the test are shown in this area. The first box shows the actual scores of the test. It is calculated by a specific equation. The higher numbers you secured means that you are better at mouse clicking. 


Second box shows the efficiency of your clicking. It is calculated by dividing the number of hit targets with the total number of targets. The result is shown in percentage. For example, if you hit 7 targets out of 15; the efficiency would be calculated by dividing 7 by 15 that is a total of 46% efficiency. Good gamers have an efficiency that is more than 75%.

Benefits Of Mouse Accuracy

When you use the mouse accuracy test to test and improve your games, there are multiple benefits that you can take advantage of.

  1. The mouse accuracy test is totally free of cost, so you don’t have to pay anything to use this tool.
  2. No limit is set on the number of times you can take the test. You can test your mouse accuracy as many times as you want. 
  3. You wouldn’t need to download any app to take the mouse accuracy test. You can easily take this test on different browsers. 
  4. Multiple customized options allow you to set the test settings as you like.

A mouse accuracy test is a great tool that you can use to test your mouse accuracy and get better at it to play your games in a better way!


The mouse accuracy and clicking speed can be increased by playing the game and practicing it again and again. With practice, complete focus and perseverance you can become a pro player who can beat anyone.

This test is helpful as it increases the players clicking speed, gives them a platform to practice their skills and bounds the game with time limit so that the player becomes efficient and fast.

People look for this test online to see how efficient they are in clicking, what their average clicking speed is and how good they are in shooting targets. Also, they need this test to become more efficient gamers.

The results of this test are really reliable as the test shows the accurate number of targets hits by a player, the accurate number of clicks throughout the time and the average number of clicks per second. The test uses a specific algorithm for the calculation of the results so they are not wrong.