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If you are a gamer, the most important thing you need is to boost your clicking speed to improve your gaming level. One minute clicking test helps you practice clicks and increase your clicking stamina to click faster for a more extended period. 

Click test 60 seconds seems easy, but it is not because, after 6 seconds, your muscles get tired like you did some hard work. The regular practice gradually increases the speed and reduces the tiredness factor.

Click Per Minute Test

60-seconds click test is an online free tool with unlimited resets that assist the gamers in evaluating and increasing their clicking speed. It gives quick and accurate results instantly. Also, this is the best platform to practice clicking without any fear of losing a life.

What is CPS?

CPS is clicks per second, which is the measuring unit of your clicking speed. After taking any clicking test of 5, 10, 30, 60, or 100 seconds, the algorithm shows your clicking efficiency in CPS. 

Exclusive Features

1. User Friendly

We design a simple interface of click in 1 minute test to make it easy to understand. There is nothing complicated because there is a single button to reset it again. You just have to click in the clicking field to start the click testing. 

2. Unlimited Resets

The unlimited resets without paying any charges make click in 60 seconds test the best place for clicking practice. Because here you don’t lose any gaming points while clicking and easy evaluation keeps track of improvement in your performance. 

3. Quick Result

It is a click test 1 minute but displays the result on your screen before you blink your eyes. Our fastest back algorithm immediately calculates the CPS and shows it to you. 

4. Mobile Friendly

If you are a mobile gamer, don’t you worry; it is compatible with all devices, whether Windows or Android. It smoothly works for all devices. 

How to Use One Minute Test?

Are you ready to evaluate your clicking speed and surprise your competitors by making it the fastest? Follow these simple steps to make a move toward improvement. 

  • Click here to land on the click speed test for 60 seconds
  • On the tool interface, there is a box for clicking
  • Place your cursor in the center of the box and click the mouse button
  • As you generate one click, it starts the time of 60 seconds
  • Now keep clicking fast
  • Once the 60 seconds end, the result tool display the result instantly 
  • If you want to play it again, then click on the reset

How Does a 1 Minute Speed Test Work?

Our tool works on a simple formula in the background and shows the result. However, you can do it by yourself but with huge chances of error and less precision. Click per minute counter gives error-free and accurate results without wasting any time. It works on this formula. 

CPS = Number of Clicks / Number of Seconds

CPS test shows the average of the total clicks per minute as your clicking speed in one second.

How Fast Can You Click in 60 Seconds?

Sixty seconds mouse-clicking test is relatively longer than the ideal clicking timing for these tests. Therefore, the CPS decreases in this test, i.e., 7 CPS. Only professional players can do more than this because of regular practice. 

World Record in One Minute

18 April 2021, Cory Macellaro breaks the previous world record in a minute. He produced 437 clicks in a single minute, and his CPS is 7.29 that is more than average. 

Benefits: How Does It Support Gaming?

It seems that because of the longer clicking time, the one-minute clicking test doesn’t tell your fastest clicking speed as the 5 seconds clicking test. Because these short tests only help you find your highest CPS, but a one-minute test enables you to improve your clicking. 

In games, you have to click longer; therefore, this test works here to boost your clicking stamina and make you able to keep clicking without getting tired. Also, here you can test different clicking types and grips and find out which works for you in more extended gameplay.

How to Improve Clicking Speed?

Many factors determine your clicking speed. If you think that just moving your finger faster improves your clicking speed, then you might be wrong. Here we share some important factors that make fast clicking easy. 

1. Suitable Clicking Type

If you successfully pick the correct clicking technique for you, nothing can stop you. There are several clicking types, like butterfly clicking, drag clicking, jitter clicking, and regular clicking. You can also choose one type based on gaming requirements. For example, if the game needs precision with fast clicks, then choose drag to click, but if the priority is only fastest clicks, then try jitter click in 60 seconds

2. Grip Type

There are three types of grips that you can choose from. Also, the proper grip type ensures precision. However, the selection of grip type depends on the clicking type you want to use. For example, for drag clicking, the claw grip works the best. 

3. Use Grip Tape

If you are a gamer, this word is undoubtedly familiar to you. Grip tapes are like regular tape with one sticky side for easy application on the mouse. Grip tapes make the surface rough and boost the chances of more frequent click registers and enhance precision. 

Look at the factors you lack, add them to your gaming life, and test your clicking speed on our click in seconds test to check how dramatically these minor changes improve your CPS. 


1 minute click test is all you need to click faster for a longer time. Sometimes, people find it useless because the ideal clicking test time is 5 – 10 seconds. But this is just to test your fastest clicking speed. Therefore, the one-minute test is perfect from a practice and improvement point of view of fast mouse-clicking. 

Pick the right-clicking type, grip style, and follow the instructions to give your clicking speed a rocket boost and surprise your enemies with the best.