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Auto Clicker for iPhone

What can be more boring and tiresome than a task that requires repetitive clicking or tapping? There are numerous activities, including many online games that demand the user to tap the screen at a particular point in case of mobile device, click a mouse or keyboard key in case of a PC, MAC repetitively and at a good speed.

In the majority of such tasks, the user’s CPS rate (Clicks per Second) is a major factor to be considered. Most online games depend almost entirely on how fast you can click/tap.

A clever and very convenient solution to this dilemma is the Auto clicker.

An auto clicker is an online or offline tool that takes over this duty and performs repetitive clicks and taps on behalf of the user. It replaces manual clicking/tapping with fast and ceaseless automatic clicking/tapping.

With an auto clicker, you will be able to escape the monotonous task of repeated clicking/tapping and are bound to perform much better in online games like Minecraft as well.

If you are an iPhone user in search of an auto clicker, you might have faced difficulty finding an application compatible with your iPhone operating system because there are not a lot of auto clickers for iPhone free in the market.

However, we have done in depth research to find you the best auto clickers for your iOS device. So, you could also benefits from the auto clickers if you have an iOS device.

Without any further ado, let’s see what are the available options.

Top 8 Best iOS Auto Clickers in 2021

In search of an iOS auto clicker? Here we have compiled a list of the best auto clicker for iPhone in 2021.

1. QuickTouch - Automatic Clicker

The QuickTouch automatic clicker is a reliable automatic tapping ios app that swipes and taps/clicks at the desired location on the iPhone screen. The interval can be set by the user. This app does not need root access and works best with full-screen apps.

QuickTouch automatic clicker has two main functions; it works as an auto clicker, and secondly as a manual counting tap tool. If you want to use the automatic counter, just tap the start button and manually decrease or increase the count.

This automatic clicker works perfectly with tapping games. If you aim to keep a game active, you just have to tap the area again and again quickly, but with the help of this tool, you don’t have to.

All the features of this automatic clicker are free, and you can avoid ads at a very modest price. Interestingly enough, QuickTouch automatic clicker is a great option for idle clicking games like Minecraft, and Roblox.

Features of QuickTouch Automatic Clicker

  • Tap or swipe anywhere on the screen
  • Set the time interval for tapping
  • No root access is required
  • Work effectively on full-screen apps
  • Suitable for tapping games
  • Allow keeping a game active
  • All features are free for use
  • Remove ads at a modest price
  • Set the location for auto-tapping

2. Auto Clicker – Tapping

Auto clicker – tapping is a useful auto clicker for iPhone that allows you to make repetitive taps on your iOS devices. Once the app is downloaded to your phone, you will see it in the menu bar from where you can turn it on and off.

You can also set the desired interval for the operation. This app helps you tap anywhere on your iOS phone. Once you start the auto-tapping process, it will continue without you needing to touch it.

Auto clicker – tapping also allows users to change the frequency of clicks according to their choice. Moreover, the click location can also be saved from activities and settings. Tapping can be controlled before, during, and after the process with ease from the menu bar.

You can start and stop tapping using the control panel. When using auto click-tapping for the first time, you will have to enable the visual and audio support of auto-tapping.

Features of Auto Clicker - Tapping

  • Convenient and simple tapping
  • Lightweight app
  • It is a freeware
  • Suitable for most tapping games
  • Tap location can be saved
  • Change the tapping frequency
  • Set click interval
  • No root access is required
  • Control taps before, after, and during the process

3. Auto Clicker Automatic Tap

Auto clicker automatic tap is one of the most popular phone auto clickers for iOS iPhone. Without requiring root access, this auto clicker is rather convenient to use. The easy-to-use and convenient control panel allow you to adjust the options and settings when the app runs in the background.

This auto touch ios is a decent and simple app that lets you tap wherever you want on the screen. Auto clicker automatic tap also supports a very user-friendly interface that is easily operated. You don’t need to be a professional to use this app. Even beginners can use this auto tapper with ease because of its simple interface.

Multiple swipes and clicks can be made anywhere on the screen easily with this app. Moreover, the global timer allows you to set the amount of time for tap automation as you like.

This app also allows you to export or import automatic scripts. This auto-clicking app, therefore, allows you to play your favorite games with ease.

Features of Auto Clicker Automatic Tap

  • User-friendly interface
  • Easy to use
  • No root access needed
  • Specify the tapping interval
  • Supports a global timer
  • Export or import automatic scripts
  • Supports a convenient control panel
  • Multiple swipes and taps supported

4. Auto Clicker

Auto clicker is an advanced mobile auto clicker for iOS devices. You can use this tool to perform repetitive tapping tasks on your phone. You can easily configure as many automated taps as you want with this advanced auto clicker. You can set the duration of the taps to automate taps for as long as you want.

The click timer can also be adjusted as per your need. The app is free for use but supports in-app packages for users. Users can utilize the free trial period to test the app before making a purchase.

This auto clicker can be used for multiple websites like social media platforms, or dating, etc. This app is constantly developing over time and bringing in new advancements.

The auto clicker ios download is very simple and can easily be installed on your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch devices from the App store. With its advanced features, this auto clicker can be a perfect tool for automating repetitive tapping tasks on your iOS devices.

Features of Auto Clicker

  • Supports multiple advanced features
  • Can perform repetitive actions
  • Users can set tapping duration
  • Users can set tapping time
  • Configure as many automated taps as needed
  • Can be used with multiple websites
  • Supports a free trial period

5. Auto Clicker Pro

Auto clicker Pro is another iPhone auto click app that is small yet very useful. This auto clicker uses a very simple operation and is easy to use, even for beginners. It supports multiple features and is easy to use.

You can generate as many taps as you want with this auto clicker. It allows users to tap and drag anywhere on the screen. You can also save your scripts and then use them later without needing to make them again.

You can easily automate online games, refresh pages, and PowerPoint presentations. Auto clicker can generate single and double clicks. This auto clicker also supports hotkeys, so you can easily start and stop auto-clicking by pressing the hotkey.

Users can also set the click points and click times for auto-clicking. This auto clicker pro is a complete mouse macro creation that can be used for multiple purposes like playing idle games.

Features of Auto Clicker Pro

  • Simple and easy operation
  • Easy to use
  • Supports single and double taps/clicks
  • Start and stop auto tapping using the assigned hotkey
  • Suitable for playing idle games
  • Users can set click time and click points
  • Scripts can be saved for later use
  • A free trial can be utilized for buying the paid version

6. Auto Touch (Counting App)

Auto Touch macro app is an auto clicker app for iOS devices that allows you to replay the touch actions performed. You can record your tapping actions and play them on your devices like iPhone, iPad, or other such devices.

You can use this app to play your favorite games and simulate human-tapping actions.

It works well with iOS devices 8 to 13. Before installing the AutoTouch app, you will have to jailbreak. You can easily find this on the internet. This is a paid app, and once you have purchased it, you can use all the features.

How to auto tap on iPhone using the auto touch? The process is simple. Just download this auto touch, counting app from the website or apple store and then use it for auto-tapping on your iOS devices.

Just press the volume decrease button for some time to bring up the control panel. Then click the record button to record actions. Choose the scripts from the control panel and play whichever you want. 

Features of Auto Touch

  • Record and replay touch actions
  • Compatible with iOS 8 to 13
  • Needs jailbreak before installation
  • It is a paid app
  • Easy download
  • Can be used with iPhone, iPad Mini, iPad, and iPod touch
  • Suitable for playing games, and simulating human touching actions

7. Tap Tool (Health-Related Counter)

Tap tool is another simple and amazing auto clicker tool for iOS devices. Even though it is a simple tool, it is very useful because it does all the tapping you need on your iOS device screen.

It is a great health measure tool to keep a track of your health like measuring your breathing rate or heart rate. Also, this tapping tool can be used to count different things like events, cars, people, things, etc automatically.

This tool can easily be downloaded and used. The interface is very simple, making it easy to use for beginners as well as professionals.

This auto counter will automatically count the elapsed time, the total number of taps, the average tapping rate, and the period between the taps. Just download the app and enjoy it with its simple user interface to perform all the necessary health counts as required. 

Features of Tap Tool

  • Simple and easy operation
  • Measures heart rate, breathing rate, and more
  • Simple and interactive user interface
  • Automatically counts the number of taps, elapsed time, average tapping rate, and the period between taps
  • Can be used to keep track of any periodic event or thing
  • It is free for use
  • Compatible with iPad, iPhone, Mac, and iPod touch.

8. Automatic Tap Auto Clicker

An automatic tap auto clicker is a sequence recorder for iOS devices that allows you to automate clicks on your device’s screens.

This auto clicker is simple to use and operate. Just choose the app that you want to use it with. The floating menu you will see can be used to activate and start the automatic taps. You can set the time interval between taps, the number of taps, and how long you want each tap to be. These can easily be set from the floating menu.

This useful tool makes it easier to automate all the repetitive clicks on your iOS device. A free version is available for this app, but the paid version will give you more interesting features. You can record all your clicking actions and save them for later use.

Automatic tap auto clicker also allows users to set the click location to generate single or double clicks. With this auto clicker, you just have to set your click location and press the start button to automate tapping. 

Features of Automatic Tap Auto Clicker

  • Simple operation
  • Supports a floating menu
  • The set time interval between taps
  • Set the number of taps
  • Free version supported
  • Record and save scripts
  • Supports single and double taps

How To Use Auto Clicker For iPhone?

If you have found yourself an auto clicker that works on your iPhone, the rest of the work is much easier. After launching the app, customize the settings by deciding on the following: the number of clicks performed in one go, the delay between the clicks, the keys to control auto-clicking, and other such settings.

Built-In Auto Clicker For iPhone Free

If you do not want to go through the hassle of an auto clicker iOS download, there is a much better alternative that many are unaware of. You can now unlock an auto clicker on your iPhone and iPad from the device’s own settings by following the given steps.

Step 1: Open device “Settings” and go to “Accessibility”.

Step 2: Navigate to “Accessibility Shortcut” and click on “Switch Control”.

Step 3: Go back to the “Switch Control setting” and then click on “Switches” and then “Add New Switch”. After this, click on the “Screen Option”, select “Full Screen”, and then “Select item”.

Step 4: Visit “Switch Control” once again and go to “Recipes” and then “Create New Recipe”.

Step 5: Name this recipe as “Auto clicker”, or anything you prefer, and then click on “Assign Switch”. Then open “Full Screen”, followed by “Custom Gesture”.

Step 6: Click on the screen multiple times to create a custom gesture of repetitive automatic clicking. “Save” this custom gesture.

Step 7: Go back to “Recipes”, click on the “Launch Recipe” and select the Recipe you just created.

Your automatic clicker for iphone is now ready to use. To launch the auto clicker, press the “Home” button thrice in quick succession.

Change & Adjust Switch Settings

To adjust and change your switch settings:

Step 1: Visit your device “Settings”.

Step 2: Go to “Accessibility” and then “Switch Control”.

Step 3: Make the changes you need to make.

From these settings, you can add new switches with their functions, create and edit recipes, select whether an action should be repeated when a key is pressed and held, and the pause before repeating, among others.

What Can You Customize In An Auto Clicker

1. Number Of Clicks

The user can customize the number of total clicks that the auto clicker will perform on the iOS device once the command has been issued.

2. Time Delay Between The Clicks

The time delay refers to the interval between two consecutive clicks. A short time delay translates into a fast click speed.

3. Type Of Clicks

The user can select whether he wants a right-, left-, or middle-click. Most clickers also offer the option of selecting between single and double-clicking.

4. Cursor/Pointer Location

Cursor/pointer location is the location of the mouse/pointer on the screen where the user wants the automatic clicks to be. To select the cursor location, you can select the coordinates on your screen or select the “Current Location” option. For iPhone, you can tap the points where you want the auto clicks. The current location option delivers automatic clicks wherever the user points the cursor.

5. Hotkey

The hotkey is the trigger key that will begin the automatic clicking. When playing online games, an easily accessible hotkey makes a huge difference. You can select the hotkey button you want to use to start and stop the automatic clicking process.

Where Can The Auto Clickers Be Used?

1. Online Gaming

Auto clickers are famous among competitive gamers because auto clicking is the best way to perform a lot better. In games that require a super-fast CPS rate for shooting, using an auto clicker for such tasks improves your performance tremendously.

Gamers can use an auto clicker iOS for Roblox as well. Roblox is a clicking game that relies almost entirely on mouse-clicking. It requires creativity in building new characters and making your own empire. You can use an auto clicker for hitting targets. To do so, all you have to do is click on + to add a target and then press the start button to launch the auto clicker. The auto clicker will then do the tedious task of clicking for you. Similarly, you can use the auto clicker for iOS for other online games as well.

2. Data Entry Jobs

People who have data entry tasks can use auto clickers to click on the necessary cells quickly and efficiently. The auto clicker can also perform a sequence of clicks so jobs that demand you to constantly write the same thing in the cells can be handed over to the auto clicker.

An auto clicker is a very useful tool for all operating systems. Although iPhones do not have many compatible devices that can be downloaded, you can set a custom recipe to start auto-clicking on your iPhone.


An auto clicker is a very useful tool for all operating systems. Although we have listed some of the best iOS auto clickers for you, you can set a custom recipe to start auto-clicking on your iPhone just following the above-mentioned process.


Yes, there are many auto clickers for apple, IOS devices including iPhone, iPod, iPad, that users can easily download to their device and use for auto-clicking. Many of the options for auto clickers for IOS are listed above.

No, auto clickers for iOS are not illegal to use. Some games do not allow users to use these clickers, especially where gamers are competing against one another. While auto clickers are not illegal, it’s always better to stay on the safe side and use an auto clicker where it is acceptable, and not against the terms and conditions.

No. auto clickers for ios are not a virus. They are legitimate mobile applications that automate clicks and/or taps whatever you call it. Mostly, they do not contain any malware or virus.

Yes. iOS auto clickers are safe applications. They do not harm your apple mobile device in any way because they do not contain any viruses, or malware, and are not malicious programs.

Yes, you can auto-click on your iOS mobile device easily and perform various functions, tasks, and operations with ease with the above-mentioned auto clickers.

An auto clicker is a tool or software, or a program that is used to automate clicks or taps on a computing device such as PC, MAC, mobile. These clickers can be used to recreate a recorded input. They automate various clicking and tapping actions and can be used for idle games, apps, and performing other such tasks.

Several different auto clickers can be used for auto-clicking on iOS. Some popular iOS auto clickers include QuickTouch, auto clicker, auto clicker Pro, tap tool, and auto clicker - tapping. 

Yes, most iOS auto clickers do have Android versions that can work with Android devices. But other auto clickers are only for iOS devices and cannot be used with Android devices.

There are multiple auto clickers today for iOS devices. Many of these auto clickers are fast and suitable for auto-clicking in various games and apps. QuickTouch is one of the fastest auto clickers that you can find for iOS devices and use.

No, op auto clicker 3.0 which is the latest version is not developed for IOS. But, it is one of the best option for windows and Mac