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Auto Clicker for iPhone

What can be more boring and tiresome than a task that requires repetitive clicking? There are numerous activities, including many online games that demand the user to click a mouse or keyboard key repetitively and at a good speed. In the majority of such tasks, the user’s CPS rate (Clicks per Second) is a major factor to be considered. Most online games depend almost entirely on how fast you can click away on your device. A clever and very convenient solution to this dilemma is the Auto clicker.

An auto clicker is an online tool that takes over this duty and performs the repetitive clicks on behalf of the user. It replaces manual clicking with fast and ceaseless automatic clicking. With an auto clicker, you will be able to escape the monotonous task of repeated clicking and are bound to perform much better in online games like Minecraft as well.

If you are an iPhone user in search of an auto clicker, you must have faced difficulty finding an application compatible with your Operating System because there are not a lot of auto clickers for iPhone free in the market. There are a few options including the “Clicker+ Counter” application that allows users to auto click on an iPhone. This app is a great option that includes all the necessary features, does not override the sound of your device, and is perfectly compatible with iOS 11.1 and other later versions.

How To Use Auto Clicker For iPhone?

If you have found for yourself an auto clicker that works on your iPhone, the rest of the work is much easier. After launching the app, customize the settings by deciding on the following: the number of clicks performed in one go, the delay between the clicks, the keys to control auto-clicking, and other such settings.

Built-In Auto Clicker For iPhone Free

If you do not want to go through the hassle of an auto clicker iOS download, there is a much better alternative that many are unaware of. You can now unlock an auto clicker on your iPhone and iPad from the device’s own settings by following the given steps.

Step 1: open device “Settings” and go to “Accessibility”.

Step 2: Navigate to “Accessibility Shortcut” and click on “Switch Control”.

Step 3: Go back to the “Switch Control setting” and then click on “Switches” and then “Add New Switch”. After this, click on the “Screen option”, select “Full Screen”, and then “Select Item”.

Step 4: Visit “Switch Control” once again and go to “Recipes” and then “Create New Recipe”.

Step 5: Name this recipe as “Auto clicker”, or anything you prefer, and then click on “Assign Switch”. Then open “Full Screen”, followed by “Custom Gesture”.

Step 6: Click on the screen multiple times to create a custom gesture of repetitive automatic clicking. “Save” this custom gesture.

Step 7: Go back to “Recipes”, click on the “Launch Recipe” and select the Recipe you just created.

Your automatic clicker is now ready to use. To launch the auto clicker, press the “Home” button thrice in quick succession.

Change & Adjust Switch Settings

To adjust and change your switch settings:

Step 1: Visit your device “Settings”.

Step 2: Go to “Accessibility” and then “Switch Control”.

Step 3: make the changes you need to make.

From these settings, you can add new switches with their functions, create and edit recipes, select whether an action should be repeated when a key is pressed and held, and the pause before repeating, among others.

What Can You Customize In An Auto Clicker For iPhone?

1. Number Of Clicks

The user can customize the number of total clicks that the auto clicker will perform once the command has been issued.

2. Time Delay Between The Clicks

The time delay refers to the interval between two continuous clicks. A short time delay translates into a fast click speed.

3. Type Of Clicks

The user can select whether he wants a right-, left-, or middle-click. Most clickers also offer the option of selecting between single and double-clicking.

4. Cursor Location

Cursor location is the location of the mouse on the screen where the user wants the automatic clicks to be. To select the cursor location, you can select the coordinates on your screen or select the “Current Location” option. The current location option delivers automatic clicks wherever the user points the cursor.

5. Hotkey

The hotkey is the trigger key that will begin the automatic clicking. When playing online games, an easily accessible hotkey makes a huge difference. You can select the hotkey button you want to use to start and stop the automatic clicking process.

Where Can The Auto Clicker For iPhone Be Used?

1. Online Gaming

Auto clickers are famous among competitive gamers because auto clicking is the best way to perform a lot better. Games like Warcraft require a super-fast CPS rate for shooting, and using an auto clicker for such tasks improves your performance tremendously.

Gamers can use an auto clicker iOS for Roblox as well. Roblox is a clicking game that relies almost entirely on mouse-clicking. It requires creativity in building new characters and making your own empire. You can use an auto clicker for hitting targets. To do so, all you have to do is click on + to add a target and then press the start button to launch the auto clicker. The auto clicker will then do the tedious task of clicking for you. Similarly, you can use the auto clicker for iOS for other online games as well.

2. Data Entry Jobs

People who have data entry tasks can use auto clickers to click on the necessary cells quickly and efficiently. The auto clicker can also perform a sequence of clicks so jobs that demand you to constantly write the same thing in the cells can be handed over to the auto clicker.

An auto clicker is a very useful tool for all operating systems. Although iPhones do not have many compatible devices that can be downloaded, you can set a custom recipe to start auto-clicking on your iPhone.