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Auto Clicker For MAC

Auto-clicker can be a very handy tool for simulation of mouse clicks like real. While there are some options available, not a lot are available for MAC devices. If you’re figuring out which auto clicker for MAC is the best for use and how to get auto clicker for MAC? You are at the right place. 

Here, we have collected some of the best MAC auto clickers that are 100% safe, free (if not mentioned separately that it’s paid) and completely reliable for use.

Without any further ado, let’s get right into it.

What Is An Auto Clicker For MAC?

Auto clicker is often a common game hack that is used by players. This is a script or software that is designed to generate automated clicking. The auto clickers are designed to produce clicks. Some auto clickers allow you to record the clicks and then use the recording as an input. It’s very helpful when you need same type or loop of clicks often.

Auto clickers, therefore, are programs that are used to simulate mouse clicking. In short, auto clickers mimic mouse clicks. They are useful for those people who have a frequently use of mouse clicks for their tasks on different software.

Moreover, auto clickers are often used for online games. The players has just to press the hotkey that is designed to start the clicks, and it’s done. Hence, your clicking becomes fully automatic and easy.

Top Auto Clickers for Macbook or MAC

Multiple auto clickers are present for MAC, but each has its own set of features that sets them apart. Here are some of the best free MAC auto clickers that you can find.

1. Murgaa Auto Clicker

Murgaa Auto Clicker
Brought to You ByMurGaa
CompatibilityMac operating system
FunctionalityAutomates right and left mouse clicks
CostFree to use
Official Website

Murgaa auto clicker is a good mouse-clicking software that is easy to use, and straightforward. The application can generate both right and left mouse clicks on Mac devices. It supports macOS 10.5 and above. It’s a paid tool, however, before purchasing, you can try the program for free to see if it meets your requirements.


The official website of the program is straightforward to use. Users can download the application and install it on their Mac devices. Also, the installation guide is available on the website. To make it work, the user must initiate the left or the right mouse clicking.


The advantages of the application are that it is straightforward to use, has various launching options, and is also available for free for limited time. So, you can use to automate your daily task or play video games such as Roblox on your Mac.

MAC Auto Clicker By Murgaa

Auto Clicker By Murgaa

2. Fast Auto Clicker By Murgaa

Fast Auto Clicker
Brought to You ByMurGaa
Versions15.1 & 17.7(latest)
CompatibilityMac Operating System
FunctionalityAutomates left mouse clicks
CostFree to use
Official Website

This is a small and straightforward automation tool that does its job efficiently. Surprisingly, a small tool works so amazing and is full of features. Fast Auto clicker generates the fastest clicks for repetitive clicking in Mac. This tool lets you customize the number of clicks your want, time interval, hotkey, and the button you want to use for automation. 

To run an automation task, you have to open the tool and add the number of clicks (specific or unlimited), set the location with the help of the cursor, time interval, and choose the hotkey to start/stop the process. After compilation of the defined number of clicks, it stops automatically, while if you set it on unlimited, click the hotkey to stop clicking.

The most exciting feature of this tool is random time delay that saves you from getting caught by the system. You can enter two options for time delay, and it randomly changes after every click but stay between mentioned time interval. This feature gives a manual and human-like expression.

The interface of this tiny tool gives an aesthetic feel, and the small size of the interface lets you move it anywhere on the screen. In addition, this tool is freely available to use. You can download it from here and automate clicks on your Mac devices. 

Features of Fast Auto Clicker

  • Small-sized tool
  • Fastest clicking speed
  • Easy user interface
  • Random time interval 
  • Free to use 
  • Specific and unlimited number of clicks
Fast Clicker By Murgaa

Fast Auto Clicker By Murgaa

Mac Auto Mouse Click By Murgaa

Mac Auto Mouse Click 
Brought to You ByMurGaa
CompatibilityMac Operating System
Automates right click, left click, middle click, double left button click, shift + left, shift + right
Cost1 month free trial & USD 9.87 for 6 Months
Official Website

Mac auto mouse click is the fastest clicker to perform the repetitive task and multiple clicks simultaneously using macros and scripts. To automate the job, you have to make a macro file by fixing specific actions in a file, and then you can play these macros for unlimited time. Moreover, the tool keeps macros safe for the future use. 

With the help of Mac auto mouse click, you can automate all right, left, and central ( scrolling wheel ) buttons in a single task. In addition, you can define the number of clicks and time interval according to the task requirements. Also, you have to configure the number of cycle repetitions you want. Moreover, you can choose whether you want the cursor to come back or not to the starting position after the compilation of one cycle.

With this tool, you can customize two types of keys. 

  • One to start and stop the automation ( Hotkey )
  • Second, these keys are screen coordinates of the targeted position of clicks

This is the fastest automation tool for Mac and can efficiently perform repetitive tasks in games, data entry, clicking, etc. Use it to enjoy advanced and valuable tool to make your life easy.

Features of Auto Mouse Click

  • Generate unlimited clicks
  • Use Macros and script files
  • Multiple actions in a single task
  • Automate right, left, and central button 
  • Free to download 
  • Time interval 
  • Hotkey customization

Auto Mouse Click By Murgaa

Mouse Auto Click by Murgaa

MAC Random Mouse Clicker By Murgaa

Random Mouse Clicker
Brought to You ByMurGaa
CompatibilityMac Operating System
Left click, middle click, right click, left down, middle down, right down
Free for 1 month trial & USD 5.99 for 6 months use
Official Website

Random mouse clicker is another efficient auto clicker for MAC that is designed by the MurGaa software. It is freeware designed to simulate mouse clicks on Mac devices. This software gives users the freedom to automate right, middle, and left mouse button clicks. With this auto clicker, users can hold the buttons for as long as they want. Random mouse clicker starts and stops auto clicks with just simple button clicks that are present on the user interface. A keyboard shortcut can also be assigned to start and stop the auto mouse clicking. This automation utility allows fixed and configurable delays to be set between consecutive mouse clicks, making it a simple but advanced Mac auto mouse clicker. 

Utilizing a simple and easy user interface, users can stop and start clicking with the pre-assigned hotkeys. Moreover, users can also assign and customize new hotkeys according to their choice. This app goes by the name of Random clicker and shows the same name when downloaded. After downloading it will be set into the system tool. This auto clicker for Mac has been tested by antivirus and is credited as being virus-free. Being a trusted software, Mac random mouse clicker has been used by many people. This freeware tool was created for Mac OX by the MurGaa software.  

Features of Random Mouse Clicker


  • Uses a very simple, straightforward interface that can be used by beginners and professionals. 
  • Hotkeys can be assigned and customized as per the need of the user
  • Mac random mouse clicker is light in weight and occupies minimum space on disk
  • It is a reliable and trusted software
  • Random mouse clicker is free to use
  • Simulates right, middle, and left mouse button clicks
  • Allows users to hold mouse button as long as needed 


  • It does not support advanced features like those supported by competitors 

Random Mouse Clicker By Murgaa

Random Clicker

iClickMac - Free, Easy to Use, Lightweight Auto Clicker for MAC OS X

Brought to You ByLeluvara
CompatibilityMac OS X 10.7 and later
Automatic clicks, time interval option, recording shortcut
CostFree of Cost

iClickMac is a safe auto clicker that is compatible with Mac and can easily be downloaded for free from the button given below. Antivirus analysis has displayed that this mouse clicker for Mac is a virus-free option. This application supports features like automatic push click, recording shortcut, type shortcut, and set several CPS. The application is very useful and beneficial because it is simple, user-friendly, and lightweight.

Features of iClickMac

  • Automatic push click
  • Recording shortcut
  • Type shortcut
  • Allows you to set several CPS
  • 116 KB size
iclick mac


Dwellclick - Use Your MAC without Mouse Clicks

Dwell Click
Brought to You ByPilotMoon Softwares
CompatibilitymacOS 10.9 and above
Internet RelianceNo
Auto click, move & resize, drag click, keyboard click, modifier key lock, a pop-up panel

Dwellclick is another application that allows you to use your MAC without clicking. This is amongst the best software for taking control of your MAC without clicks. Dwellclick has several smart features like,  double click, right click, and the auto drag feature.  Although this app is not available for free, it has several benefits that make it worth investing. You can run the free trial and check it’s features and benefits. Once you’re satisfied with the results, you have to pay $9.99 to buy it.

One of the amazing things about this auotmated clicker is that it’s compatitble with most input devices such as standard mouse or trackpad, Magic Trackpad and Magic Mouse, joysticks, trackballs, graphics tablets, in short, any pointing device. The advantages of this app are that no clicking is required, users can save thousands of clicks, and it is easy and effortless to use.

Features of DwellClick

  • Auto click: you point the mouse, and it clicks.
  • Move and resize: automatically grab windows and resizeable areas.
  • Pop-up panel: options to choose from drag, double click and control click.
  • Handfree: can control the the input through head tracking and floating control panel
  •  Audio and visual feedback: they confirm your actions.
  • Drag: Move the mouse while it’s clicking to turn it into a drag.
  • Click with the keyboard: set hotkeys for your different type of clicks.
  • Size: 2.8 MB
  • Compatibility: macOS 10.9 or later.
  • Price: $9.99

Dwell Click


Mac Auto Clicker

Mac Auto Clicker
Brought to You ByFreeware
Latest Version1.1
Internet RelianceNo
left click, right click, double click, click intervals
CostFree of cost

Mac auto clicker is one advanced auto clicker and robust that is easy to use. With a few advanced features, it allows gamers to save time and avoid the tedious task of constant clicking. This mouse automation software allows unlimited clicks. This application is much advanced in contrast to other apps and has the best features. These include configuring time intervals, custom clicks, and the delay starts feature.

Of the advanced features, users can set the time between a group of clicks after grouping numbers of clicks. Moreover, the clicking speed and the time interval are also configurable. The benefits of this application include; it is  free auto clicker mac , offers intervals between clicks, gives fixed time setting to stop, register click counts, and is also compatible with multiple versions of Mac systems.

Features of Mac Auto Clicker

  • Interval before clicks: set the number of seconds before it starts clicking when the hotkey is pressed.
  • Interval between clicks: set the time interval between clicks in milliseconds or seconds which is often known as clicking speed. The longer the time, the lower the clicking speed and vice versa. You’re also allowed to set the clicking speed from very slow to very fast. 
  • Automate stop after clicks: set the number of clicks after which you want to stop the auto clicker, e.g 100. After performing 100 clicks the tool will stop.
  • Automate stop after time: set the time interval in milliseconds or seconds, after whic you want the tool to stop functioning, e.g, 60 seconds.
  • Clicking setting: single click, double click, left click, right click.
  • Click count: count the number of clicks. 
Mac Auto Clicker Image

MAC Auto Clicker Download

Auto Clicker 1.0

Auto Clicker 1.0
Latest Version1.0
CompatibilityWindows and Mac
Internet RelianceNo
FunctionalityLeft Click & Right Click, record clicks
CostFree of Cost

Auto clicker is amongst those rare mouse-clicking software that supports both Windows and Mac. This allows users to give a break to their fingers from the tedious task of clicking. This is a macro-based app that allows the users to record several clicks and replay anytime. This software can be used on web pages as well. It does not come with any advanced features, but the main tasks are performed with ease. The benefit of this app is that it can record both keystrokes and mouse clicks. Auto clicker 1.0 is easy to use, supports mouse presses on multiple locations, and can even change the IP address so click counters can be deceived.

Auto Clicker for Mac 1.0

Auto Clicker 1.0

MAC Auto Clicker By FileHorse

MAC Auto Clicker By FileHorse
Brought To You ByFilehorse
CompatibilityMac Version from 10.4 to 10.8
OS X 10.9 & OS X 10.10
Internet RelianceNo
FunctionalityLeft, right, double click facility is available along with auto-stop features
CostFree of Cost

Yes, you may wonder about getting an auto clicker at no price but this auto clicker by FileHorse is just amazing. At no price, it carries all the essential functionalities that make it stand out from the rest.
This auto clicker not only helps in managing all number of clicks and intervals, fix auto-stop limits, and sets between right, left, or double click, but it doesn’t always require you to enter the accurate and exact number of milliseconds and seconds all the time. The only thing that you need to understand while using it is to fluctuate between the very fast to very slow and vice versa.
Also, this auto clicker is easy to install and understand.


Features of Mac Auto Clicker by Filehorse

  • Set required interval before click
  • Set required interval between clicks
  • Automatically ends after specific clickers
  • Automatically stop when a certain number of seconds are passed
  • Left, right, and double click facility is available
  • Counts clicks with time 
  • Allows setting a certain amount of delay between two clicks
  • Allows setting the number of double clicks to occur after a certain amount of delay
  • Allows setting a delay between a group of clicks to occur after that certain delay
  • Support all Mac Versions from 10.4 to 10.8
Mac Auto Clicker by Filehorse

Mac Auto Clicker by Filehorse


Brought To You BySoftonic
CompatibilityMac OS X 10.5.8 or later
Internet RelianceNo
FunctionalitySet the number of clicks, set the duration between the intervals and set the countdown
CostFree of Cost

If you are looking for a convenient mouse clicker for Mac then IMouseTrick is just amazing to use. With this clicker, you can set the number of clicks, and the best part is, that the number of clicks has no limit. Not only that, but you can also set a fixed amount of duration between the clicks and also set the countdown so that the mouse clicker can start working.
The UI is very friendly and you can understand it in a minute and keep on using it. You just need to set values and select between the minimum and maximum values by just dragging them on the scale.

This auto clicker is built for simple use and has no complex features. It doesn’t have shortcuts to start and stop the clicking feature. You can hide the iMouseTrick window but you can not restrict it to show while using this auto clicker. This auto clicker is only for people who just need a simple and easy-to-understand auto clicker.

Features of iMouseTrick

  • Support fixing the number of clicks
  • Support setting the duration between the clicks
  • Support setting the countdown
  • Easy to use
  • Friendly User Interface
  • Comes with free license with a size of 488 KB
  • Hides the IMouseTrick window when the app is running
iMouse Trick


How To Set Up An Auto Clicker?

There are several reasons that users prefer using an auto clicker, as it saves energy and time. Are you planning to use a mouse clicker on your MAC? Do you know how to set it up? Here is how to set up an automated MAC mouse clicker.

  1. Download and install the application. Run the auto clicker on your Mac device by clicking on the app icon.
  2. Choose which keyboard shortcut you are going to use for stopping and starting the clicking.
  3. Click on the “save keyboard key”.
  4. Once that is done you are ready to begin with auto-clicking. At this step, you also must decide about where you will click, what the time interval is between the clicks, the background color, and between the slow and fast, the mouse clicking speed.  

Benefits of Auto Clickers for Mac

Everyone wants to get rid of daily repetitive and tiring tasks. Here comes the need for an auto clicker that is capable of automating clicking tasks. 

Also, if you are a gamer and you want to excel in competitive games such as Roblox etc. then an auto clicker for Mac is your requirement too. 

Let’s get to know about the different benefits of using a Mac auto clicker. 


1. All-Round Usage – The usage of an auto clicker for Mac is versatile. It can automate clicks according to any of your requirements. It provides you assistance in texting, maintaining data, gaming, data entry task, and much more. 

2. Save Time and Effort –  In this era of a busy routine, every single second means a lot to a person. You can’t just keep on putting effort and time into daily tasks that can be done smartly through auto clickers. So, an auto clicker for Mac can help you to save a lot of your time and effort no matter if it’s a work task or casual gaming. 

3. Easy Usage – Such auto clickers have a very user-friendly interface as it is specially made to provide ease to their users. You can easily install it and operate it according to your requirements. 

4. Customizable – One can easily get bored with the same work and interface.  Auto clickers for Mac allow whole access to the users to make modifications of their choice. They can change the number of clicks, the color of the interface, the interval of clicks, and much more. 

Auto Clicker for Mac Roblox

If you are a gamer and spend most of your time playing Roblox games, then you might be interested to know about which of the above mentioned MAC auto clickers work perfectly for Roblox. So, to make your searching easy enough we have gathered 4 best auto clicker for Mac Roblox. Happy gaming!

  1. Random Mouse Clicker
  2. Murgaa Auto Clicker
  3. Auto Mouse Click
  4. iMouseTrick


These are some FAQs that can come to your help when choosing a mouse-clicker MAC app.

Everyday repetitive tasks require repetitive clicking and actions. MAC auto clicker have brought automation and made repetitive tasks easier without human effort. So, any task that requires frequent clicking on your MAC can be automated with the help of an MAC auto clicker

We have listed the best autoclickers for Mac after a thorough research. However, Murgaa auto clicker for Macbook is one of the old and trusted tool.

Although using an auto clicker is not illegal, it does fall in the category of being against the game rules because when it comes to gaming, it's all about your potential and gaming skills. So, using an auto clicker may be detected and ban you from the game if you're over using it. However, to perform your daily life tasks, you can benefit from an auto clicker without any risk.

A speed auto clicker is software that allows you to perform multiple mouse clicks in a short time, e.g, 50000 mouse clicks in a second.

It depends actually on the auto clicker you're using, and where, and how you're using it. However, most auto clickers are free from virus, reliable and safe to use. So, you do not have to worry about the safety as long as you're in the safe zone, meeting all the terms and conditions of the platform, game or wherever you're using it.

Myclickspeed is one of the best source to download Free Autoclickers for MAC without any charges. You can just download them and start using rightaway. However, if the trail period ends, you may have to pay for it to continue using it.

If you are looking for an efficient auto clicker which is safe too then you should consider Murgaa auto clicker. This auto clicker is easy to use and can generate both the right and left mouse clicks. 

As per our recent research, Mac Auto Clicker by FileHorse is a free utility tool for work automation on your Macbook.