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There are different games which while playing bring lots of fun and satisfaction, such as Fortnite. This is basically a royal battle game in which you try to be at the top while fighting with the enemy. So you try your best not to be shot by the enemy every time. So there are different ways by which you can overcome your enemy attacks and become the champ of the arena.

One way is the setting of mouse sensitivity and the other way is the use of an aim booster. You can covert the sensitivity of the mouse using an online gaming training tool like 3D Aim booster. It is quite super-efficient in improving your aim in Fortnite and other gaming skills. Before going further, first we should know what is mouse sensitivity?

It is basically a time period in which the mouse needs to move its cursor to the shooter. If your sensitivity is low, then your mouse will be less responsive and need much time to go to the shooter. The high sensitivity mouse makes large angles of cameras with high speed of aiming.

Well, the word ‘’training’’ illustrates that this is the practice of something. This Aim booster helps you to get better at aiming. You will become a better player of different games like Overwatch, PUBG, Rainbow Six Siege, and first-person shooter games.

What Is An AIM Booster?

The aim booster will make you perfect and accurate in taking aim within a short period of time. There are different games in which these situations are present, shooting in a prescribed time frame. This tool will make you a champ in such type of games.

Why Use An AIM Booster?

Aim booster is very helpful as it makes you highly focused. When you play games after rigorous practice on aim booster, you will be highly focused. It is very easy to play. What you have to do is just waiting for 1 second for its loading. You can play it anywhere and anytime easily. This is not a time-specific game. If you don’t have enough time, you will go for a training session. A training session uses your time according to your will.

Do AIM Boosters Help?

This is a very common question by some people that Does Aim Booster help the player? So yes, it is. For example, when we want to practice music on any musical instrument, what do we do?. We play the difficult part of music again and again until we get complete practice. Similarly, some situation is here in playing games. While playing games, your brain is undergoing a storm of different strategies, tactics, and smart moves.


With the passage of time you get trained in these things, but due to divided attention, a long time frame is required to reach the trained player. So, in the same way, that when you play aim booster, you get complete control and command over the mouse control. It will definitely help you in better training of FPS games.

Goal Of AIM Trainer

The goal of the aim is to equip the players with improving skills of shooting whether you want to become a pro player or simply want to enjoy the game with full accuracy and achievement. Otherwise, if you play the game and start it again and again, losing rounds are just time-consuming. So this aim boosting tool will help you in taking aim accurately and speedily in a short time. It only occurs when you do frequent repetition in the aim booster. This will increase your reflexes and memory of muscles.

How Can I Play AIM Booster Offline?

  • Download the following link
  • AimBooster.swf 
  • Click on Save As 
  • Open SWF file on browser and started playing.

World Record Of AIM Booster

There is a person named Yamu who beat the world record many times. The first two records were 9:27 and 9:44. Until December, 2020, the Aim booster world record is 10:09.

If you’ve beaten this record or know someone who has performed well than the world record, then do let us know. So, we could feature you or the intended person on our website (if interested.) However, you will need to provide the video to validate the fact.

Benefits Of AIM Booster

  • It will refine your aiming skills, accuracy, and speed, and you can use it in other games for perfect playing. 
  • Aims booster is for tracking, flicking, clicking, and target switching improvement in a player.
  • They support and upgrade gyroscope features in shooting games.
  • They are without any competitors; you can play it without any tension easily.

Games That Needs AIM Boosting & AIM Training

Following are the games that needs aim boosting training for skilled full playing:

  • CS: GO
  • Call of Duty
  • Valorant
  • Aim hero
  • Paladins
  • Quake champions
  • OSU

How To Play AIM Booster Game?

The game is very challenging in which you have to do shooting. A black screen appears with different targets present in the form of a circle. What you have to do is just click on those orange circles with your mouse to eradicate them. If you don’t do this and they get bigger than your game, your game will be finished.


By using the aim training tool and the click speed test, we can practice and train our aim.

The click speed is the way by which you test whether your mouse is accurate or not. Click the targets speedily. The more you click the centre of the higher will be the score, which means your mouse is accurate.

For this we will go to the control panel then hard ware and sound option, then mouse then additional mouse option, click pointer options then enhance the pointer precision. Toggle it on or off and then click ok to save the setting.

By the use of advanced gaming mouse, proper physical position, gaming sense and practice

There can be many reasons such as low clicking speed, poor aiming, inappropriate physical posture and device malfunctioning.

What aim booster you should play depends on your skill level. If you're a beginner, it's suggested to play easy mode. However, if you've an intermediate skill set, you might want to go a bit harder and try some medium mode.