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5 Seconds

19 CPS

27 CPS

10 Seconds

19 CPS

28 CPS

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 Note: You know, the world record for 5 second click test is 16.5 Now!! Can You beat it? Challenge yourself. Click the above box as much as you can in limited time of 5 seconds and see your Clicking test score.

2 Second Click Test

Click speed test ordinarily fixes into a viewpoint that characterizes itself. All you need is to continue to click for a particular timeframe. You will actually want to mind the CPS rate and the speed in which you click. You need to continue clicking till your arms surrender. It is around 60 seconds click tester thinking about the normal time for your clocks. Hit quicker and harder till when you can. Your prosperity and misfortune will be resolved through the number of hits you make. 


You likewise get an extra choice to keep an eye on the console fastens that will test your speed at clicking else you additionally have the alternative for the mouse to browse.

Why Is It Necessary?

Taking click speed tests will assist you with improving your click speed and become more proficient in your work and perform better when gaming. The normal mouse click time is around 60 seconds. On the off chance that you are quicker than this, that implies that your mouse clicker test’s performance is better than expected. 

Basically, step through the exam, clicking as quickly and as regularly as possible. The higher the number of hits, the more prominent your score for your CPS rate counter will be.

Measuring The Speed Of Mouse Clicking:

Step 1: Start the mouse clicking game, begin the clicking test at your greatest rate to how you can manage your mouse and console. 

Step 2: Presently duplicate the score you concoct multiple times. 

Step 3: You will actually want to investigate the number of clicks you make in a moment. 

Step 4: Presently partition the score that you have duplicated by 10 and you will actually want to know e.g. how many clicks in 2 seconds?

Step 5: You will presently be getting the clicks you have made in a moment, and this is how you can see how fast you can click.

How To Improve Mouse Clicking Speed?

Here are the various techniques to improve CPS click speed by taking a click challenge

  1. Customary Clicking: You can prepare yourself for hitting clicks in 2 seconds to improve your mouse click speed by chipping away at your standard clicking as a component of leading everyday schedule errands like altering records, web perusing, etc. Normal clicking ordinarily delivers a CPS score of 3-6 clicks each second with training. 
  2. Jitter Clicking: This is a more difficult however more compelling approach to improve your CPS rate. A further developed technique includes shaking the arm and wrist muscles to click the mouse as quickly as could be expected. This makes a vibration in the hand that is known as the jitter influence. This can create a CPS rate somewhere in the range of 10 and 14 CPS. 
  3. Butterfly Clicking: A significantly quicker method, butterfly clicking can create a click speed of 15 to 25 CPS. 
  4. Drag Clicking: Drag clicking is one of the fastest clicking procedures, with click speeds from 25 up to an inconceivable 100 CPS. This method includes moving your finger from the top to the edge of the mouse button, so when you move your finger it invigorates mouse clicks.

Games That Help Increase CPS:

  1. Mouse Accuracy.
  2. Grow Defense.
  3. Boombox.
  4. Space plan.
  5. Dogs vs. Homework.
  6. Room Clicker.
  7. Tanks Squad.
  8. Tap Tap Builder.
  9. Idle Breakout.
  10. Tree Trap Money Idle Clicker.


To realize your clicking speed, visit which is an online instrument intended for testing click speed in various time stretches.

You should utilize advance techniques to speed up. These techniques incorporate Jitter clicking, Butterfly clicking and Drag clicking and so on.

The normal mouse click time is around 60 seconds. On the off chance that you are quicker than this that implies that your mouse click execution is better than expected.

The world record for the most clicks each second is 14.1 CPS.

Butterfly clicking is a procedure to twofold your clicking speed by utilizing two fingers to click the left mouse button on the other hand.