14 Seconds Mouse Click Challenge

Click Speed Game in HTML5
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Avg Speed

World Record (No Cheating)

5 Seconds

19 CPS

27 CPS

10 Seconds

19 CPS

28 CPS

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 Note: You know, the world record for 5 second click test is 16.5 Now!! Can You beat it? Challenge yourself. Click the above box as much as you can in limited time of 5 seconds and see your Clicking test score.

14 Seconds Mouse Click Challenge

Click speed test is the test of the ability of a person to click maximum times in a given length of time. Some people don’t know there is any test for measuring their click speed. But have you ever wondered what is good clicking speed in 14 seconds? It is simply the number of mouse clicks in 14 seconds. you can check out the number of mouse clicks in 14 seconds. and the results will be shown to you by calculating your number of clicks in one second i.e. clicks per second CPS

14 Seconds Mouse Click Challenge.

It is a kind of challenge one can assign to himself. Challenge yourself to score maximum in the 14-second click speed test. It is a kind of game in which a user can monitor his ability to click in a given time frame. In the case of 14 seconds click speed test a user will try to score maximum to get maximum CPS. The game is very simple and easily played. Here are few steps to initiate the game.

  • Start the game by hitting on the “click here” button.
  • Game will be started just after the first click. First click act as a startup button.
  • Continue clicking in the same dialogue box until your time is over. Note the scores you have made in 14 seconds.
  • The site will calculate the number of clicks in one second i.e. your CPS scores.

The more you click in the given period the more CPS scores you can mark. The higher the number of clicks in a second the higher will be the scores.

The player can switch the game to different time variations like 6 seconds clicking, 10 seconds clicking, 12 seconds clicking, or 14 seconds. the games played in each time limit will ultimately tell you your score as your number of clicks per second.

A good mouse click tracker can calculate your mouse clicks in a second for the game played in 14 seconds.

Why People Look For A 14-Second Click Speed Challenge?

An average person uses his mouse various times in a day to carry out basic computer functions. Like running a website or any computer programs. Most people want to carry out these functions more efficiently and quickly. This is the basic need. To score maximum in their games, gamers using the mouse need enhanced click speed within one second. As for minecraft the average clicking rate in one second should be 10cps. There is a list of other games as well in which one needs more clicks to score maximum scores.


The gamers prefer to play such games to enhance their click speed rate in one second. The number of clicks in a second depends on many factors like slow internet connection or mouse type. The gamers use the method to test their click rate and also they always try to enhance their click rate concerning time to score more.

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What Is The Good Clicking Rate In 14 Seconds?

Many sites act as mouse click trackers. Competitions also give these trackers their advantage. they conduct various competitions to beat the records of the previous champion. People compete with each other just like in other games and try to score more than the other player. There is a world record holder for the clicking test as well.

You can say an average click rate to be 5.9 clicks in a second while attempting a 14 seconds click speed test. If your click rate is more than 15 clicks in one second, this is more than enough. And it can be considered as a good clicking rate.

Few games require 10-12 clicks in one second to score more in these games. The gamers challenge themselves in the click speed test to enhance their ability to click more in a given time frame.

Get to know about 5 best clicking games.

How Can You Improve The Mouse Click Rate?

The number of mouse clicks in one second can be enhanced by attempting the click speed games regularly. The games played at regular intervals can prove very helpful in enhancing the click rate. Besides this, there are many tricks one can apply to increase one click rate.

A person can click more using the Jitter clicking method. In this method, the muscles of the arms and hands are vibrated by putting strain on them. This technique helps you attain more clicks.

Another method named Butterfly clicking is also amazing to enhance click rate. The mouse is clicked by two fingers alternatively to get more clicks. You can increase the click rate by putting your finger at the top bottom corner of the mouse. So every time you move your finger it results in one click. This method is known as Drag clicking

Most players use a cheating method i.e. Auto clicker to score maximum. Auto clicker is software that is designed to click automatically. This is a cheating method but it helps to score thousands of clicks per second.