Mouse Acceleration Tool

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Movement : px
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Max. Speed : px/s
Acceleration : px/s2
Max. Positive Acceleration : px/s2
Max. Negative Acceleration : px/s2

Are you searching for a tool that can evaluate your mouse cursor acceleration so you can analyze your gaming performance in a more effective way? Then, you are in the right place because our highly efficient tool gives you a precise measurement of your cursor speed. With the help of this tool, you can pick the fastest mouse for your gaming profession. Moreover, you can set your mouse speed according to game type to achieve the highest score.  


Our Mouse Acceleration test is compatible with all types of mice and provides detailed results for better understanding. However, if you want to know more about this tool, then read this article carefully. In this article, you get to know technical details of the tool and all the relevant information that you need to know. 

Working Process

Once you are on the tool page, it automatically starts evaluating mouse cursor speed. But first, let’s discuss the whole process of this tool so you can understand how this tool works so perfectly.


This tool detects mouse cursor movement in two directions, i.e., the X-axis and Y-axis.

  • X-axis Movement

Mouse movement test on the x-axis, you have to move the cursor from left to right or right to left anywhere on the screen.

  • Y-axis Movement

Opposite to the x-axis, to find the cursor’s acceleration, you have to move it from top to bottom or bottom to top. The acceleration result shows in pixels.



The tool tells the speed of computer mouse, which is the average movement of both the X and Y axis. Pixels/sec formula used to evaluate the exact rate of your mouse.

  • Maximum Speed

The mouse tracking test also evaluates the maximum speed that your mouse can attain. This feature also uses the same formula pixels/sec. However, the test result also depends on how fast you can move the cursor.


Types of Mouse Acceleration

1. Maximum Positive Acceleration

The maximum positive acceleration is the distance covered by the mouse cursor movement at a particular time. To measure the maximum value of this type, we use the formula pixels/Seconds2

2. Maximum Negative Acceleration

Negative acceleration is opposite to positive one. It is about the decreasing distance covered by your mouse cursor while the mouse movement stays the same. Moreover, our tool lets you know the maximum negative value of your mouse speed test by using the formula ( pixels/seconds2)

How to Use?

The use of this tool is exceptionally effortless. To check the speed of your mouse, follow these steps.

  • Go to the top of this page. However, on this page, wherever you move the cursor, the tool tells the speed. But to see results, you have to go on top.
  • Now move your cursor randomly, and the tool measures the speed of your mouse.
  • The tool shows you the result instantly.


This tool has so many exciting features that make it a must-to-use tool.


  • Instant Response: The tool is extremely quick and shows the result in seconds
  • Easy to Handle: the interface and systems are so easy that you don’t need to adjust things or input. Just move the cursor, and you are left with a precise result.
  • Effortless: it is the most effortless tool to use; you only need to move your cursor randomly to measure its speed.
  • Free of Cost: You don’t need to pay. It is a free to use and secure app.
  • Compatibility: You can measure the speed of all types of mice with this tool.
  • Unlimited Resets: You can try this tool for an unlimited time unless you feel satisfied with the result.


Awareness related to your mouse acceleration can be beneficial for you in so many ways.


  • This tool helps you understand the mouse speed that allows you to get maximum control on it and use it according to the situation.
  • Because of understanding, you can set your mouse acceleration more efficiently.
  • You can check your positive or negative mouse acceleration, so in case of an issue, you can resolve it.
  • Being more precise and aim conscious helps you to improve the negative acceleration.


If you want to increase your mouse speed, search the mouse in the window search bar and go to its settings. Here you can change the acceleration of your mouse. For example, you can set the mouse pointer speed fast or slow, depending on you.

You can check this in the settings of your mouse. For example, the on point clicking feature often slows down your mouse. So, if you want to increase the acceleration of your mouse, it is better to turn this feature off.

Go to your mouse setting and check the precise mouse clicks are on or off. If the option is off, turn it on, making your mouse accurate and a bit slow. Moreover, off the acceleration feature too for controlled use.

It majorly depends on the game type because high acceleration reduces precision. Therefore, please use it in suitable games like running or racing. But it is terrible for games where you have to fire because here you need little extra accuracy.

There is no exact answer to this question because it depends on the nature of mouse usage. If you want to use it for general use, it is better to disable it. But for gaming, where you need to be fast, keep it on. 

In forced mouse acceleration, the distance of cursor movement increases from one pixel to another. This feature makes your mouse faster than before.

You can check your mouse acceleration with the help of this tool. Moreover, it gives results in a second so you never have to wait.

Use shortcut window button + I and then open the mouse settings. Here reset the setting or restore to the default. Then check whether it is normal or not.