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Keyboard Tester
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Keyboard Tester

Have you ever sat behind your laptop trying to get your best writing done although something seems off about your writing speed? You are possibly facing issues with typing properly. That is probably your keyboard sending you an indication that it’s time to do a keyboard key test. The keyboard checker with determine whether you keyboard is working well and also will help detect any possible faults. To help overcome problems with keyboards online keyboard tests have been developed that assess each and every button on it to see what the point of concern could be. 

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Laptop Keyboard Tester

In order to check the level of functionality of your keyboard you will need to use a laptop keyboard tester. It happens that every now and then the stocky keys are confused as possible keyboard issues and can cause a misperception. An online platform will enable you to figure out the root reason for the issue.


This is a necessary step that we should take in case we start facing problems with a keyboard as sometimes the obvious conclusion seems to buy a new one. Although it may turn out to be a useless purchase if the problem can be sorted out with a key press test.

Test Your Laptop’s Keyboard

Even though finding and solving technological faults can be quite taxing using the keyboard tester online is a piece of cake. Here is how the test is generally carried out:

  • Go to a keyboard tester online
  • Start tapping each individual key on your laptop one by one
  • A keyboard appears on the screen virtually that similar key on it will change its color
  • In case that does not happen, you have found the faulty key in your laptop keyboard!


With a few hassle free steps you can figure out what was the problem without having to seek help from a technician. 

Validate Your Mechanical Keyboard

These keyboard tests have been designed to actually deliberate on the authenticity of the functionality of your mechanical keyboard. By going through the simple steps identified above you can test to what level your mechanical keyboard is working efficiently. 

PC Keyboard Tester Or Mechanical Keyboard Tester

Although keyboard tests have been used for years now to check issues with keys in personal computers (PCs). Keyboard replacement in laptops is relatively more expensive to do than it is to buy a new keyboard and attach is to a desktop. It can also be done very quickly as well. 

Why Should You Use The Laptop Keyboard Tester?

There are many reasons to opt for a laptop key tester as it can influence your entire experience working with a keyboard. It is a process that will eliminate any discrepancy in your judgment with regard to what the problem could be. A stuck key ends up destroying the entire flow of your typing which can even indirectly hinder your creativity when writing. This test is important as it will assist you in actually verifying the health of your keyboard in a matter of seconds.

Why Choose An Online Keyboard Test?

When your keyboard starts missing letters and working slow, having you constantly go back and forth between rechecking the text and fixing the errors is extremely frustrating. The choice to use an online keyboard test should be made because it is can be an easy and readily accessible solution to your keyboard issues.


There are completely free of cost platforms available online that will assist you in the process. Not to mention these tests help avoid all kind of unnecessary efforts and expenses in terms of taking your laptop to an expert, waiting period, buying a new keyboard if the old one can be fixed, and much more. So do yourself a favor and before running off to a technician and perform an online keyboard test first.

How Do You Use The Key Tester?

A key tester works with a simple process. A keyboard is depicted on the screen when you go to a keyboard testing website online. When you press a key on your keyboard, it highlights the relevant key on the screen indicating its serviceability. In case the key does not light up on the screen that is a sign of an issue with that particular key on your laptop.

Is This Tool Supported On All Keyboards?

An online keyboard test is supported for all connector type keyboards which include PS/2, Wireless and USB keyboards.


An online keyboard tester is an immediate, convenient procedure literally at the tips of your fingers. We should opt for this test as it provide an accurate identification and solution to a keyboard problem. This step should be taken before completely ruling out salvation of the current keyboard and purchasing a new one.


The expense along with efforts of choosing the right one and installing it can be avoided and the money saved can be used for the hordes of other computer-related upgrades and issues that come up over time.


Yes, the key tests are designed to be safe. They are secure as these tests do not require you upload any video, document or any other information online.

To use the virtual keyboard on your laptop follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to the Start menu in your computer
  2. Move to Settings
  3. You will see the option for Ease of Access, click on Keyboard
  4. Under the On-Screen Keyboard, turn on the toggle.
  5. The keyboard can be placed anywhere on the screen. Clicking on the keys makes the text appear.

The initial indicator of your keyboard not functioning properly would be constant issues with typing; either it’s slow or a key may not type. A straightforward method to check that your keyboard is unresponsive, reboot your device and them the system's BIOS Power-On-Self-Test will figure out the rest for you.