Auto Key Presser

Auto Key Presser

Key clicking speed has become a significant factor in a range of things today, from gaming to keyboard work. Gaming, in particular, requires rapid clicking of certain keyboard keys or mouse buttons, and an Autokeyclicker is one tool that can help with such rapid clicking.

What Is An Auto Key Presser?

An Automatic Keyboard Clicker is a tool that automatically presses a key repeatedly and quickly. The Auto presser software is a hotkey-compatible software that quickly and repeatedly clicks the keys that you have set. The software also allows the user to set the time difference between key pressing and records, as well as playbacks on all the keypresses your keyboard made.


The Auto Keyboard presser is an application that relies on a simple and user-friendly interface. The Auto presser is efficient, quick, and errorless. The application is super easy to install, configure, and use, for customers. This application can save a lot of your precious time, regardless of the fact that all it does is press keys.

How To Use The Automatic Key Presser?

An automatic fast key presser can be downloaded and installed easily from a service provider at no cost. Once you have downloaded the application, a quick access desktop shortcut can be created.


Select the desktop shortcut to open it as a full-screen window on your device and then configure the settings as per your requirements.


Customization includes selecting those keys which you want to be pressed and released automatically and the time delay between each keypress. This would depend on the speed required for the task you are interested in. The automatic key clicker is mostly used for games where the clicking speed required is very fast.


You also need to assign a keyboard key that will be used to start and stop the relevant key clicking. Once you have set that, decide on and assign the number of times you want the keyboard key to be clicked by the key presser. Once you have set all the relevant settings as per your requirements, minimize the Auto button presser application and work on the task that requires clicking.

Advantages Of Auto Key Presser

Since the keyboard is the primary input device to a computer, using the keyboard is an essential component of most activities. The auto keyboard clicker is a very helpful tool for those who use keyboards frequently. An auto keyboard clicker has the following advantages:

  1. Very simple to understand and operate
  2. Works without interfering with the work you are engaged in. It operates in the background increasing your overall efficiency.
  3. It can support infinite keystrokes
  4. The software for Autokey clicking is compatible with most windows and Macintosh OS
  5. The user can customize everything from the time between each keystroke to the number of key presses
  6. Keyboard shortcuts can be set up to start and stop the clicking process.

Auto Keyboard Presser

An Automatic key presser is a virtual keyboard control application that automatically presses the keys that the user has to use repeatedly. For users who wish to use the same key or combination of keys repeatedly, this software can help out by taking on the task. This automatic key presser will run as a background application while you work on your primary task. It relieves much of your monotonous workload and saves plenty of time.

There are many tasks that need repetitive keyboard clicking in a same pattern with certain combination. Our Auto key pressure gives you an automation swiftly and easily. You just need to enter your combination of the keys for pressing. Similarly you can schedule to automate it and complete your tasks fast.


The Auto Keyboard strokes will work for you and do the repetitive task in seconds. The tools is available in different version for all types of operating systems


The auto button presser includes the following features:

  1. The software’s virtual keyboard will press a key or key combination continuously, or hold it down. The key to be clicked will be programmed by the user as per his or her requirement.
  2. The time delay between the clicks, i.e. the speed of pressing the keys, will be set by the user
  3. The user will also program the shortcut key that will be configured to start and stop the clicking.
  4. Every keypress is recorded to be reviewed later or to playback.
  5. The user interface is easy to operate
  6. The application is entirely free

Auto Keyboard Presser For Windows

Auto Keyboard Presser For Mac

Auto Button Presser

There are various office tasks, personal tasks, or games that require a certain key or key combination to be pressed continuously and repeatedly. Users are likely to spend a great deal of time and effort in doing so but the Auto button presser is the perfect solution. This presser tool clicks the required buttons for the amount or number of times that the user requires automatically so the user is relieved of this boring job. It is bound to make your computer-based task much easier. The application can be downloaded and installed on almost all versions of windows. Interestingly, the download size of the application and recording of files for the history of key presses is small and will not take up too much storage space on your device.

Auto Key Clicker

The auto key clicker tool is indeed a very handy and useful tool for computer users who have to engage in work that requires the mundane task of repeated key pressing. The auto clicker will do the job for you!


Don’t miss out to test your keyboard for better experience of auto key clicker.


Most gaming experiences involve the repeated use of certain keyboard keys and using the auto key clicker at a high pressing speed will help users perform much better. The application allows users to enter the keys or key combinations that they want to press repeatedly. Alternatively, there are many office tasks as well that require such repeated use of certain keys. Considering how boring it can get, the auto clicker can definitely be of help. It is one of the simplest and easiest to understand automatic key pressing applications.

Automatic Keyboard Presser for Games

Without a doubt, the greatest use of the auto keyboard clicker is in games that require pressing the same button repeatedly. Just install the application, configure the settings to feed in the keys you want to be pressed, and let it run in the background of your game.

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To install and use the Auto key clicker for games, you need to first download and install the application and the relevant extra files. To do so, first right-click on the auto clicker you are using and open the application in full screen. Then confirm that you are using a ps/2 keyboard. Once you have confirmed, click on the option “show me how to install additional files”, and then go over the provided details. You will find a step-by-step guide for the procedure of using the key presser for games.


If you are convinced that an auto clicker is indeed a wonderful tool for computer tasks, it is time for Auto keyboard download. Following the aforementioned procedure install the application, select the hotkey, specify the time delays and the number of clicks, and you are all set to begin.


There remains no doubt that an automatic keyboard clicker is a great tool for mundane computer tasks of repeated clicking. For both gaming and office work, this tool is perfect if you do not want to do the boring task of keyboard clicking.


If you are convinced that an auto clicker is indeed a wonderful tool for computer tasks, it is time for Auto keyboard download. Following the aforementioned procedure install the application, select the hotkey, specify the time delays and the number of clicks, and you are all set to begin.


This free application is offered by numerous service providers. You can find the application on our site and download it free of cost. Once you have installed it, automate the keyboard keys and set the software to work.

The application, unless used for cheating purposes, is completely legal to use.

To begin the auto-clicking, you can use the built-in start and stop key of the application, or configure any other keyboard key for the purpose and use that.