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A mouse is a peripheral input device that is connected to your device by a wire or has a wireless, Bluetooth connection. It inputs commands to control the cursor on your computer.

If your mouse is acting weirdly and you are looking for a mouse tester to evaluate the performance or functionality of your mouse then, you have landed on a very precise post. Yes, we unveil the best mouse tester here and we bet, this tester is going to diagnose all the problems in your mouse precisely in just a few seconds.

No doubt, technology has taken the reins of everything in its hand but this can not stop the hardware problems from occurring. Of course, buying a new device due to hardware problems makes you frustrated and that’s why we are presenting a mouse testing tool that can help you get out of this hassle beforehand, hence saving you time.

So what should you do to check the accuracy and performance of your mouse? Yes, this tool is the answer.

What is a Mouse Tester?

People use different mice for different purposes like gaming is the most common purpose. Whether you are using a classical mouse or a 3D mouse, you always need to check its functionality.

Now, you must think about how you can evaluate the whole functionality of your mouse? This mouse testing tool is the best answer to this question. Testing with this mouse testing tool will make sure whether your mouse is working properly or not.

The basic use of this mouse tester is that it checks the left, right, and middle buttons of your mouse. Not only that, but this mouse testing tool also detects double clicks and shows you the functionality status of your mouse in a matter of seconds.

Why You Need a Mouse Tester?

When talking about the devices that we often need to connect with our laptop then the mouse is the first thing that comes to our mind. Nowadays the mouse comes in a lot of variety, for example, an optical mouse, gaming mouse, trackball mouse, wireless mouse, laser mouse, ergonomic mouse, or even a 3D mouse.


Precision, accuracy, and efficiency are the most important features of any mouse and these are the things that you need to evaluate using a mouse tester. Even if you are a gamer, you can test your mouse using this mouse tester as well and so it’s a gaming mouse tester as well.


Let’s talk about the features of this mouse tester below.

Exclusive Features of Mouse Tester

To know more about this mouse tester, let’s talk about the features of this mouse tester in detail:

1. Mouse Primary Buttons Check

This mouse tester can check the functioning of the primary buttons i.e., left and right buttons of any mouse, no matter if it is a classical or a gaming mouse. You just have to perform left-click and right-click

2. Single and Double Click

The best part of this mouse tester is that it detects the single as well as the double click of the mouse. It instantly generates a response when you press the mouse button either a single click or a double click.

3. Middle Mouse Button

This mouse tester can evaluate the functionality of the middle mouse button. Just tap on or click the scroll wheel of your mouse and check if your middle mouse button is functioning properly.

4. Instant Result

This mouse tester detects the clicks either single or double and generates a prompt response. You do not need to wait even for a few minutes to see if your mouse is functioning properly or not.

5. Compatibility

This mouse tester is compatible with all kinds of mice, whether it be a classical mouse or a gaming mouse. The output or the response of this mouse tester depends on the signal detected by it. It does not depend on the input device that is generating the signal. This is what makes this mouse tester more reliable and compatible.

6. Easy to Use

This mouse tester is available online. It’s very easy to access it. Not only that, this mouse testing tool generates a prompt response on the same webpage within seconds. This is a separate feature that you do not need to install as separate software to evaluate the functionality of your mouse.

How to Use a Mouse Tester?

This mouse click tester or a mouse button tester is very easy to use. Let’s see the below rundown and know it well:


  • Click the “Click Me” button by pressing the left button of your mouse and make a single click. See if the count value showing below the “LEFT” button on the webpage increases or not.
  • To check if the middle button works perfectly or not, go over a mouse scroll tester. Click the middle button and check if the count value showing below the “MIDDLE” button on the webpage increases or not.
  • Now let’s click the right button of the mouse and evaluate the functionality. See if the count value displaying below the “RIGHT” button on the webpage increases or not.
  • Now double click all the mouse buttons one by one and see if the count value increases or not. That’s the step to check if your mouse double click is working properly or not.


If all the relevant count values increase then that simply means your mouse is functioning perfectly. But if not, then find out the reasons.

Reasons if Mouse Fail the Above Test

If the count value for all the buttons (for both single and double click) does not increase then that means, your mouse has some problem. Let’s see how can you solve this problem:

  • Try installing the driver or reinstalling it.
  • If you are using a cordless mouse, then try replacing the batteries with it.
  • You might be running this mouse tester on an older browser, try running the same mouse tester on either Chrome or Firefox (on an updated version, of course). 
  • Try connecting your mouse with some other computer and see if it passes the test.
  • If you have tried everything above and your mouse is repeatedly failing the test then you need to upgrade it. You are using a faulty mouse and you need to buy a new one.

Benefits of Mouse Tester

Using a mouse tester can ensure the appropriate functionality of your mouse and this can save you from a bigger mouse problem in the future. This mouse testing is free of cost as you only need to click and see if your mouse is functioning properly or not.

You do not need to install any software for it as this mouse tester is available online. This mouse tester is based on the action and response which saves a lot of time and in return evaluates the functionality for you at the ease of your home.

How to Improve Mouse Performance?

The performance of a mouse is the most expected thing and the most needed as well. So what can you do to make it perform well and keep functioning in the long run? Let’s see:

1. Regular Cleaning

Cleaning your mouse after a specific time can save you from possible grief and cost. Your hand may be touching a dusty thing and your mouse will certainly absorb that. After some time, this will start interrupting the proper functioning of your mouse and you will end up losing it and purchasing a new one.

2. Update the Drivers

Keep the device drivers updated. You will feel that your computer is working smoothly and efficiently after updating them.

3. Surface

To gain the accuracy and the required precision from your mouse, we recommend you place it on a plain surface. Such specialized mouse pads are available. You can google them and order one for yourself.


Now, you know everything about a mouse tester and how it can save your time and from future problems as well. Use this mouse tester after regular periods to make sure your mouse is functioning appropriately.

Do let us know in the comments if you want to know more about it.


Click on the left, middle, and the right button one by one and see if the count value under certain headings increases or not. If it increases then your mouse is perfectly functioning.

Always check the mouse if it passes the mouse testing. If it fails the test then try retesting it using another browser.

Yes, if you are using a cordless mouse and you unexpectedly drop it or misalign its lens or its LED then most probably your mouse will wear out.

Always try updating the device drivers, clean your mouse, and test it using a mouse tester, if it fails the test then you probably need to buy a new one.

It is said that many companies promise that their mouse will last for at least 20 million clicks.