Auto Clicker For Chromebook – How To Download, Settings, & Benefits

Auto Clicker for Chromebook

While using a computer, most actions require the user to click the mouse faster or press the keyboard button successively and in quick succession. More often than not, the user’s speed of clicking, also known as the CPS (Clicks per Second) rate, is of significant importance.


CPS refers to the number of clicks you make in a second and determines your clicking speed. An Auto clicker is a tool designed to take over this manual task and replace it with automatic clicking that is fast and efficient. When you use an auto clicker for Chromebook, the cursor automatically makes quick clicks once it stops moving for a certain length of time.

Why Is the Auto Clicker For Chromebook Required?

An auto clicker for Chromebook is the perfect tool to use when you want to avoid the monotonous task of repeated cursor clicking. It is also required when you wish to increase your CPS rate. For instance, when gaming online, some games require a fast clicking speed. If you don’t want to spend time practicing to get a good click speed on a CPS clicker, you can use an auto clicker on your Chromebook and replace the tiresome task with an automatic process.


With a speed auto clicker for your Chromebook, you can improve your gaming experience tenfold. Additionally, auto clickers are also very useful for people who suffer from motor impairments. The auto clicker does the job for them.

How To Download An Auto Clicker For Chromebook?

To download an auto clicker on your Chromebook, you need to install the CTG Plugin extension on Google Chrome so that you can use an auto clicker on your Chromebook browser.


After installing the extension, visit different sites where you want the auto clicker on the browser, and configure the settings as per your requirement. This works only for activities you are doing on the browser.


If you want to use an auto clicker for your system, you can use the Chromebook’s setting of automatic clicking. To do that, follow the steps below.


Step 1: At the bottom right corner of your Chromebook, click on the ‘Time’ to open the System Menu. Alternatively, access the System Menu by clicking on the Alt, Shift, and S keys simultaneously.

Open System Menu on the Chromebook

Step 2: Select the ‘Settings’ and then go to the Menu after opening the Settings Window.

Select the Setting Button on the Chromebook

Step 3: If the Menu doesn’t open this way, access More Menu Items by opening the ‘Advanced settings.

Under Advance Setting, Click the Accessibility Setting

Step 4: Here, click on ‘Accessibility’ and then select ‘Manage Accessibility Settings.’

Manage accessibility settings on the Chromebook

Step 5: In the Accessibility Window, go to the ‘Mouse and Touchpad’ setting.

Step 6: Here, you will see a toggle button named Automatic Clicking when the mouse pointer stops. Turn this toggle on.

Select Automatically click when the mouse pointer stops on the Chromebook

Step 7: By doing so, a ring will appear next to your cursor whenever it stops moving. When the cursor remains steady for a certain time limit, the Automatic Clicking action will start. 

How Does An Auto Clicker for Chromebook Work?

Once you set your auto clicker, it will click automatically whenever the cursor is held still in one place for a certain amount of time. You can customize the following so that the automatic clicking is according to your need.

Customize the Automatic Click Setting on a Chromebook

1. The Amount of Time Before the Clicking Begins

This refers to the delay before the cursor will start auto-clicking if it is held still. It is the amount of time between when the cursor is inactive and when the automatic clicking begins. To customize this, click on ‘Delay.’ It will open a drop-down menu where you can choose any delay between 0.6 to 4 seconds.

2. Whether You Want Stabilized Click Location

Stabilized click location entails that the ring will remain constant until you move the cursor into a new position.

3. Movement Threshold

This refers to the range around the cursor where the clicking action will take place. You can increase or decrease the movement threshold by going to the movement threshold option and choosing whether you want it to be

  • Extra Small,
  • Small,
  • Default,
  • Larg,
  • Or ‘Extra-Larg.’.

Change the Action for Automatic Click on the Chromebook

When you enable the auto clicker on Chromebook, by default, the left click will be executed whenever the cursor is still. You can change this left click to any of the following;

  • Right-click,
  • Double-click,
  • Scroll,
  • Clicking and dragging,
  • Pause,
  • And toggle menu position.

Mouse Scroll Menu Setting for a Chromebook

To control scrolling as you use the mouse, visit the Automatic Clicks Menu and select the ‘scroll’ button that appears as 4 arrows pointing in all directions. This will open another menu where you need to point to the scroll action – left, right, top, bottom, or close – that you want to perform. If you want to change the scroll setting, hover the cursor over a new scrollbar so that the scroll menu also moves to that area.

Benefits of Using Auto Clicker for Chromebook

If you haven’t tried an auto clicker yet for your Chromebook, you should. There are many benefits that it brings for many activities, including online gaming and repetitive clicking tasks.

  1. An auto clicker for Chromebook is totally free of cost. So, without paying a penny, you can improve your gaming experience tenfold and become a pro. The Chromebook has an auto clicker in its system settings, so it is highly convenient to use.
  2. You can customize all the necessary settings like the time interval before auto-clicking, the action itself, and the movement threshold. This lets you configure the auto clicker in a way that meets all your needs.
  3. Using an auto clicker for online games will improve your performance significantly. Most online games rely on repeatedly clicking the same button quickly to achieve the best results.


If you own a Chromebook and use it for gaming or tasks that require the drudging act of monotonous clicking, you need to consider using an auto clicker to make things a lot easier. With an auto clicker, you can leave the task of repetitive clicking onto the clicker and enjoy a fast CPS rate during gaming.