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5 Seconds

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28 CPS

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 Note: You know, the world record for 5 second click test is 16.5 Now!! Can You beat it? Challenge yourself. Click the above box as much as you can in limited time of 5 seconds and see your Clicking test score.

A Brief Description Of Click Per Second (CPS) Test

This test is basically a pastime click counter in which you have to click as much as you can within a certain time limit. It can be 4 seconds click test or any other time limit. All you have to do is continue clicking for a precise time span. Also, you can check your clicking rate per second on the keyboard buttons by taking its additional option. Otherwise, you can go by clicking through the mouse. In fact, better to say that it all depends on you. The higher the number of clicks the more will be your score.

Importance Of CPS Test

The main objective of this click tester is to provide benefits to the players to precisely calculate their per-second click rate. Similarly, players can check their improvement as this test can be taken out several times. Ultimately, it helps the players to enhance their presentation in a variety of series of games.

After several attempts, your performance is shown on the test counter. Thus, presenting your overall improvement which later you can share on social media applications.

Test Your Clicking Speed

Players can easily test or check clicking speed by following steps:

  1. First of all install the game.
  2. To start with press the “Click Here” button
  3. In this way, a counter of checking clicks and time will appear.
  4. Now try to make the highest level of possible clicks.
  5. Dividing the number of clicks by the number of seconds will give your the number of clicks per second.


Also, with the help of a cell phone or website browser, you can regulate the rate of clicks. Android cell phones gave a calculated platform to test your clicking speed accompanied by incredible entertainment. For this purpose, you can install several applications from Play Store to check how fast you can click. Now it is totally your choice to download the application with the highest polls and authentic terms.

Fastest Clickers In The World Record

Despite the fact that it is a game, few people properly participate in the competition of becoming the swiftest clickers around the world. In fact, there are present participants who made world records for the fastest clicker.


A player from Las Vegas creates a world record of making the highest clicks i.e. 1051 in ten seconds. Similarly, Tom Andre Seppola belong from Norway has made 830 clicks in a time span of 30 sec. With the latest research studies of 2020, an average of about 22 clicks has been made per second. So in order to break this record about 23-25 clicks per second on average are required.

Tips To Improve Your Mouse Click Speed

There are numerous tips and tricks in order to enhance your mouse click speed. Methods like Jitter clicking and Butterfly clicking are highly known techniques. All these techniques enhance the rate of regular clicking and make clicks to the highest level. Likewise, Kohi’s technique helps to determine the per-second click ratio.


  • Role of gaming mouse

Besides the controlled movement of your fingers matters a lot while scoring maximum clicks we can never overlook the significance of the mouse. Now there are available specifically invented gaming mouse in the market used for this purpose. This gaming mouse is highly recommended than the cursor of the laptop because of proper positioning of finger and hand along with tricks.


  • Proper hand positioning
  1. Firstly, relax your body because an uneasy body makes you do fewer numbers of clicks.
  2. Try to make close contact with your fingers with the mouse otherwise, it would be hard to make large numbers of quick clicks.
  3. Similarly, do not apply too much pressure while making clicks because friction reduces the numbers of clicks.
  • Regularly practicing making quick clicks

Try to practice more about making the fastest clicks. At present, there are numerous software, browsers, and applications present for practicing making quick clicks. Also, in the end, they show the rate at which you make clicks per second. For example, if you have set a time limit of 4 seconds you can easily check that how fast you make clicks in 4 seconds?


According to proper research, an average of 8 to 10 clicks can be made in a second. So in 4 seconds, 32 to 40 clicks can be easily made by proper practicing

In the year 2020, a maximum of 22 clicks per second has been made.

  • Relax physically and mentally
  • Practice making the fastest clicks by installing multiple apps like Jitter, Butterfly in Minecraft, etc.

Yes, an average player is most likely to make 8 to clicks in a single second. You can even improve it up to 15 clicks per second.