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 Note: You know, the world record for 5 second click test is 16.5 Now!! Can You beat it? Challenge yourself. Click the above box as much as you can in limited time of 5 seconds and see your Clicking test score.

18 Second Click Speed Test

Clicking is as easy as it looks. In the use of computers for gaming and graphic designing and other things as well, clicking is an important factor, although not the only factor but a major factor. Clicking speed tests is a measure of clicks you do in a particular period and a way to improve it.


How many Mouse clicks in 18 seconds do you make to determine how many tasks of a game in 18 seconds you can complete? Gaming is clicking and also clicking is gaming. Mouse clicking test not only improves your speed in clicking but also it is a game itself which you can play for fun as well and can compete with your friends.

Why Is The Test Necessary?

Let’s take an example of a game. You and your friend like a game. You both have the same experience and same grip on every fraction of the game. The rules and regulations are the same for both of you. Then Who will win? Of course, the one who is going to reach the ending line first. The one whose grip on the mouse is strong. Click speed testing is a way to determine one’s grip over the mouse. You can Test your Clicking Speed for 18 Seconds and can determine how much competition you are in with your friend? This test is necessary for beginners to increase their clicking speed.

How Can You Measure the Speed of Your Mouse Clicking?

Mouse Button Clicks can be measured in a number of ways like you set up a timer and count your clicks but the easiest and effective way of determining clicks is to sit straight having a powerful grip on the mouse and let a CPS CLICKER SOFTWARE count the clicks for you. Choose a software, set up a timer, and let the software count the clicks for you. The clicks will be displayed after the end of the particular time.


Mouse Clicks Tracker puts you at ease as it automatically counts the clicks and doesn’t let your attention get diverted so you can focus fully on the clicking and hence can make you score more and more. Robots are better detectors than human beings and to err is human so human counting of clicks can be wrong but authentic software will track even a single click.

How Can You Improve the Mouse Clicking Speed?

Mouse clicking teats are not just a tracker for your clicks per second but also are a secret weapon for increasing your clicking speed. But How? Well, as much as you click on these tests the much will be your grip over the mouse, and hence the more clicking you will be able to do. With every successive testing, you will see a definable improvement in your clicking speed.


For Instance: Take any 18-second click challenge from any CPS clicker software and start your test. Your score will be counted with every click. Mouse Click Tracker will track every click and at the end of 18 seconds, a detailed report of your performance will be displayed. Save your scores and go for another test.


Clicking tests are like gaming so you can enjoy every single moment. Take five or six tests and at the end of every test See how fast you can click? Save the result at the end of each test. When you are done, compare the results of every test and check Clicks in Every 18 Seconds. You will be able to notice that your clicks with every passing test go on increasing and your scores are determining the improvement in your clicking. These scores are also helpful for you to determine the competition with the top players and the effort to be made to compete.

How Is Gaming Helpful In Increasing The Clicking Rate?

Some games are purely clicking like Minecraft. Playing clicking games can increase your clicking rate to a wonderful level. The more you play such games, the more you will be able to increase your clicking speed. As you click on every part of this game, it makes your grip over the mouse strong and you will be able to compete well. If you compete with your fellows or friends, you will click fast in these games to score the victory. As you click fast continuously, it will develop your habit of clicking fast and next time, even in normal circumstances, you will find yourself a fast clicker. Gaming is a secret weapon to increase your click rate.


Gaming and click speed testing are the best way to increase one`s clicking speed to engage the user in the competition with top players.


Clicks per second can be increased by regular practice and there are different tricks like jitter clicking, butterfly clicking, and drag clicking. 

You can easily check your clicking speed by attempting a click speed test at some website. You can start clicking and the site will count the number of clicks you can in one second. The results will be shown to you as CPS.

The highest recorded clicking speed till now is 15.4 clicks per second cps. People usually play a clicking game to beat the highest record. However, 15.4cps is the latest recorded till now.