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The term APM is used for action per minute. This term is used to monitor the credibility of a player in a video game. Especially in high-level fighting games. It tells the total amount of actions a player has executed in a certain game. The success rate is monitored and the player’s speed is measured. Whether his actions in that specific game were slow or fast. Checking out the actions of a person in the span of 60 seconds is termed an APM test. The word test shows you can compare your actions in any game, or you can test, and enhance it.

APM: Action Per Minute Game.

If you are a professional gamer, you would know how important your action speed is in a certain game? Let’s say you are playing some action or fighting game like Warcraft or Starcraft, to win the ground you need to have speedy actions. To get into the battle for experience and training is not a very good idea. You must prepare yourself totally before you get into a war.

The action per minute test is actually that training. Just like a soldier tests his abilities before getting into the real battleground, a fake scenario of the battle is created for him. So that he can fight and check whether he is ready to get into a fight or not. The same is the case with an APM test. It not only checks but enhances your abilities as well. An APM practice game will enhance the skills of gamers, and help them compete well with the rivals.

What Is APM?

As we have discussed before APM is the action per minute; the ability of a person to perform maximum action in any game. Broadening this definition. We can add that APM is the measure of the speed at which a person issues different commands in a game in one minute. The actions in the video game are performed at your commands. How fast you respond to the action of your rivals by pressing a specific command is the real test of your actions. Action per minute tester monitors the fastest speed at which you can execute different actions in a video game.

How Can We Calculate Our APM?

Measuring your action per minute rate is very easy. It is the rate of the total actions you performed within the span of one minute. Suppose if you are calculating it in a one-minute period, you can directly get your APM. If you have performed 140 actions in one minute, your APM is 140. In the case the time span is higher, you can simply divide the numbers of the actions by the total minute. you will get the average amount of actions you execute in one minute. These are called real-time calculations.


There is another calculation named game time calculation. This calculation is measured relevant to the game speed. The speed limit in this measurement is 1.38 times faster. Comparing to the real-time game, we can say the game time is one minute and 24 seconds faster than real-time game.

How To Take The APM Test Online?

The action per minute of a gamer can be easily detected by the action per minute tracker. A tracker is basically any online site that would help you track your action speed in a specific game. Think of it as a game itself. It is exciting and you will enjoy it. You can test your eligibility by the following given measures.

  • In your browser bar, search the APM tester. You will see various actions per minute tester. And they are able to operate at all the web browsers.
  • Click on any of the given tracker to start your test.
  • Next step is to select the level at which you want to test yourself. The site will appear with the titles; slow medium, fast, and superfast. Select one before proceeding further.
  • If you are a beginner, it is beneficial to take a start from the slow step. Taking a step-by-step grip on all the levels is the best choice. A professional player can however handle fast levels. But taking a start from the initial level is more beneficial.
  • After the selection of the pace, click on the start button to start testing yourself.
  • There is a grid view in the game. A blue-colored block will appear at alternating points. what you have to do is to click that blue block before it disappears.
  • Here is the answer to the question, why you have selected the pace? The disappearance of the blue block depends on the pace you have selected.
  • If you have selected the slow pace, the block will disappear in more time. In case of high speed, the block will get vanish within no time.
  • Therefore, starting from a beginner level will help you understand the game. It also enhances your skills by giving more experience with the practice.
  • The thing that makes this test a little harder is the appearance of blocks at unexpected places. The alternating positions of the block imply hitting the box as quickly as possible. So you should have the tricks to move your mouse faster and click faster within seconds.
  • The test is the counter of your skill to move the mouse and click at the box containing blue shade before it is shifted to another box.
  • If you are able to click before it shifts, you will be awarded a point. Otherwise, no point overall.
  • You can play the game at different time spans. At the end of the game, total marks will be the rate of sum amount of the actions or clicks to the time assigned.

The total marks will be displayed to you according to the above-discussed measurement methods. Your marks are the reward for how well you performed.

Low And High Action Per Minute?

Based on the results of the above test, we can categories the scores as low and high per minute. this is for the purpose of checking the ability of a person.

  • The low action per minute value depicts that the person was unable to match the requirements. It means that his clicking speed using the mouse was less. Beginners mostly have low action per minute in the game. It’s not a matter of concern. Having 50 APM in the action per minute test in the very beginning is normal. You can enhance by practice and constant playing.
  • High action per minute depicts the professionalism of a player. Getting scores up to 400 in any action per minute tracker is a good impact. It shows how skillfully a person will perform in the real game. He intends to get more scores in the video game.

Importance Of High Action Per Minute.

Improving your action per minute will help you to cope with the challenges of the world. It shows how fast you can respond to the unexpected happening within the limit of time. This is the situation in the video game. We will discuss in particulars the advantages of the high action per minute.

1. Improves Accuracy:

The game requires your quick and full response to the scenarios around you. How fast you can click on the appearing box shows how accurately you will perform in a game. The gamer can more actively respond to the invasion in the game. In a fighting game, you have to be attentive. The invasion can be from any side. To minimize the risk of loss, you have to fight back with a higher speed. When you practice before entering a game, it is more likely you will get more scores. This is because you have enhanced your skills and pace up to much extend.


As per the tracker, you get the exact point to hit. In a real game interface, you will be able to fight with accurate points. this accuracy can be attained by higher practice on any of this action per minute tracker.  You will be able to understand the exact point to fire. From where the invasion is coming and how to shield it? These tactics can be learned by practicing on such a tracker.

2. Improves reaction time:

The reaction time in any fighting or action game refers to the shielding capability. When do you possibly react? Obviously, when someone says bullshit, you will be responsive. Similarly, if someone is trying to punch you, you will surely try to protect yourself by holding your hands. In short, the term being reactive is the antonym of shielding yourself at least in this case.


Now, watch the scenario from the perspective of the video game. Fighting is the game of attacking and shielding. You have to be a warrior who had protected himself and reacted well against the shoot storming. Being more reactive means excelling more quickly toward your goals. You can enhance your reaction time by practicing the APM TEST.

3. Reduces Redundant Actions:

Practicing the APM test will prevent you from blindly hitting everything you see. Most of the beginners are unable to distinguish between the real invasion or useless material in a game. Like it is necessary for us to understand not to respond to unusual and unimportant events. It will only cause a waste of your time. And while you are not paying heed your enemy can attack you.

You can play the AMP games to keep yourself committed to the invasions only. Practicing it will help you monitor whom to respond and when to respond.

What Factors Are Important In APM Test?

There must be some key factors to be considered important when you are attempting an AMP test.

  • The scoring rate in the APM test depends on how well you click on the target. If you want to achieve a high AMP rate, you must accurately target the exact location. Otherwise, you may lose the score. This property is valid also for further game proceedings. To prevent not spending your time on useless attending, a safe practice with these trackers are important.
  • Clicking at an enormously higher rate at your given target is impressively important. To get more scores, you have to enhance your click speed. If you keep on clicking at a slow pace, you will not be able to enhance yourself. Keep shifting yourself to a higher level. until you improve yourself in the first level, don’t move to the next.
  • Minimize the spamming rate. Spamming is basically the repeated action a person may perform for the purpose of practice or more scores, it will lose the usefulness of the target. To avoid this, the trackers make sure to detect your beginnings and track your moves.

Awesome Facts About The Tools.

The action per minute tracker detects the progress of your clicking on the board. The trackers may have different tools to help the gamers get more scores. By tools, we mean the tools on the interface helping in the evaluation of the scores.

What Is The Purpose Of Our Tools?

The tools you can see on the interface can help you out in the best evaluation of the scores. It helps the gamers in attaining high performance. They also initiate a sense of competition by telling your stats and comparing them to your previous record. While you are playing, the whole stat is being calculated beside it. It can also graphically represent our performance. Which helps you to monitor your progress with time.

Recommended Games For The APM Test?

The APM test helps in improving the progress in many games. Like for that of Minecraft and Starcraft, you need to learn the accuracy to attack in the respective direction. So many action games demand quick responses. To attain high scores in them it is necessary to attempt these tests.

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If you are a beginner and you want to achieve the professional level, it is important to build the skills in you. You can get the skills of accuracy and speed to combat the rivals in a video game. It will further enhance your skills if you also participate in the clicking test along with it. Those clicking games will give you speed and the AMP test will give you accuracy.

Accurately invading the rivals or shielding an attack is of utmost importance in action games. But it all depends on your capability. How much you practice to gain experience matters. Moreover, your intimate progress and daily improvement are needed. Don’t just play daily. Try to fetch out productive results as well.  this is the way of your ultimate success then.


Yes, the pace of clicking is important. But not the only factor. You have to focus on the accuracy factor as well in the case of Starcraft.

By full concentration and practice. You can practice your speed enhancement to other clicking speeds as well. but keep on practicing by maximizing the use of your skills.

Low action per minute doesn’t mean you are not doing well. it means you are a novice. It’s not a problem until you keep yourself to this level. you need to enhance your level. if your action per minute is low in the beginning, it’s ok. Just keep on practicing with full devotion. But if it is constantly lower, you are not properly concentrating on the game.