Best Macro Recorder Free Download For Windows & MAC

Best Macro Recorders

With a daily routine already so hectic, it can be a very great challenge, having to perform repetitive clicking tasks time and again. Doing them once is already hard, talk about having to do it repetitively. Fortunately enough, we are living in times where there are multiple applications available that can help us complete our daily clicking tasks with no effort required, thereby saving our time and efforts.

One such example is a Macro Recorder.

What can a macro recorder help you with? How is it useful?

A macro recorder is a tool designed to record repetitive actions on your computer that may be replayed later. If you are in search of the best macro recorder for MAC and Windows, there are multiple options to choose from. Let us help you in making the right choice.

We have compiled a list of the best Macro Reader Tools to help you with those repetitive tasks on your computer.

What Does a Macro Recorder Do?

A macro recorder is a tool designed to replicate a series of steps or actions as many times as required by the user. This software records the actions or phases of the user and stores them to be played at a later time. A series of steps, mouse and keyboard actions can be recorded and played back when and as needed. Advanced macro recorders even allow you to set your own macro scripts and then play them according to your requirement.

Therefore, a macro recorder tool can record your scroll patterns, mouse activity, keystrokes, and clicks. It can be used for data entry tasks, form submission, or copy, pasting, but can also be used for complex tasks like scraping data, image searching, and system maintenance.

Best Macro Recorders for Windows and MAC

If you are in search of a good macro recorder for Mac or Windows, we have prepared and reviewed a list of the best tools for use just for you.

1. Easy Clicks Macros

Easy Clicks Macros is a macro that can be used to create macros in an easy, simple, and understandable way. It works by recording combinations or keys and assigning them functions. It offers precision in recording macros with a simple and easy operation. Easy Clicks Macros uses a simple and neat user interface that makes it an Easy Macro Recorder for MAC. Mouse activity can be recorded using a single click and complex macros can be created with great precision using keyboard shortcuts. This macro recorder tool also allows you to assign a hotkey for each macro. The best part is that you don’t have to be a professional to use this macro utility. The ease of access to macros and simple operation is what makes this tool a popular choice.

Features of Easy Clicks Macros

  • Simple user interface
  • Assign hotkey for each macro
  • Manually configure keyboard keys
  • Repeat operations as many times as required
  • Suitable for beginners
  • Ease of accessing macros

2. Pulover’s Macro Creator

Pulover’s Macro Creator is a great, free script generator and automation tool that offers multiple functions for automation including a built-in recorder. It is a free yet powerful macro recorder for Windows that offers a user-friendly and intuitive interface. Other than just recording keyboard and mouse activities and automating repetitive tasks, this tool allows you to make custom macros with simple and easy commands. To record your macros, use the record button, and test them with the play button. You can create macros using the export button. This macro recorder also allows you to set the playback as per your liking. This tool does not use a lot of your device storage memory. These macros can be done with the app or with the auto hotkey script. Moreover, this automation tool is very simple and easy to use.

Features of Pulover’s Macro Creator

  • User-friendly interface
  • Adjust the playback speed
  • High-end automation
  • Auto hotkey script supported
  • Consumes very low memory
  • Easy to use and operate

3. AutoIt

AutoIt scripts is a very lightweight and simple macro recorder that allows you to automate routine tasks like repetitive clicking, minimizing, copy/pasting, and even windows activation. It allows you to record taps and mouse movements, single and double for several applications. This macro recorder offers multiple functions. One of the best things about this macro recorder is that it offers multiple functions, yet is easy to use. AutoIt macro recorder can easily be activated by forming a new script or file. Above all, all these amazing features are free to use. With this tool, you can also optimize basic text, string operations, or alter registered entries. AutoIt scripts is, therefore, a very useful tool that can accelerate productivity and make your work more efficient.

Features of AutoIt

  • Multiple, diverse functions
  • Single or double mouse taps and movements
  • Imitates mouse actions and keystrokes
  • Easy to use
  • Lightweight utility
  • Free download

4. Do It Again

Do it again is another macro recorder tool for Windows and Mac that allows you to automate your repetitive tasks. This macro software has all macro recordings displayed in the GUI for easy and fast access. You can easily edit these scripts as per your need. It allows you to set all the essential functions to log and then execute all the arbitrary activities. This tool will press the keyboard keys and tap buttons in the same manner as the generated task. It allows easy, text-based scripting of different task files. This is a tool that will effectively run your pre-defined programs. This tool also allows you to check for new emails, start anti-virus, or backup files. It utilizes a straightforward user interface that is simple and easy to operate.

Features of Do It Again

  • Straightforward user interface
  • Simple and easy operation
  • Check for emails, start anti-virus, take backups
  • Make, play and record mouse clicks
  • User guides supported
  • Free automation utility

5. Mini Mouse Macro

Mini mouse macro is an amazing free keyboard and mouse macro recorder tool that is portable and tiny. Its intuitive set of features makes this tool suitable for beginners as well as for experts. The user interface of this macro recorder is very simple and easy. Because of its small size, it never lags when being used. This tool allows you to record your keystrokes, mouse clicks, and clicks easily. Moreover, it offers flexibility in saving macros and loading them whenever needed. You do not need to install the application as this is a standalone program, so you can use it with ease. This mini mouse macro recorder takes your recording to the next level by taking your recording to real-time.

Features of Mini Mouse Macro

  • Efficient and quick mouse macro
  • Loop macro-option
  • Save and load macros easily
  • No installation required, standalone program
  • Simple and easy use
  • No lagging
  • Highly portable
  • Easy to use interface
  • Small and free application

6. AutoHotKey

AutoHotKey is another Mac Macro utility that utilizes a very simple, clear, and versatile interface that helps you stay focused on important work while it handles your other tasks. This macro recorder allows you to capture and then perform repetitive tasks easily. With this tool, you can monitor your mouse movements, clicks, and type keys. The best part about this tool is that it allows multiple devices like keyboard, joystick, mouse, or motion sensor, etc. to set hotkeys. The recent upgrade of AutoHotKey allows you to set volume and transform joystick and other such devices to mouse function. It is generally easy to use, but you can only use it fully after learning the coding skills. This tool combines multiple tools like text macros and hotkeys, thereby giving amazing automation.

Features of AutoHotKey

  • Simple and clear user interface
  • Combines multiple tools
  • Easy to learn
  • Build hotkeys for multiple devices
  • Open and free source

7. GhostMouse

Ghost mouse is another Keyboard Macro Program that is very simple and easy to use. It features only two buttons, the recording and play button for simple and easy use. These buttons help in automating repetitive tasks performed with the keyboard and mouse. Just press the red button to start recording and then replay with the play button. This macro recording tool also allows you to set the playback speed and adjust the shuffle between the recordings according to your choice. The simple three-button interface makes this tool very simple to use. While this tool can effectively be used for small recording tasks, it does not support complicated automation. Ghost mouse can record keyboard inputs, mouse clicks, time lapses, and mouse movements on a monitor. This simple utility is suitable for those who want to automate mouse actions.

Features of GhostMouse

  • Simple three-button operation
  • Set playback speed
  • Shuffle between recordings
  • Simple and easy utility
  • Suitable for small recording applications

8. TinyTask

TinyTask is another very light macro recording tool that is capable of recording, playing, and repeating your keyboard strokes and mouse clicks. It supports a very simple user interface with clear play and record buttons that users can easily use to automate their routine tasks. This is known to be the smallest macro recording software available. The simplicity of this tool is commendable as it has only six buttons for opening and saving recordings. TinyTask macro recorder allows users to change hotkeys, adjust playback speed, and even change the playback speed. The graphical user interface is very small, making it easy and simple to use. TinyTask is, therefore, a very effective and simple macro recorder that is suited for basic PCs for automating repetitive actions.

Features of TinyTask

  • Lightweight tool
  • Records mouse clicks and keyboard strokes
  • Simple and small user interface 
  • Smallest macro recording software
  • Allows adjustment of playback speed and hotkeys

9. Macro Toolworks Free

Macro toolworks is a very comprehensive macro recorder that is a robust software offering a great range of macro commands and triggers like employing windows, sending FTPS, emails, etc. The free version of this tool only allows you to access the basic macro commands like keyboard inputs and recording mouse movements. The free version is a great macro recorder for Windows and Mac featuring a state-of-the-art user interface and an easy-to-use operation. This macro tool can be used to easily automate repetitive actions using a mouse and keyboard macro recorder. It supports around 300 commands. The macros created with this tool can be tweaked and edited easily and stored on cloud-based storage. This macro program saves your time and effort, allowing repetitive tasks to be done error-free and fast.

Features of Macro Toolworks Free

  • Comprehensive macro recorder
  • Robust software 
  • Supports multiple macro commands 
  • State-of-the-art user interface 
  • Macros created are stored on the cloud and can be edited.

10. Jitbit Macro Recorder

Jitbit macro recorder is another tool for Mac that supports several features allowing you to record your activities and automate your tasks. This macro recorder is a very simple tool that creates automation sequences in a few minutes. It supports a very simple and user-friendly interface, making it easy to use for everyone. This powerful mouse recorder monitors and records activities, operations, and optimizes tasks. This macro recorder tool also allows you to load instructions, load commands, and decorations by just entering your required action number in the program. It is incredibly easy to use even for beginners who have no background in using macro recorders. Jitbit macro recorder, therefore, allows you to generate automation sequences with ease, within a couple of minutes.

Features of Jitbit Macro Recorder

  • A simple macro recording tool 
  • User-friendly, easy interface 
  • Easy to try, free extendable trial period 
  • Fully featured 
  • Set the playback speed, macro recording filter, or loop recording filters 
  • Create shortcuts and hotkeys

11. nMacro Recorder

nMacro recorder is a perfect macro recorder utility for Windows and Mac that can record both mouse and keyboard actions and then save them in the form of standalone executables. These can then be run to replay the recorded actions on other or the same systems. This macro recorder also allows you to disable the keyboard input while playing the output recorded events. This macro recorder is very easy to operate. You just have to press the red start recording button once you’ve assigned the output path and name. You can also set the password for the output path. This password will be asked every time you want to run the output. The options of password and disabling keyboard input are both optional, so you can set them according to your choice.

Features of nMacro Recorder

  • Record mouse and keyboard action
  • Easy operation 
  • Start recording with red start button
  • Disable keyboard input option 
  • Set password for recorded events

12. Easy Macro Recorder for Mac

The easy macro recorder is a tool that is designed to record keyboard and mouse actions so you can replay them later at any desired time. This handy utility will automate your repetitive tasks on your devices. It records your mouse actions and keystrokes and saves them in the form of macros. This tool is easy to use; it involves just two steps, record, and playback. The simplicity of this macro recorder makes it suitable for all users, no programming experience is needed. With this easy macro recorder, you can playback your macros as many times as you need. You can also schedule a time for your macros to be replayed.

Features of Easy Macro Recorder For Mac

  • Records keystrokes and mouse events 
  • Repeats and playback macros as many times as needed
  • Schedule a time for playing macros 
  • Supports several commands
  • Create or edit multiple macros 
  • Easy to use, no programming knowledge required 
  • Two steps; record and playback

13. Macro Dollar

MacroDollar is a portable and tiny macro recorder that captures mouse clicks, movements, and keyboard events. This is very useful for recording scripts and replaying them for repetitive tasks without the need for any user assistance. This tool comes with a very simple user interface and is a portable utility. It does not require an installation, just saves the files in the desired location on HDD and just double click on it to launch the MacroDollar app. It also does not modify any windows registry settings. The interface is a small window that supports an organized, neat layout. Just click a button to start recording and then stop it when needed. You can enter the looping mode, set the shaking time, merge different scenarios, create multiple journal scenarios, or edit them as needed.

Features of Macro Dollar

  • Sample recordings included in the package 
  • Small, simple user interface 
  • Low CPU and RAM needed 
  • Portable and tiny 
  • No installation needed
  • Captures mouse clicks, movements, and keyboard events

14. Macro Maker

Macro maker is a very handy yet free software for macro recording that is designed for intermediate and advanced users as it is logically designed to cover most options that are needed by these users. Although the user interface may seem a little complex, it isn’t very hard to master. The macro construction interface is also flexible. You will find it easy to make many complicated macros even from the start. It supports several well-labeled pull-down menus. Macro recorders allow you to assign your macros a word, phrase, hotkey, or even set a schedule. You can easily record your mouse movements and key presses, or both with this macro recorder. This is a freeware macro tool suitable for all users.

Features of Macro Maker

  • Suitable for intermediate and advanced users 
  • Flexible macro interface 
  • Easy to build complicated macros
  • Supports well-labeled pulldown menus 
  • Supports mouse presses and keyboard movements 
  • Simple and free macro tool

15. MacroRecorder

MacroRecorder is a Windows and Mac utility that can capture keystrokes and mouse events just like a tape recorder and allows you to automate your tedious, repetitive computer tasks. This simple and easy-to-use macro recorder tracks your activities to be played back later. This standalone macro recorder gives you the freedom of setting the playback speed, record, running, and creating your macros just as you need them to be. The playback speed may be adjusted for all mouse movements or individual ones. You can edit your keyboard input, change pauses, and even rearrange the actions. This macro recorder offers great automation for everyone, not just for the experts. It utilizes a very simple user interface that is easy to operate.

Features of MacroRecorder

  • Standalone software
  • Adjust playback speed
  • Simple and easy user interface 
  • Suitable for all users, regardless of expertise 
  • Record and playback keyboard and mouse tasks
  • No windows coding or programming required

16. MadRuby Macro Recorder for Mac

MadRuby is another macro recorder for Mac devices that is simple and easy to use. It uses an on-the-full keyboard system that allows you to start recording your mouse and keyboard actions in any application and then stop it as needed. You can playback this recording as many times as needed, and wherever needed. This is a freeware utility that you can easily download and use on your device. It will take care of your repetitive tasks and give you the much-needed break.

Features of MadRuby Macro Recorder for Mac

  • Simple and easy to use
  • On-the-fly keyboard macro recorder 
  • Use with any application 
  • Perform task with keyboard 
  • Playback as many times as needed 
  • Playback anywhere you need 
  • It is a freeware macro recorder

17. Mouse Recorder Pro

The mouse recorder pro is a free macro recorder for keyboard and mouse that records your keyboard and mouse clicks and plays them later. This automation utility also allows you to schedule the time when you want to play your recording. With mouse recorder pro you can also set and edit the recording repeat time. If you wish to develop your recording further, you can also edit it. This small-sized tool is user-friendly and offers several options for configuration. With the included functions, you can easily and quickly run your script. With the editor option, you can edit the scripts to your liking. The user interface has very simple and basic controls that you can easily understand and use. Moreover, this app is free, so you can download and use it on your device.

Features of Mouse Recorder Pro

  • The small-sized macro recording tool 
  • User friendly 
  • Supports several options for configuration 
  • Supports functions to make a script run quicker and easier 
  • Schedule playback time for a script with a calendar 
  • Supports editor to edit the scripts 
  • Set and edit repeat time for recordings

18. Murgaa Macro Recorder for Mac

Murgaa macro recorder for Mac is an automation tool that can record and then play back keyboard and mouse actions. This macro recorder remembers the position of its window, allowing you to drag it where needed. The number of actions that are being recorded is shown in the main window so you can keep a track of your actions. The action counter will show this. The Murgaa macro recorder also supports a wide configurable keyboard shortcuts option that you can use to stop and start recording. You can also set distinct sounds and alerts for indicating when the macro recorder is stopped or started. This macro recorder also allows you to set the time delay before a recorded macro starts. When enabled, the timer shows the remaining time to start playback.

Features of Murgaa Macro Recorder for Mac

  • Remembers window position 
  • Drag the window wherever needed 
  • Supports action counter to show the number of actions
  • Configurable shortcuts option 
  • Set time delay before macro starts

19. Perfect Automation

Perfect automation is a macro recording tool that eases the complex task of automation. This tool works by recording mouse movements on any active window even if it shifts to a different position on your device’s screen. This tool has four separate parts; a mouse and keyboard recorder, a launcher, a scheduler, and a solid script editor. The best part is that you don’t have to install each tool separately. You just have to install this one app because all of the parts are combined into one unit. This mouse and keyboard recorder can create a project and executable files for the script editor. The macro files can be independently played or be used in any script editor task. This app also remembers active windows and then activates them when you play your recording.

Features of Perfect Automation

  • Straightforward user interface
  • Simple and easy operation
  • Check for emails, start anti-virus, take backups
  • Make, play and record mouse clicks
  • User guides supported
  • Free automation utility

20. Win Macro

WinMacro is a very simple and easy-to-use macro recorder and player for Mac and Windows. It can record your actions on your desktop and then replay them in the same manner. Instead of recording the video, it uses hooking mechanisms to record your keyboard and mouse events, and then play them back in the same order. WinMacro uses a very simple three-button user interface with the record, play, and about buttons. Just press record to start recording and play wherever you want. You are also free to ignore mouse actions while you record. This tool also allows you to change the playback rate and opt for repeated playback. The option of configurable hotkeys makes your automaton much easier. The recorded files are smaller in size, usually a few kilobytes.

Features of Win Macro

  • Simple and easy-to-use 
  • Records and replays actions 
  • Hooking mechanism to record events 
  • Three-button interface 
  • Set the playback rate 
  • Small-sized recorded files 
  • Supports repeated playback option

21. Xnee

GNU Xnee is another free macro recording tool that allows you to record, set, replay, and execute multiple functions on your Mac or Windows device. This tool works as a perfect robotic personal assistant which can help you replicate your desired action when and as needed. With this macro recorder, you can execute your commands on different systems at the same time. The best part about this software is that it is open-source and free for use. Xnee can be used for multiple purposes like recording and replaying macros using the key modifier. GNU Xnee allows you to record directly generated events like key presses along with requests, errors or replies not directly made by the user. Xnee can then replay them with synchronization.

Features of Xnee

  • Record, set, and replay actions 
  • Serves as a robotic personal assistant
  • Execute commands on multiple systems simultaneously 
  • Record direct or indirect events 
  • Replay your events with synchronization

22. AutoMator

Automator is a Mac tool that allows users to automate repetitive actions on their Mac device. This tool allows you to make as many as eight different actions. If you want to make the same changes to several files, like resizing images or changing file names, you can record your action with this tool and create a custom workflow to let it do the work for you. Other than this, you can also set your own scripts like JavaScript or AppleScripts. Just run the relevant script and let this tool do your work. You can use this automation utility to perform tasks like combining different PDF documents, renaming files, or converting movies to another format, etc. Just drag and drop the script of the action you want your tool to perform, and let it do the rest for you.

Features of AutoMator

  • Automate repetitive actions 
  • Create custom workflow 
  • Perform simple and complex tasks
  • Choose from eight different templates

23. AlphaOmega Keyboard and Mouse Recorder

AlphaOmega keyboard and mouse recorder is a great utility for recording mouse movements, keystrokes, and mouse clicks. This automation tool allows you to record all your actions and play them at a later time. You can also set them in a loop as many times as needed. This tool allows you to load a previously saved file from your disk. The speed of the recording can be adjusted. You can play it slower or faster than it was recorded. This macro recorder does not need to be installed, hence is very easy to use. One exciting part about this tool is that it is available in several languages, hence is easily accessible for all users.

Features of AlphaOmega Keyboard and Mouse Recorder

  • Records mouse clicks, movements, and keystrokes.
  • Save records to a file to use later
  • Load a file, previously saved from the disk records 
  • Play record in loops for as many times as required 
  • No installation needed 
  • Easy to use 
  • Available in different languages

24. Repeater

If you are looking for a good macro recorder utility for Mac, the repeater can be a great option. This utility is a very convenient option for recording repetitive actions without needing to learn much about a macro recorder itself. This tool helps to record and playback your mouse clicks and movements, hardware and standard strokes, horizontal and vertical zooming, and scrolling. The user interface of the repeater is much like a music player that has a simple record, rewind, and playback buttons that most users are familiar with. You can also preview the visual events to navigate through your recordings. All you have to do is open the tool, click record whenever you need it, and press the stop button. Your recorded macro will be played afterward.

Features of Repeater

  • Supports advanced scripting features 
  • Auto start recording and playback 
  • Simple user interface 
  • Repeats keyboard and mouse actions
  • Playbacks windows movements including zooming and scrolling

25. MouseKey Recorder

MouseKey recorder is a powerful, yet simple keyboard and mouse recorder for Mac and Windows devices. It allows you to repeat all the repetitive activities to automate all the PC actions. With this tool, you can easily record all your mouse clicks, movements, as well as anything that you type on the keyboard. It has a simple and intuitive user interface that makes this tool easy to use. Just launch this tool and press the REC button. The app window positions itself at the bottom right end, so you can perform your activity easily. This tool records mouse clicks, movements, and typed keys. Once you press the stop and ESC key, your recordings will be saved. MouseKey recorder also allows you to schedule your program to run according to your assigned time. You can also adjust the speed of the recording as per your liking.

Features of MouseKey Recorder

  • Powerful yet simple macro recorder 
  • Intuitive and simple user interface 
  • Easy to use 
  • Space for performing actions 
  • Supports schedule feature to run the program as needed
  • Select your desired speed.


So, this was our selected list of the best macro recorders for Windows and Mac devices that can be downloaded for free and used with your system to record and then replay your keyboard and mouse actions. These macro recorders are very useful tools that can help you automate your repetitive tasks, thereby saving your time and effort. We hope that our guide has answered most, if not all of your questions and helped you know more about macro recorders and what options you have for selecting the best ones. Now, when it comes to selecting the best of these tools for your device, there are plenty of them available. Even with such a variety of them out there, not all will be suited to your needs. Based on what you are going to use your macro recorder for, you should choose one that meets all your needs. If you haven’t tried using a macro recorder for your device, yet maybe you should give it a try! It’ll be an amazing way to put an end to your tedious repetitive tasks.

Frequently Asked Questions

With so many macro recorders out there, it can be hard to label some as being the best. We have reviewed some of the best free macros above. These include Easy click macros, Pulover’s Macro Creator, Do It Again, TinyTask, and several others.

Although the process of using different macro recorders might differ slightly, generally, the process is very simple and goes like this. Just launch the macro that you have downloaded to your device. Once opened, press record from the main program window. Move your mouse around and click wherever you need or enter a text in an application. Once you are done, click the stop button to end the recording. Finally, just press the “play” button to replay the recorded actions. 

While there are multiple options for Macro For Mac, the Murgaa MAC recorder is one of the best tools that is an auto keyboard and mouse recorder. You can use this tool to record all your mouse movements and keyboard actions on your mac.

Not sure about the default or built-in macro recorder on mac, but yes, there are multiple macro recorders available for MAC devices. Some of the best ones are listed above. You can search and view all of the macro recorders for MAC to find the most suitable one for your device.

Once you have made your macros, you can view them on your device. To view your macros, you will have to click the option of view macros that appears on the macros command button in the view tab. Alternatively, you can press Alt + WVM or Alt + F8. This will open a macro dialog box displaying the names of macros that you’ve saved.

To install a macro on your device, just download the MAC installation file on your Mac device. Once it is downloaded, double-click it to set up the program and open the Macro installer. Drag this icon of the macro recorder in the app folder. If you have a license, enter your license key to start using.

Recording a macro is very simple. All you have to do is to open the macro recorder that you have downloaded. Once the window opens, just press the record button from the toolbar. Perform all the actions that you want to record, and then finally stop recording with the stop button. Your Macro will be recorded, and you can play it later.

Yes, there are several macro recorders available for Windows 10. Most macro recorders are available for both Mac and Windows. So, you can search for the one that suits your needs and system requirements and download it to your device.