Mouse Scroll Test (Pixels Per Second) - How Fast Can You Scroll

Mouse Wheel Scroll Speed Test

The scroll wheel is amongst the most crucial things present on the mouse. It is used to assist you in different tasks that need scrolling such as scrolling a long PDF file. However, it is common to face scroll wheel problems when your scroll might not work as it should or scroll very slow.

The scroll test tool is designed to measure your mouse scroll speed. It’s a measure of the efficiency of your mouse and how fast you can scroll up and down. Want to know more about the scroll wheel speed test? You’re at the right place.

What Is A Scroll Wheel Test?

The scroll wheel test or the scrolling test is a tool that performs vertical scrolling of the mouse wheel to see how many pixels your mouse can scroll in a second. Apart from this, the scroll speed test can also be used to see whether your mouse scroll works well or not.

Let’s suppose you brought a new mouse, and don’t know much about its scrolling efficiency. To check the scroll efficiency of your new mouse and improve it, you can easily use this tool.

How To Test Scroll Speed?

Described below are a few simple steps to test the scrolling speed of your mouse with the mouse scroll test. This is a very simple tool that is easy to use, but to help beginners, we have a simple guide. Follow these simple steps given below.

  • Before starting the Scroll wheel counter, check your internet connection speed. You will need a fast internet connection for this test.
  • At the top of this page, you will see a box that says “scroll here”.
  • Navigate and bring your mouse pointer to this box. Once done, just start scrolling at full speed, as fast as you can.
  • The amazing thing is that there is no time limit assigned, so you can scroll for as long as you want.
  • As you keep scrolling your mouse up and down, your score will be displayed in the box in pixels per second.
  • When you stop the scrolling, the scrolling speed test will show you the highest score that you achieved.
  • If you feel that you aren’t satisfied with the roller speed test scores on the first attempt, you can start the test again and follow the steps given above. 

These are the simple steps for playing and testing the mouse scroll game. We hope this guide above helped you check your scrolling speed and improve it for playing your favorite games.

After conducting the mouse scroll speed test yourself, you might wonder what’s the fastest scrolling mouse score to get an idea about your scrolling speed? Do you happen to know? Well., we have not yet found any record, so you can always give it a shot and try to get the highest score in the Mouse scroll speed test. 

Features Of Roller Speed Test

Scroll speed tester is a special test designed for users to test their mouse scrolling speed. Touchpad users can also use this test to see the efficiency of their mouse scrolling skills. Here are a few features of the roller speed test. 

Confidential Data Is Not Required

Our mouse scroll test does not require any confidential data, so you can stay at ease from that end. We would never ask you for any information, and sign up.

Can Be Used With All Browsers

The mouse scroll test is not restricted to one specific browser. You can open it on any web browser of your choice such as Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer, Mozilla etc. Hence, this test is all-browser-friendly. So, no matter what browser you use, you can always test your mouse scrolling speed.

Tip: Bookmark this page to your browser, so you can test your mouse scroll speed whenever you want without finding it again.

Accurate & Fast Results

If you use our scroll speed test, we assure you of quick and accurate results. Our algorithm is tested over and over again to ensure that the results it produces are accurate. You get several chances to improve your scrolling speed with this test. The number of attempts for testing is not limited, so you can use this scroll test for as long as you want, without having to worry about the limit. The more you practice, the better you get. 

Easy to Use

This test for mouse scrolling games has a very simple interface. It is very simple and easy to operate. Even beginners can get a hang of it within the first use. 

Accurate Operation

This mouse scroll test doesn’t at all act abnormally during your scrolling. It will work perfectly as you scroll in the assigned box. So, you will not have to worry about the performance and accuracy issues with this speed test. 


When you open the mouse scroll wheel test, just navigate your mouse to the box and start scrolling up and down. Your mouse scroll speed will appear in the box.

Usain Bolt is the man in the real world who scrolls the fastest, but you can always play the mouse scroll test to practice and set a high score for it.

If your mouse isn’t scrolling, there could be several reasons. To solve the problem try reconnecting the mouse, replacing the batteries (in case the mouse is wireless), cleaning the mouse, checking the settings of the mouse wheel, updating your mouse drivers, or try fixing the system files.

To scroll quickly press the key + I to get to the settings. Go to “Devices” and then click on the “Mouse”. Now, use the mouse toll to scroll the dropdown and see the available option. You have two options here; “one screen at a time,” or the “multiple lines at a time.” Choose the latter one to scroll super fast. There is also a progress bar to set the speed of the scrolling. Set it to a higher number.

Your scrolling will be slow when there is an issue with the software settings or hardware, when your graphics card is not processing the graphics fast, or when the mouse is faulty or damaged.

Write the control panel in your search bar and click enter. Set the view of the control panel using the large icon. Next, click the mouse and go to the pointer options. Untick the option of hiding the pointer while typing. Now see whether your mouse jumps or not.

Press the RB plus face button to disable the fast scroll on Xbox.

If you want to check the mouse for the scroll wheel rattle, try to move the mouse from side to side. You can hear it if it rattles.

Spin the scroll wheel of the mouse up and down to see whether the mouse scroll clicks are working or not.

The way to test scroll in the mobile app is similar to that on a laptop touchpad. Move your fingers up and down to test the scroll.