13 Seconds Click Test| Gain Highest CPS

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Our mouse click speed test is a reliable and effective way to measure your mouse clicking speed. You can use it to improve your mouse clicking speed or play it as a time-pass game just like many people all around the world. While there are several other tests, 13 seconds mouse clicker test is also played. Users or players, in this game or challenge, calculate their CPS for 13 seconds. The total number of clicks is calculated and divided by 13 to get the click per second rate showing the clicks in one second. 

This click speed test game is played as a time-pass game among individuals for the most part, but it can be taken as a competition by some people who like to take challenge to compete against one another. As a player, you must click, click, and click as fast as possible for the assigned time, which is 13 seconds in this case. The score that you get in the form of number of clicks defines how good or bad you’re at clicking, which matter a lot for playing different online video games.

What Is The Importance Of The CPS Click Test/Challenge?

CPS speed test is not just an interesting time-pass game, but it is also a great method to see how fast you can click with your trackpad or mouse, which is highly important to know if you play video games that require the fast mouse clicking for different purposes, such as shooting the enemy. Moreover, with the help of clicker tester, you can improve your click rate and set world record, and win different awards and even cash prizes.

How To Measure Your 13 Second Click Rate

To test your click rate for 13 seconds, compete against others or to set a 13 CPS record, you need to know how to take the 13 seconds CPS challenge or play the game. Here are some simple steps to follow to play the 13 seconds mouse clicker game.

Step 1: To play the game, go the top of this page, and click the start button on the box.

Step 2: Once the game starts, start clicking your mouse as fast as possible till the timer sets off. The timeframe depends on what you had set. In this case, you are measuring mouse clicks in 13 seconds, so your timeframe will be 13 seconds.

Step 3: When the time is over, the final score of your clicks will be displayed. The score is displayed as counts per second.

Since it measures the frequency of clicks within a given time frame, the more the frequency of your clicks, the greater your score will be.

What is the World Record for the Click Test?

You might be shocked to know there is no CPS Guinness World Record. However, people, especially hardcore gamers compete in the CPS test and set the world records on different websites. According to CPS Test with Clicks Tracking, the CPS test world record is 14.1 CPS

Useful Tips and Cheats to Improve Your CPS

Before you go ahead to take the CPS test challenge to measure your highest click rate and improve it, it’s important to consider some important points. 

  1. You must use a good gaming mouse, instead of a regular mouse or laptop trackpad. A mouse with good accuracy and capability will help you get good score in the CPS game. 
  2. Moreover, adjust your computer system settings that are favorable for fast clicking.
  3. To get a good and higher CPS click rate, you must sit in a comfortable position with right posture.
  4. As a beginner, try different mouse clicking techniques including jitter clickingkohi clickingdrag clickingbutterfly clicking, to find out which technique works best for you in scoring higher CPS rate.
  5. Practice more and more to improve your speed of clicking. The more you practice, the better you get at it. For this, play shooting games and then shoot at the maximum speed.


Some frequently asked questions are listed below.

While everyone has different click speed, a good click speed falls between the range of 8 to 10 clicks per second. This is often easily achieved by many.  

To know or measure your clicking speed, you can visit multiple CPS websites or software. These online websites and software allow you to measure your click speed at different intervals, while preseting the total clicks and the CPS rate.

There are certain things that you need to follow to achieve a good CPS rate or score. It’s best to use a gaming mouse, practice different clicking techniques like butterfly, jitter and drag clicking, adjust the mouse sensitivity for faster clicks, and practice different games to get faster at clicking.

Currently, the world record for CPS is 14.1 clicks per second.

If you want to double-click with your mouse, make sure your mouse has double click features and then enable the mouse settings for double click on your system. Also set its speed accordingly.