Click Speed Game in HTML5
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Avg Speed

World Record (No Cheating)

5 Seconds

19 CPS

27 CPS

10 Seconds

19 CPS

28 CPS

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 Note: You know, the world record for 5 second click test is 16.5 Now!! Can You beat it? Challenge yourself. Click the above box as much as you can in limited time of 5 seconds and see your Clicking test score.

Click Test 25 Seconds

Click test 25 seconds it is a very helpful and practical online platform that can help you practice your response speed, as well as the speed of clicking on the mouse. This would be particularly useful for players and gamers who enjoy multiplayer games like Mine craft and others. You can also organize a race between your peers to see who can make the most clicks in a given period of time.


The click speed test, also known as the click test, is the most accurate way to determine how hard you can click. Upon this basis of the Kohi Click Test, we created this basic method. It’s basically a click timer that displays how many clicks you can do in a second, 5 seconds, 10 seconds, 60 seconds, and 100 seconds. Online cps clicker software is available which is basically a clicking test for 25 seconds.

How Does A Click Speed Test Calculate Clicking Speed?

Follow the five simple steps outlined below to measure the click speed.

  1. Navigate to click speed software in your browser.
  2. To begin the click speed test, also known as the right-click CPS test, click the ‘Click Here’ button.
  3. As soon as you press the Start button, the timer and click counter will appear.
  4. Continue tapping as quickly as you can before the timer runs out.
  5. When the click test is over, the results will be shown in the form of CPS (Clicks Per Second).


If you believe you should have done better in our Click test, just click the ‘Restart Test’ icon to take another shot at this mouse clicker test and score higher than before. Restart has no time limit, meaning you can practice as much as you want to get the most out of yourself.

How Do We Determine The Final Score In The Click Speed Test?

CPS calculator calculates the final clicking speed in Clicks per second by calculating the number of mouse clicks by the couple of seconds taken. CPS is defined as the number of clicks divided by the number of seconds. The CPS value indicates how quickly you can press the mouse button. The CPS is really important in games like Mine craft and others. There is much software that helps in letting you know about clicker count in 25 seconds. You can test your clicking speed in 25 seconds to see how fast you can click.


If you measure your clicking speed for less than 5 seconds or more than 10 seconds, the results will normally be less than optimal. If the time exceeds 10 seconds, the CPS counter would be lower because the finger becomes strained and slowed down due to constant clicking. By using the Click Test in 5 second mode you get the most accurate clicks per second average. 25 second clicker challenge is used to determine the taps in 25 seconds.

The Kohi Click Test

As previously said, our click speed test is based on the Kohi Click Test. This mouse click test idea was first used on Kohi, a Minecraft game server. The test was first developed for Minecraft PvP players, where fast clicking is critical to victory. The Kohi Clicker game allows players to see how hard they can click and practice clicking to see how fast they can press.


The Kohi Clicker Test only measures clicks for 10 seconds. You can choose a time period of 1 second, 5 seconds, 10 seconds, 60 seconds, or 100 seconds in our Kohi Click Test replica. Another Minecraft server called Badlion merged with Kohi to provide facilities, and players have requested a Badlion click test on the new servers.

How To Increase The Clicks Per Second Score

Fast clicking is useful in many sports, and it can even be the decisive factor in determining the winner! Gamers use a variety of clicking techniques in order to produce higher clicks per second to gain an edge over rivals. 

The Advantages Of Click Test Apps And Games

Many that are using this method for the first time may not be aware of any of the advantages of using clicker test applications or games. The primary advantage is that you will be able to do more clicks per second in only one day of practice. And! That’s how powerful it is.


The average click speed is 6-7 CPS, but for a skilled player, it can go up to 15 CPS.

The average time between mouse clicks is about 60 seconds. If you are quicker than this, you have above-average mouse click results. Simply taking the exam, tapping as quickly and as often as you can. The greater the number of clicks, the higher your ranking for your CPS rate.