Bluestack Auto Clicker

Bluestack Auto Clicker

BlueStacks is one of the best android emulators for Mac and Windows. Although it already has many exciting features, the addition of these amazing auto-clicking features including repeated tap, long press, macros, and scripting has made gaming more fun and easy. In addition, all features work efficiently for almost every game. 

BlueStack Auto Clicking Tools

Repeated Tap Tool

In the BlueStacks, you will find several shortcuts for a compelling gaming experience, but the repeated tap tool is a worthy addition to these shortcuts. With the help of this tool or feature, you can customize your clicks, choose the clicking point and automate multiple clicks. 

During gameplay, often you have to click at a single point without moving, and this update lets your finger rest. You need to click once, and that’s it. 

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How To Use Repeated Tap?

Repeated tap is easy to use, and the best part is you can use it for any game. Follow these steps to enable repeated tap

  • Find the repeated tap on the screen, present along with other shortcuts.
  • Please put it in the place where you want to automate clicks.
  • Assign the key that automates clicks.
  • You can choose any key on the keyboard and click it.
  • It starts clicking 

Long Press

This is an update of repeated tap, in which you can long-press a key, and it automatically clicks on the screen without taking off your finger. In addition, it will input multiple presses, and you don’t need to put in the extra effort. 

Difference between Repeated Tap and Long Press

If we compare, both have the same function. But the main difference is where you want to use it. You can switch between both according to need.

Repeated tap is the right option when you’re playing a game that gives you enough time to manage shortcuts peacefully, however, it locks the keys because you can perform one action at a time. On the other hand, if you need continuous input along with other actions, the long-press feature works well. During some games, you have no time to stop the tap button by clicking keys, while a long press instantly allows the use of other keys.

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Benefits of Repeated Tap and Long Press

For competitive games where you need to click continuously, this tool adds value. Because when you are clicking, again and again, it gets so exhausting after a few minutes. With this tool, you can choose the clicking point or long-press a key, and your finger can rest for that time. 

In PUBG, it is important to keep pressing the key for running, but it gets difficult to focus on this. This repeated tap key helps here; pressing the running key keeps your avatar running until you click again to stop. 

If you need to fire continuously like free fire, you have to click for each fire, but repeated tap and long-press both work here. During this, you can focus on other factors.

Script To Automate Actions

In games, there are often some levels where you need to click or do other things repeatedly. This is quite boring and can make you so tired that you don’t want to perform further tasks. If you need only clicks, repetition tap can work flawlessly, but what about different actions to complete the level. Here you can use scripting. BlueStack has a solution for every gaming issue and never lets you suffer.

What Is A Script?

A script is a set of different instructions used to tell the computer which moves you want to automate. 

How To Use Script Mode?

There are few steps you have to follow

  • Open the game for which you want to use this tool
  • Click Ctrl+shift+A to access advanced settings
  • On the right side, you find the script option
  • Tap on the script icon with the left mouse button
  • The settings for scripting, display on the screen
  • Create a script by adding moves you want to automate
  • When you are done with this, save and automate it

This is easy to use and helps to pass out from boring levels, and you can save these scripts to be used in the future.

BlueStacks Macros

Some tasks are essential to perform in a game, like farming in the epic seven games. These tasks are tedious, but you can move further without completing them yourself. So here you can use macros to do this job for you. Users of BlueStack build 4.130 or higher have access to macros. 

What Are Macros?

Macros let you record your actions to play in the future. It helps to record repetitive tasks that you don’t want to do again and again. 

How To Use Macros?

You can access this feature by clicking ctrl+shift+7, and this opens the macros tab. Here you find the recording option easily. You can perform different actions like recording your activity, deleting old ones, or merging two macros. 

Before doing the action mentioned above, you have to create new ones.

  • Click on the new macros
  • It starts showing the timer
  • Record your actions, and during this, you can’t use shortcuts and any other tool
  • Click on the stop after you are done with it
  • Give a name to macros and select a key to automate this

You can play effectively by saving maximum macros for future play. 

These auto clicker features are important to make your gaming experience entertaining and save your energy and time for the worthy task.