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 Note: You know, the world record for 5 second click test is 16.5 Now!! Can You beat it? Challenge yourself. Click the above box as much as you can in limited time of 5 seconds and see your Clicking test score.

Click In 3 Seconds

CPS is a term abbreviated as Click per second. Click per second tester measures the speed of clicking. It measures the speed at which the user clicks the specific place on the page in a specific time interval. Click per second tracker is could be different from user to user because there is multiple Click per second tracker platforms on the internet used to help user to check his CPS speed. 

Importance and Applications:

Click per second is used by different programmers uses to count their quantity of product, which mean it could be used as a click counter in quantity counting field. Such as products in super store. CD’s shops. This tool could also be used to count difficult counting task. This can also monitor the reliability and function of a button that is designed in same product with the help of this tool, such as this product could be PC, tablet, digital watches. Some huge multinational companies use this tool to measure the clicking or response speed of their launching or testing product. Mouse clicking counter use to measure every 10th part of a second to get Click per second.

Process To Measure CPS:

Click per second calculator measure the response time of PC and action time of user for certain time, in a result one click is counted. As click per second is frequency of clicking with respect to time. Click speed test can be measured by number of clicks divided by the time interval user took to click. The result to CPS can be varies with respect to total time For instance, the result of user’s click per second in 10 second will be much less than the user’s click per second in 1 minute. Process in as follow:

  1. Search with what is my click per second.
  2. Choose the most prominent website or tool.
  3. Choose your time interval in which user will click continuously in specific selected time.
  4. As the interface of clicking arises on page asking user to start clicking
  5. User will start clicking as many time as he can before the time runs out (as such 3 second).
  6.  Real time chart will also be flowing underneath user’s Mouse clicker test.
  7. As user end clicking, website or tool use to issue result with CPS in specific time interval.

User can test its CPS as many time as user want. User would improve its performance as many attempts user does.

Achievements In CPS:

The average CPS in recorded 6.51 CPS. Some user could get higher score in mobile or tablet. Click challenge had a world record of 14.1 CPS. the highest CPS record in second is 15.4 CPS. The best CPS record in 100 second is 8.2 CPS. Every other person has different click per second speed because responses of every other person varies from man to man. The reason some user got unbeatable scores in CPS test because they usually practice their speed as well as the response time of their mouse. Response time is proportional to speed test. It is also dependent on reflexes of user, the better the reflexes, better the response time.

Trips and Tricks To Improve CPS:

Normal clicking can be improved by Such as jitter clicking and butterfly clicking.  Jitter clicking is a type of clicking which can be done by using finger as fast as possible. The finger used for clicking is index finger. The movement of index finger is used for clicking speedily. Butterfly clicking is another type of clicking which can be done by two fingers.


The finger used for clicking are index and middle finger. The movement of these finger speedily looks like a butterfly. Sensitivity of your mouse is highly effective on your CPS because the higher the sensitivity, possibly higher the response time of your device. As your device having higher response time will greatly effective in turnout of Click per second. 


Positioning of hand on mouse also effect the speed of CPS, as the ideal position of hand can give best result in scores. Hand should not be flat on mouse, it could reduce your clicking speed. The positioning of hand in same position in some particular time with same workout could cause the pain in hand, so there should be short time of rest so that user could relax his hand.


Gaming could be the one of the best option to improve your CPS. The user can be entertained as well as can Improve the Click per second speed. The action and shooting games can play vital role in improving CPS. Such as call of duty and PUBG. Minecraft would be the option in gaming to improve CPS.


To realize your clicking speed, visit which is an online instrument intended for testing click speed in various time stretches.

You should utilize advance techniques to speed up. These techniques incorporate Jitter clicking, Butterfly clicking and Drag clicking and so on.

The normal mouse click time is around 60 seconds. On the off chance that you are quicker than this that implies that your mouse click execution is better than expected.

The world record for the most clicks each second is 14.1 CPS.

Butterfly clicking is a procedure to twofold your clicking speed by utilizing two fingers to click the left mouse button on the other hand.