Clicks Test 50 Seconds

Timer: Score: Clicks/s:


Avg Speed

World Record (No Cheating)

5 Seconds

19 CPS

27 CPS

10 Seconds

19 CPS

28 CPS

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 Note: You know, the world record for 5 second click test is 16.5 Now!! Can You beat it? Challenge yourself. Click the above box as much as you can in limited time of 5 seconds and see your Clicking test score.

CPS or Click Speed Test

CPS is the abbreviation of Click Per Second and describes the number of mouse clicks within the specified time duration. CPS is chosen to check the click speed of the mouse. It’s measured in seconds to evaluate your clicking level. Typically it’s assumed that human fingers can’t achieve the highest level, but you can practice getting the maximum results.


Most people select the time of 5,10,15,20, or one minute. Some flocks think that the CPS doesn’t matter on an extensive range, but when you’re a gamer or resembling in any testing exam, the importance of the CPS clicking test has become extremely large. For the very few milliseconds, a late click can lead to the losing game.

Importance and Applications of CPS Click Test Speed

Practice the CPS speed click test especially click test 50 seconds, to overcome the erroneous results. Performing many tests to gain maximum clicks per second might be a great opportunity. Various websites and online tools allow you to polish these competencies.


The Clicking test is the best presentation of the skills in a legal way in various games. The gamers attempt this test before competing in the tough competitions. To excel in the gaming ability, the players always find the right ways and tools to boost the capabilities to beat the opponents.

Measure the Speed of Click Per Seconds

The best training is the very key access to attempt the CPS click challenge. You may get the services of auto clickers, but these are highly not recommended in online FPS/PvP games like PUBG and Minecraft. But use online software and download offline software to try the test to check. How many times do you click the mouse in 50 seconds?


Choose your choice with the point of your necessity. Set the timer for particular 50 seconds click test to grab the highest chances of best practice.

Step By Step Process

  • First of all, feel relax and make your mind of giving your maximum power in the test.
  • Search for any online tool on where you want to do the clicking.
  • Set the time for 5,10,20 seconds,50 seconds up to 1 minute .
  • Position the hands and fingers on the mouse button carefully.
  • Grip the mouse and focus on the screen.
  • Click in the specific frame given for clicking the mouse cursor.
  • That will start the countdown at the set time.
  • Click as much fast speed as you can using full power.
  • Once the timer stops, the immediate result will show up on the screen.

How Fast Can You Click In 50 seconds?

I attempted to click the mouse for 50 seconds with an average of 6.1 clicks per second is my best score. This score is an average score concerning world record per second is 22 CPS. In 2020, the world record of 22 CPS was recorded on the internet.


You can beat the same with some tricks and cheats. I will give some tricks and hacks to acquire the highest score.

Shaking Clicks:

Quick but straightforward clicking buttons speed by vibrating right hands.

Drag Clicking:

Position the fingers on the mouse buttons. Drag the fingers from the top to the sloping side of the bottom. It’s the best service for a maximum of double clicks at the same time.

Butterfly clicking with the two fingers at the same unit time.

50 Second Click Test

I tried the 50 seconds click challenge and succeeded in clicking the mouse buttons 322 times within 50 seconds. It’s an average speed but can be improved with the stream of time.

Upgrade the Mouse Clicking Speed

Here are some ways to improve the clicking speed and increase the speed.


Follow these to cross the world record. Wouldn’t be it interesting If you are the next world record holder?


Please keep your hands and mind relaxed before going for it.


Stretch the muscles and take it every day.

But I Will Suggest You Follow The Best Hacks:

1. Gaming Mouse

For the best practice and to beat the players in PvP games, gaming mice are considered the best equipment. This mouse has more responsiveness than a regular mouse. They have superb control and various advantages. The adjustable feature of various settings is vital success to this latest technology piece.

2. Hands Position and Grip

Relax your hands and keep the focus on your desired target. Measure clicks in 50 seconds for better control practice. Don’t let the hands over control, and don’t put too much pressure on the mouse buttons. Even some people drastically keep pushing the buttons instead of the soft but hard grip of fingers. Choose the best method that is Kohi click or butterfly click, for getting the clicks per second.

3. Tutorials

Watch videos on YouTube to get the ideas of best clicking methods and their steps. Follow the instructions given in the video for a specific technique like follow kohi click, butterfly click, and drag click.

4. Practice

The only ability that will work more than all other methods and techniques is practice. I need so much practice on either software or online websites. Click speed test is fun, and it can be interesting if you choose it only for one second.


Try advanced techniques to increase the click speed per second. Focus on your daily goal to achieve the final record. Apply click speed types to overcome the slow speed.

The current world record is 14+ clicks per second. But on average, clicks are 5 CPS. Play Minecraft PvP to cover the speed clicking strategy.

As peruses are concerned under investigation, koi clicking is not dangerous physically for bones and muscles. But If used frequently, it might be harmful.