Mouse Double Click Test

Mouse Double Click Test

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Apart from the keyboard, the use of the mouse is frequent in our daily life. We hear a lot of clicking sound of the mouse in offices, computer labs of educational institutions and in the house when children play games. Some click the mouse once and some in double depending upon the requirement. If we talked about the children, they click a lot while playing. There clicking is so frequent that experts have made a specific test by which anyone can measure the speed of the clicking of the mouse. By using this test, you can increase the speed of your clicking to make yourself perfect at playing mouse games.

CPS Click Per Second Test

CPS click per second test is used to measure the average number of clicks in seconds. The reason for using second as a standard in time frame means that human fingers are not fast enough to click maximum in minutes. The CPS test has multiple time frames in which you can check your clicking speed. These time frames are 1,5,10,15,30 seconds,60 and 100 seconds. This is a user-friendly and secure tool. The selection of time frames depends upon the user. There are different methods that are used to pass the CPS tests with a high score. These methods are increasing your speed of clicking.


The result of CPS is categorized into four animals

  • Fox
  • Rabbit 
  • Cow
  • Slug


If the speed of click per second is less than 10, then it means you have fox speed. If CPS is greater than 8 and less than 10, then you fall in the category of a rabbit. If the cps is less than 5 and greater than 8, then you are a cow in speed. In the end, if the speed is less than 5, then you are in slug speed.

Factors That Affect Your Clicking Speed

There are some factors that affect your click per second such as your internet connection and your device working. The highest click per second is 14.1 and the average click speed is 22, both are the highest world record. The average CPS rate is 6.51. The average mouse click time is 60 seconds, but if you click faster above than 60 seconds, then it means you are above the average.


The formula to calculate the click per second is 

CPS= number of clicks/number of seconds


The best way to get a higher score on the CPS test is to use the click speed test in 5 seconds mode. In this way, you will enhance your speed of clicking the mouse.

Kohi Test

The Kohi test is the platform of the CPS test. The concept of determining the clicking speed was first done on the Kohi test which is based on a Minecraft game server. This test was first introduced for Minecraft PvP players. In this game, quick mouse clicking is necessary for winning the game as the game is based on a battle, and you have to kill the enemy faster. The players practice and increase their mouse-clicking speed on this tool. This tool measures the clicks in just 10 seconds.

Double Click Mouse Test

The speed of clicking the mouse is measured by a double-click test. The purpose of this test is due to increasing demands in the development of accessories that are used in the gaming field. But this test is done not only for the game players but also for the software professional. In software development, there is a need to slow down the scrolling speed on the website. So it means the reasons behind this test varied depending upon the situation. 


Have you ever thought about when we do double-clicking? It is the most rapid action while using the mouse and laptop button. The double clicking is done without changing the position of the cursor. The purpose of this click is to highlight the text or to open the icon. If we place the cursor on the file and do double-click and press the Alt button from the keyboard, we can see all the features of that particular file.


The double-click speed test is performed to check the speed of your clicking. This is a very simple and easy test. All you have to do is to click twice on the given place. It will measure the speed of your clicking and show it at the end. The result of the test will show how many times you click within a given time frame.


There are other different types of clicking tests. Some are available online and free to use. The clicking test is different from games. There are some games that trained you to enhance your speed of clicking to make you a perfect player. These training games enhance your clicking skills, coordination between hand and eye and improve your accuracy. This test also tells us the difference between your first and second click. This difference in clicking is recorded in terms of 30 seconds. It means that when we click twice, there is a little time difference between double-click of the mouse.


There is a standard time difference between the first and second click. If your results show the time difference more and less than the standard, then it means that your mouse ability for double click is not up to the mark.

How To Test Mouse Double-Click?

The following steps guide you how to test the speed of double-click of the mouse:

  • Make double-click on the prescribed field. As soon as you click, the counting of your clicking will start. At the same time, this counter also measures the difference between the clicking. According to the principle of a test, if the time difference between two clicks is lower than 80 milli second, then it means your mouse has some issue with double clicking function.
  • Click as long as you can or until your hand and fingers hurts. There is no limit of double clicking. The tool will continuously show the results. 
  • The results are shown in the form of a click per second (CPS). The higher the click per second rate, the greater will be your efficiency of clicking the mouse and making pace with your mouse. The time frame which it offers is from 1 second to 100 seconds on average.
  • After completing the task, you can again start it with pressing the reset button.

Use Of Mouse Double-Click Test

This mouse double-click test is used to measure the accuracy, speed, and a maximum number of clicks. This test is very suitable for gamers as for them the use of the mouse is necessary. This test increases the speed of clicking the mouse. You can win the game by making continuous practice on them. The gamers usually have high click per second rate with in a shorter time as they are frequent user of mouse. While buying the gaming mouse, check its DPI value and it sensitivity by using a double-click mousse tester. In this way you can check the response of your mouse that how rapid it is, after single and double clicking.



This test is used by many users while doing work or playing games. All they have to do is to go to the play store and download CPS. With the help of this, you will realize how much clicking you have done while working or playing.

List Of Mouse Double-Clicking Games

Following are those games that require rapid clicking of the mouse.

  • Minecraft
  • PUBG
  • Counter strike
  • Day Z
  • Fortnite
  • Call of duty

Which Mouse Is Best For High Clicking Speed?

There are two types of mouse

  • Standard mouse: They are available as a port with PC. They are tagged as a standard product with no special features and design.
  • Gaming mouse: They are designed in such a way that they are sensitive and have special arrangements with the keyboard. They are best for setting new click records and enhancing test speed.


Following are some best gaming mouse:

  1. Logitech G502
  2. Steel Series Rival 3
  3. Razer Death Adder V2
  4. Corsair Harpoon RGB wireless
  5. Razer Basilisk V2

How to Fix Unwanted Double Clicks Issue?

Double-clicking might be good for specific games but it is not always acceptable in different scenarios. 

Here are a few solutions:

  • You may consider replacing your mouse with a new one.
  • You can also make a try to repair the mouse or get it repaired by some expert. 

In case, both the above ways don’t work you may check: Mouse Double Click Fix And Solution

When Double Click is Good?

Double-clicking the mouse is a serious issue for people who are not much fond of gaming. They just want to perform their daily tasks perfectly. 


But, on the other hand, mouse double-clicking is a great feature for gaming enthusiasts. Such as players of Minecraft want to gain maximum clicks per second with very less effort to score well. In such a scenario, having a double-clicking mouse is good luck. 


Most companies have eliminated double-clicking effect as it is now considered malfunctioning of mice. But, if you are a gamer then it is suggested that you may buy a mouse with mechanical buttons and software that allows the adjustment of debouncing time when required. 


The mouse clicking speed test is done by CPS and Kohi test. The higher the CPS rate, the greater will be your efficiency. The clicking speed can be enhanced by using the special gaming mouse and with some proper hand and body posture. The test is very easy to perform. All you need to do is frequent clicking until your hand gets tired. This test is helpful to the gamer who plays such games that employ the use of a mouse with rapid clicking. These types of tools that count your mouse clicks are by default present in different apps such as YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook for different purposes. This speed test can also be done with your friends for fun.


Relax your hand, make a strong grip on mouse, palm should be placed on a  table for stability and use gaming mouse for increasing the speed of click.

The difference between CPS and Kohi test is the Kohi test is based on Minecraft server.

Yes, it is very significant to measure the mouse clicking speed.

Yes there is. Players use this test in increasing their speed. They are applied in testing of  designs and models of different webpages and apps.

Yes, this tool is safe. It only allows you to know whether your mouse is double clicking or not. 

Double clicking through any software can cause ban. But, you may try different technique to make double clicks through mouse.