Click Speed Game in HTML5
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 Note: You know, the world record for 5 second click test is 16.5 Now!! Can You beat it? Challenge yourself. Click the above box as much as you can in limited time of 5 seconds and see your Clicking test score.

8 Second Click Speed Test

The 8-second click speed test is the best way of measuring one`s ability to use the mouse and the grip of your fingers on this hardware device. 8 seconds click test specifies the number of clicks in 8 seconds and determines the ability of the user to use the mouse. 


Gamers, graphic designers, IT professionals, and even the common people use mice for most of their works. Having a perfect grip on this hardware and possessing the ability to work better with the mouse can speed up the task. It is especially helpful when the user`s time is limited if he is fighting competition on a national or international level. To increase one`s ability in Clicking tests that include clicking tests for 10 seconds, Clicking Tests for 9 Seconds, Clicking tests for 8 Seconds, and so on Clicking speed test allows the user to test themselves and not only that but also these tests increase the speed as well. In 8 successive clicking speed tests, one can notice the improvement in his click rate.

Why 8 Second Click Test is necessary?

One may ask that the most widely used hardware device is a mouse and we start using it as soon as the computer turns on the very first thing to which our hand reaches is the mouse. We start clicking and use clicking in issuing most of the commands whether we are playing a game or clicking through a website and although it improves one`s ability to click too. Then what is the need for Clicking tests for 8 Seconds? That is good that we click continuously but how can you determine that How Many Clicks Can You Do in One Second?


In other words, the world record for most of the clicking in one second is 16CPS. Comparative to this world record CPS what is your ability? The world record of most clicks in 10 seconds is 12.1 CPS. Let`s assume if you score even half of it that is almost 6 Clicks per second you can assume yourself as an average person. And so this is the way how Clicking speed test can tell you how much improvement do you need to be a real competitor and time saver? Moreover, it is a demand for many jobs as well. Think professionally for a moment who would you prefer one who performs a task in 10 minutes or the one who performs the same task in 7 seconds?

If you have come across this question ever then you have already completed one step in increasing your click rates. Many websites provide users the way to increase their clicking speed by providing a lot of clicking tests with a lot of time variation and also they vary in others aspect as some of them allow you to click on a specific area while others give you a free hand by providing you Full-Screen Click Test.


Depending on your mood you can choose any. But if you are feeling bored and tired all day long and want to take some rest out of this testing then some games provide you entertainment as well as increase your clicking speed.


Such games include Minecraft which is a video game series. Moreover, one can also have click challenges with your friends and win or lose competitions with them and having your test and entertainment both at the same time as well. Such competitions are being provided by many CPS Clicker Software. The speed auto clicker and fast mouse clicker are good examples of such games that increase one`s clicking speed.


Clicking per second tests is not as boring as taking classes every day and just imagining somehow escaping out. It is neither 30 days nor 40 days course. It is simply a game-like test. Well, like all other things this also demands determination but this determination includes enjoyment. Once you start it you are enjoying it more than you are practicing it.


Here are some steps to increase your click rate:

  1. You can increase your clicking speed by regular clicking tests. Simply start an 8-second click speed test and start clicking. Check out your total clicks in 8 seconds and the site will monitor the number of clicks in one second for you. You can increase your speed by playing the clicking game at regular intervals. 
  2. Beyond this, you can learn many other techniques for enhanced clicking speed like butterfly clicking or Jitter clicking. Both these techniques can enhance your clicking rate up to much extent. Some people use an auto clicker for getting more scores. This is a cheating method. An auto clicker performs its role by automatically clicking and you can score thousands of clicks in one second. 


To realize your clicking speed, visit which is an online instrument intended for testing click speed in various time stretches.

You should utilize advance techniques to speed up. These techniques incorporate Jitter clicking, Butterfly clicking and Drag clicking and so on.

The normal mouse click time is around 60 seconds. On the off chance that you are quicker than this that implies that your mouse click execution is better than expected.

The world record for the most clicks each second is 14.1 CPS.

Butterfly clicking is a procedure to twofold your clicking speed by utilizing two fingers to click the left mouse button on the other hand.