A mouse is an essential computing device that has made scrolling, clicking, navigating, and almost every computing task possible. Even long scrolling feels comfortable if we have the right type of mouse right beneath the palm. Back in the days when a mouse used to have only two buttons and a scrolling wheel, life was simpler. We are still working on these conventional mouse, but since it’s the age of development, we see several mouses, specifically gaming mouse, having side buttons.

These side buttons are highly functional not only for gamers but for non-gamers as well. If you have just purchased a gaming mouse and are wondering about the purpose of side buttons, this blog post will help you give a thorough guide about these mouse button functions.

What are the Side Buttons of a Gaming Mouse Known as?

A gaming mouse is an investment that enhances your gaming experience and stays with you for longer with its durable build. If you see a number pad on the mouse’s side, bind them with specific gaming actions to save you tons of time and effort. Due to their ability to be programmed, the side buttons are also known as macro buttons or programmable side buttons.

For non-gamers, these side buttons help a lot by allowing effortless scrolling through large documents. A web page that is extremely long can be scrolled through using the side buttons, which is just one of the many useful applications of this type of mouse. Carrying out your day-to-day computing tasks is also possible with the side buttons, ensuring maximum productivity at work. Moreover, with the appropriate configuration of these buttons, you can use them to carry out the most repetitive tasks.

How Can the Mouse Side Buttons Be Used Other than Gaming?

Calling the mouse side buttons a blessing only for gamers would be wrong as these are time-saviors for every computer user. The tasks that are repeated multiple times during work can be assigned to these programmable buttons for maximum productivity. You can also assign any of these buttons a macro-operation, which uses the multiple keys press.

Some of the important tasks for which you can configure the mouse side buttons are:

Use of Mouse Side Buttons in GamingUse of Mouse Side Buttons in Gaming

If you have ever used a gaming mouse with side buttons, you can understand how beneficial these could be for a better gaming experience. These are used to pick random things and change weapons; several other tasks can be associated with them. By mapping certain keyboard keys to the side buttons, you can enjoy more control over your game without accessing the keyboard too much. It makes carrying out complex gaming tasks easier.

Not only do casual gamers find the macro buttons useful, but many of the top players in the world will swear by them. Some gaming mouse, such as Logitech G502 and Razer Naga Trinity, have visible side buttons, and the gamers who use them repeatedly drool over their purposes. If you are playing FPS, you can assign the side buttons vital gaming tasks such as scoping, rapid firing, and reloading. Similarly, when playing MMO games, the side buttons can be used to perform tasks such as casting spells, opening inventory, navigating maps, etc.

The side buttons of a gaming mouse can be customized to perform different tasks, such as:

However, if you are playing a gaming competition, it is important to consider the gaming rules as sometimes, using side mouse buttons for hot keystrokes can lead to banning the player.

How can I Program a Gaming Mouse?

The gaming mouse’s software can be customized, and you can bind it to any task to make gaming and other computing tasks easier for you. For instance, Logitech mouse side buttons can customized easily due to the G Hub Software that the Logitech Gaming Mouse is loaded with. Similarly, other gaming mouse such as Corsair and Razer have their special software through which you can customize the mouse side buttons. Notably, the software program that comes with the gaming mouse is proprietary, and you cannot use it for any other gaming mouse.

Follow the given steps to assign tasks to the mouse buttons by making changes in the Gaming mouse software.

Assigning Macros of Key Functions Using the Control Panel

You can assign a macro to the side button of the mouse through the control panel. However, interestingly, there are apps that can help assign macros to the side buttons. If you want to configure macros using the control panel without installing third-party apps, you need to follow the given steps:

Is it Worth Investing in a Gaming Mouse With Multiple Side Buttons?Gaming Mouse With Multiple Side Buttons

You just cannot state the positive use of a gaming mouse with multiple side buttons for everyone. The decision is complicated and takes a lot of consideration to conclude the productivity of multiple side buttons in a gaming mouse.

There is a majority of gamers and non-gamers who believe that gaming mouse provide an advantage in terms of control and accuracy. The key to productively using mouse side buttons lies in its intellectual configuration. If you have decided to invest in a gaming mouse with side buttons, ensure that it has enough buttons to meet your needs. Second, look for a mouse with adjustable DPI settings so you can change the mouse sensitivity when required. Since numerous options are available in the market, you should choose a mouse that feels comfortable under the palm and does not tire your wrists after long hours of gaming.

Bottom Line

Gaming mouse with side buttons lets you do a variety of in-game tasks without requiring you to learn complicated hotkeys or utilize the keyboard. Side buttons can be used for more than just gaming to boost productivity and cut down on time spent on tedious chores. The games you want to play and your own preferences will determine how many side buttons you require on a gaming mouse. Every gaming mouse comes with gaming software, which you may configure according to the mouse and cannot adjust on a generic mouse.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which gaming mouse comes with the most number of buttons?

Logitech G600 MMO Gaming Mouse is designed with 12 buttons on the side, which is popular for having the maximum number of buttons in a mouse.

List the best gaming mouse with multiple buttons on the side.

Logitech G600 MMO Gaming Mouse, Corsair SCIMITAR RGB ELITE Gaming Mouse, and Razer NAGA X Wired MMO Gaming Mouse are popular for having multiple side buttons.

What is the ideal number of buttons on a gaming mouse?

Ideally, a gaming mouse contains six buttons: mouse wheel click, right-click, left-click, two side buttons, and a DPI/CPI toggle button. However, there could be more than six buttons on the side of the mouse, depending on the gaming level.

What do you use mouse side buttons for?

The side buttons of a mouse can be used for various gaming and non-gaming tasks such as copying/pasting, scrolling, initiating a command, rapid firing, weapon exchange, sprinting, healing, and random movements inside the gaming interface. You can also assign macro functions to any of the side keys to save time.

What are the buttons on the side of the gaming mouse called?

The side buttons on the gaming mouse are called programmable side buttons or macro buttons.

What is the use of the right and left buttons in a mouse?

The left button on the mouse is used for drag and drop, opening a file, and selecting a document or file, while the right button is used to allow further functions once an item is chosen and, most importantly, to carry out copy/paste functions.

Should I use a right or left-hand mouse?

Generally, users prefer a right-handed mouse as it is conventionally used in the majority of workplaces. However, the best way to avoid hand strain and wrist injuries is to use a right-handed mouse, even if you are a left-hander. Using a left-handed mouse is also considered better for improving productivity.

Which is button 1 in a mouse?

The button 1 in the mouse is known as MB1.

What are the different buttons on a mouse called?

The left button on the mouse is known as MB1, the middle button is called MB2, and the right button is called MB3.

Is there any disadvantage of using a mouse with multiple side buttons?

A mouse with multiple side buttons is known for increased productivity however, if there are too many side buttons, it may confuse the user and even make it complex for them to use this type of mouse. For beginners, using this type of mouse is not easy and requires practice to learn its use.

What should I do if my mouse side buttons are not working?

Sometimes, when the mouse is not correctly connected to the device, its side buttons stop working. If this is the case, you may disconnect and reconnect the mouse to ensure a stable connection. If the mouse buttons are not working due to the mouse being damaged, you have to replace it and get a new one.

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