Kohi Click Speed Test

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Brief Introduction of CPS or Kohi Click Speed Test

CPS refers to the clicks per second. Or It’s the number of clicks for the given duration of time. The time frame is given in which you have to click the mouse button as many times as you can. Screen pop-up shows the speed test results that describe your overall score.


Many types of clicking methods are using by both professionals and other people. The types that are most common and identified are. Gamers have more experience than other people.

Methods of Clicking Mouse

1. Ordinary Clicking

Regular clicking has three ordinary usages of mouse buttons(left, right, and scroll buttons). It includes clicking the mouse with slow or average speed to do simple tasks like opening files, browsing the internet, etc.

2. Kohi Clicking

Kohi click speed is the method of determining mouse clicking speed per second. It’s overall similar to all other methods but has only one difference: I was explicitly introduced to the Minecraft game.

Read some important things about Minecraft:

This method allows gamers to click faster than the average clicking speed. It’s used in those cases when you need a faster clicking speed than ordinary circumstances. Gamers utilize the muscle’s vibrations to transfer to the fingers that click faster.

The butterfly method of clicking includes using the index finger to click faster than regular clicking. It’s different from jitter clicking that is sometimes painful and causes muscle strain.

5. Drag Clicking

Dragging your fingers forcefully over the right and left buttons of the mouse enable you to click quickly. It can lead up to 30+ CPS that is an extraordinary achievement. This technique is primarily used in Minecraft or FPS games that demand fast response to beat the opponents.

How Can We Do Kohi Clicking Technique?

Kohi clicking is an online practice to determine clicks per second. You can perform this technique to check your clicking level to beat the opponents in games and other competitions. Its name is after the Kohi PVP server, where this practice started for the very first time.

History/Origin of Kohi Clicking Method

The Kohi click tester was developed for Minecraft servers. But it was basically for other games as well. But later on, it started working for many complex games. Kohi PVP server was the first online tool where you could check the CPS. Nowadays, this technique is using by many gamers.

Kohi Clicking Vs. Other Clicking Methods

The only difference between kohi and other clicking methods is that it started on Minecraft server PVP. It includes putting pressure on fingers to click faster. But it might be dangerous when you use this technique for several hours a day. At the same time, all other methods are something more reliable than Kohi clicking.

Why People Use Kohi Clicking? Applications!

Well, a lot of gamers like Minecraft, FPS demands more swift speed to kill the enemies. But regular clicking and other techniques are not beneficial for responding as much faster as you can. So, gamers prefer this method to improve the professional skills in games through this method.


Gamers are often worried about their performances in the games to establish themselves as pro players. Also, they need some proper techniques and tricks the make their name in the relevant industry. That is why people love to adopt kohi clicking.

How Does The Kohi Click Test Work?

If you are not a gamer and don’t have any task that needs fast clicking, you may not necessarily adopt or practice this test.

Yes, If you are a gamer and want to increase the clicking speed through the kohi test, you must do it for best performances.

Kohi CPS Test Step by Step

  • Choose the mouse that is of high quality and sensitivity to get maximum efficiency.
  • Verify that the internet connection is excellent and smooth.
  • Set the time duration for the kohi test as you wish.
  • Decide the goal in mind that you want to get.
  • Click on the given area of kohi clicking test and click as fast as you can.
  • Countdown starts and will continue to the set timer.
  • Apply all other methods as well to improve skills
  • Once the countdown stops, your CPS test score will appear on the screen.
  • Evaluate your score, CPS, and you may try again until you get your goal.

Tip: If you want to become an expert, start practicing every day to get through it.

Does The Kohi Click Speed Test Work?

The simple answer to this question is yes. Kohi test clicking works for both gamers but all other players who play games. This test is a grand scheme to pass the problematic standards.  Practice is the best tool to acquire experience bypassing all tasks.

In a gaming career, there are a lot of things that need improvement with time. With the new updates in games and technology, players will also need some changes in their playing techniques. These strategies have a massive impact on their gaming performance. If you don’t benefit from kohi test clicking, you will not maintain yourself as a gamer in your competitive room.

Kohi test can work for you. Suppose you’re struggling in beating other players. Start playing modern games like PUBG, CODM, etc., to achieve your destinations.

Where The User Stand Under The World Record

When you search on the internet, many players claim that they got that world record of many clicks, But I will share with you the verified data that is 14.1 CPS recorded. But according to many data providing sites and agencies like Google, the average CPS is 6.51. Most of the players can’t cross that fence.

Let’s suppose

14.1 clicks per seconds

Timer set= 15 seconds

Total Clicks in 15 seconds= 211.5 clicks per seconds(CPS)

All the above calculations are, according to the data, recognized as a world record. Wouldn’t it be so interesting If you are the next record holder? Practice the things until you get the entire command.

Kohi Click Speed Record And Average Clicking Speed

The average clicking kohi speed clicks is 4-6 accordion to data. But the world record that has been noted in up to 8 CPS. Many players claim they have achieved more than 10 CPS, but chances for this possibility are minimum. The top CPS Minecraft is always in debate and is an excellent exercise to establish yourself as the best clicking test kohi.


CPS for Kohi Test Clicking = 8

Countdown set = 10 seconds

Total clicks in a unit time = 80

The more capability you have, the more chances of going even above this example in just 10 seconds. You can increase the possibility of implementation with regular practice.

How to Click in Kohi Click Test Very Quickly?

The more capability you have, the more chances of going even above this example in just 10 seconds. You can increase the possibility of implementation with regular practice.

Valuable Tips On How To Improve Or Increase The Kohi Mouse Clicking Speed

1. Ordinary Clicking

The position of the hands must be according to the design of the mouse. The grip on the right and left buttons are solid but not with so much pressure. Gaming mouse have flexible and has designed with maximum ease for gamers.

2. Mouse Type

The quality of the mouse, including its sensitivity and clicking response, matters a lot. So, buy the mouse that has the best results. Please consult with the gamers and friends who play these types of games like Minecraft and ask them the benefits and backdrop of a particular mouse company.

3. Free Practice

Search on the internet typing “How to increase the kohi mouse-clicking speed’, you will find much online software. Start practicing every day for a few minutes. Practice will help you to clicks faster and learn the techniques both.

4. Gaming Mouse

The latest games and players recommend gaming mouse to play games. Minecraft specifically needs more clicks number while killing the dragon. These mouse has less re bounce time and has more speed. The buttons of the mouse are descended well to facilitate you as compared to an ordinary mouse.

5. Auto Clickers

The software is downloaded to increase the cursor of the mouse as per the script. These auto clickers can use the auto clickers to modify the left or right mouse button and double-clicking speed.  According to the needs, these are offline utilities that are saved in the defined folder of your PC or laptop.

They use the clicking pattern record with the previous task or many other tools to customize the auto-clicking speed.

How Can I Increase Kohi SPeed CLicking Playing games(Minecraft)

Games(Minecraft) are a great tool to increase the mouse speed clicking. Pick a sword in the player’s hand, kill the zombies, or use many other things like breaking the trees. FPS games have many benefits to practice mouse clicking. Play these types for some hours to increase the CPS. Or, you can also start aim training. This would boost up your aiming capability a lot. 


It depends on the time you spend using this technique. Kohi method uses arms and muscle to put pressure on fingers to increase Kohi click. So, it can be harmful If you utilize it for several hours.

Yes, a gaming mouse is the best gadget to maximize the CPS test. Do proper research before buying a mouse from the market, as for the players and friends who use a gaming mouse.

Many apps and software sites are on the internet from where you can download these hacks. But I will not recommend using them. Make natural and sincere applications in your gaming.