Mouse DPI Calculator

DPI Sensitivity Calculator

DPI is a term often found floating around in gaming circles and forums. For those who don’t know, DPI refers to Dots Per Inch and it is a measure of mouse sensitivity. You can adjust the DPI of your mouse from your device and change its sensitivity.

Our online DPI calculator makes these tedious calculations a breeze. By entering a few values onto the calculator, you can easily determine how the changed DPI value has affected your mouse sensitivity.

With the help of our DPI calculator tool, you can increase or decrease your mouse sensitivity and also control precision. This DPI calculator is accurate, easy to use, and gives instant results.

Our tool is a great asset for video gamers, digital artists, and graphic designers.

What Is DPI?

DPI is the standard measurement for mouse sensitivity. It stands for dots per inch and refers to how many dots or pixel your cursors your move on the screen when you move your mouse 1 inch on the mousepad.

The higher the DPI, the greater the mouse sensitivity. High mouse sensitivity means that your cursor speed is fast and you can move the mouse pointer more dramatically with little physical movement.

What Is A DPI Calculator?

A DPI calculator is a tool that allows you to calculate your mouse sensitivity after you adjust the DPI settings of your mouse on your device. 

The calculator requires three values to calculate your mouse sensitivity: your current mouse DPI, your current mouse sensitivity, and the new DPI you wish to set your mouse to. 

The calculator uses the following formula to calculate the sensitivity of your mouse:

New Sensitivity = (Current DPI x Current Sensitivity) / New DPI

With the DPI calculator tool, you can skip tedious calculations and get your desired value within a few clicks.

Why Do We Need A DPI Calculator?

A DPI calculator is used to calculate the new and changed mouse sensitivity after changing the DPI of your mouse. This tool is important and much needed as mouse sensitivity is important for many users.

For An Average User

An average PC user can check what DPI speed will result in how much mouse sensitivity so they know what DPI they should set, to improve cursor speed. A good cursor speed is crucial to productivity while using a PC.

For Artists And Graphic Designers

Graphic designers, fashion designers, and digital artists all need a slightly lower mouse sensitivity value for their mouses. A lower mouse sensitivity means that the cursor moves slower across the screen. However, this means that the cursor movements have a higher accuracy and precision. The cursor is less likely to skip over any pixels. This quality is very helpful when drawing detailed digital drawings or editing photos.

You can use a DPI calculator tool to adjust find the DPI you need to set your mouse too, to adjust the mouse sensitivity to what is recommended for your device for optimal precision.

For Video Game Players

Professional video game players often use mouse sensitivity to increase their gaming performance, a trick for the pros. Different video games have different requirements regarding mouse sensitivity.

FPS shooter games like Counter-strike, PUBG, and Call Of Duty require the player to take a precise aim at their opponents. So while playing these games, gamers can check which DPI settings will give them the required mouse sensitivity for the game. The increased precision helps in accurately placing the crosshair feature and aiming right to take out an opponent in a single shot.

Real-time strategy games also require a lower mouse sensitivity to increase precision and accurately move your player to carry out missions.

Games like Dota 2 and Overwatch value speed of movement over precision, so mouse sensitivity can be increased to move the cursor dramatically with less physical movement.

For Users With High Resolution Screens

High resolution screens have a higher number of pixels in the same area. This means that you need a higher mouse DPI to maintain the same cursor speed over the same distance moved by the mouse.

Users with high resolution device screens can check the DPI value they need to set on their mouse to achieve the desired mouse sensitivity which is recommended for a screen with that resolution.

Features of DPI Calculator Tool

Our DPI calculator tool has many features that make it the best DPI calculator available online.

1. Highly Accurate

The DPI calculator tool gives you the accurate and correct calculations for mouse sensitivity. When you enter the right values in the correct fields, the DPI calculator calculates the exact mouse sensitivity accurately up to 4 decimal places.

This helps our users calculate the mouse sensitivity of their mouse upon adjusting the DPI value to great precision.

2. High Speed Calculations

The DPI calculator tool has a great output time. It generates the calculated mouse sensitivity within seconds of the user entering the required values and pressing the Calculate button.

Such high-speed calculations save the time of the user, letting them quickly calculate the DPI value required to reach a certain value of mouse sensitivity.

3. Easy to Use

The webpage of our website is very easy to use. The web interface is simplistic to promote ease of use. There are clear instructions on how to use the DPI calculator tool as well as clearly labeled fields to enter required values in.

Anyone can easily understand and use the DPI calculator tool for their needs.

4. Free of Cost

The DPI calculator tool on our website requires no charges to calculate your mouse sensitivity. It is available online for free for anyone to use, without any kind of payments required.

How to Use The DPI Calculator Tool?

Follow these steps to use the DPI calculator tool:

  1. Access the DPI calculator tool from the menu on the top left corner of our webpage.
  2. In the fields given in the calculator, enter your current mouse DPI, current mouse sensitivity, and new mouse DPI value.
  3. Click Calculate and immediately receive your calculated new mouse sensitivity.


Digital artists, graphic designers and photo editors are advised to use a lower DPI mouse setting to allow for precise cursor movements. Any DPI over 800 DPI will work great for such users. 

Screen resolution is based on the number of pixels in a particular area. So changing the screen resolution of a device (or using a different device with a different screen resolution) will affect mouse sensitivity as mouse sensitivity is dependent on pixels. With a different screen resolution, your mouse pointer movement will be affected.

Yes, 16,000 DPI is too high for gaming or any other purpose. As higher DPI increases mouse sensitivity, it also decreases precision. A too high DPI value like 16,000 DPI can result in 'smoothing' in which the cursor skips over some pixels as it moves too quickly.

Video games requiring speed should ideally be played with mouse DPI above 1000 DPI. This increases the mouse sensitivity and allows fast cursor movement with minimal physical effort.

No, there is no registration required for users to be able to use the DPI calculator tool. The tool is completely free to use, without the need for any log-in or sign up hassles.