Clicks in 26 Second


Avg Speed

World Record (No Cheating)

5 Seconds

19 CPS

27 CPS

10 Seconds

19 CPS

28 CPS

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 Note: You know, the world record for a 5-second click test is 16.5 Now!! Can You beat it? Challenge yourself. Click the above box as much as you can in the limited time of 5 seconds and see your Clicking test score.

Brief On CPS Test

It’s the counts the number of mouse clicks per second and calculates the frequency of the speed of the fingers. It would be best if you took CPS within due time. 


People usually take the clicking test to check their level of pro level. The counter shows how many times you can click in 5 seconds, 20 seconds and 26 seconds. All the proficiency depends on your consent how many times you want to connect. If you’re going to beat the competitors, that CPS clicking test challenge will help you.

Applications Of CPS Click Challenge:

Most gamers take advantage of the CPS test to improve the clicking speed to challenge their opponents. Like PvP, the clicking speed matters to stand out you the best among the opponents.

How Can I Check The Clicking Speed Of The Mouse?

CPS clicker software permits you to check your level of click speed. It’s dependents on the clicking speed of your fingers how they can be able to push the mouse buttons. The rate of the fingers and the number of clicks per seconds directly correspond to each other.

How Can I Determine The Mouse Speed?

Mouse speed is just the frequency of fingers pushes on the buttons to calculate the numbers of clicks within the time limit. By dividing the total clicks by the actual countdown will give you the CPS.

What Is The World Record For The CPS Clicking Speed Test?

Although some various websites or tools offer players to take the CPS click tests, according to the latest and the most approved websites responsible for the world records, the man Mr Dylan Allred scored the 1050+ clicks in only 10 seconds. Maybe other people have grabbed more numbers of clicks, but authoritative websites approve it.


But the number of clicks per second is 14.1 in some records. 


Suppose I took the 26 seconds clicks challenge and managed to secure the target of 200. Out of all these scores, I took 7.7 clicks per second. But they take this test typically to relax when they feel stressed. So the point is that they don’t practice it not only for increasing the clicks rate.

CPS Test Challenge Step By Step.

  • Choose the software of your choice on search on
  • Feel relax and take the muscles to face the test as normals.
  • Position the fingers on the buttons of the Mouse.
  • Set the timer according to the desired wish. E.g. you are taking click counter for 26 seconds)
  • Move the cursor at the frame of the clicks side.
  • Click as many times as you can and continue clicking until the countdown doesn’t stop.
  • Once you stop, the clicks in 26 seconds and a pop-up will open, showing the score.
  • If you don’t satisfy yourself, continue the CPS clicks test as fast you can until you get the highest score.

26 Click Speed Test

The average clicks per seconds are 6.4, typically. So, according to this data, If you have set the timer up to 26 seconds clicks challenge. You may click 166 times. That is an average CPS score. You can take it to more than 200 clicks, but it will need many days and time to achieve this goal.

How To Improve The Clicks Per Second?

Many game players want to get to the pro level and want tot unstoppable before the other players in their dream games. For this milestone, consistency and regular work is the ultimate key for the success. Practice every day as many times as you can on your favorite software or tool.

How Can Minecraft Help You To Increase The CPS?

On an average Minecraft, the player manages to click two times per second. Four types of clicking habits in Minecraft. Slow clicking, moderately slow clicking, fast clicking and high-speed clicking. All these kinds depend and vary from gamer to gamer on the practice and pro level. You can choose Minecraft as your partner to enhance the number of clicks per second.


Breaking the record is not a one night game. Practice a lot and need consistency to break the world record in Click Speed Test.

The gaming mouse is the best gadget to enhance and elevate your clicking experience.

Yes, there is much offline software on the internet. Download one of them and start practising offline. Auto clickers software can also help you, but many online gamers discourage that cheat.