Click Speed Game in HTML5
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5 Seconds

19 CPS

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19 CPS

28 CPS

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 Note: You know, the world record for 5 second click test is 16.5 Now!! Can You beat it? Challenge yourself. Click the above box as much as you can in limited time of 5 seconds and see your Clicking test score.

6 Seconds Mouse Click Speed Test

A CPS or Click Speed Test measures the frequency of mouse clicks that the user can make in a certain time period. The click tester determines the user’s ability to click as quickly as they can in a certain time limit. The click score of the user is known as the CPS rate or the click speed. This rate is determined by the number of clicks made in the given time limit. The time limit varies between different tests. For instance, the 6 seconds mouse click challenge is one such test that measures the number of mouse clicks made in 6 seconds.

Why Is The Click Challenge Used?

The clicks per second challenge is very popular among users particularly because of the need for a good CPS rate in gaming. Faster test click speed is the key to a successful gaming experience. Not only does a clicks per second challenge act as a measure of one’s click speed, but also a practice of clicking that enhances CPS speed. The more clicks you can make in the given time period, the better you will be at gaming.

At the same time, the click per second test also is a great stress relief and a source of anger management like none other. Many users have reported how the click speed game relieves their stress, relaxes them, and releases their anger.

Different Click Speed Tests

The clicks per second test can be taken using different input devices. The two popularly used input devices include:

  1. Keyboard
  2. Mouse

The time limits for the click tester differ between the various tests available but an average click per second score can be calculated and your CPS speed provides a measure of your click speed. Some of the famous tests include:

How To Measure Your Clicking Speed?

To test your clicking speed and calculate your CPS rate, you need to follow the given steps:

Step 1: begin the game and start clicking using your keyboard or mouse as quickly as you can.

Step 2: the game will display your number of clicks. Multiply the score earned with 6.

Step 3: this will give you the number of clicks you would have made in 1 minute.

Step 4: in order to get the number of clicks you have made in a second, you need to divide the score by 10.

Step 5: in this manner, you can know the number of clicks you made in a minute.


When you are calculating the number of clicks in a second, the most accurate measure is when you test the number of clicks you can make in 5 to 10 seconds at least.

What Is The World Record For Clicks Per Second?

If you want to see how good your clicking speed is, it is best to compare your CPS speed with the latest world clicks per second record. At present, the world record for the clicks per 5 seconds test is 16.5! If you wish to become a good gamer and prove yourself, try beating that score!

Tips To Becoming The Best Mouse Clicker

To click faster, you should attempt to change your clicking strategy. The following clicking techniques are recognized as the most effective for enhancing your clicking speed.

  1.   Jitter clicking
    Jitter clicking works by vibrating the right hand in order to maximize the number of clicks. While the regular clicking is known to give an average click test speed of 3-9 clicks, but with jitter clicking, you can get as much as a 10-14 click score.
  1.   Butterfly Clicking
    This works by using two fingers, one on each of the mouse buttons, to click faster. The butterfly clicking can give an average click speed of 15025 clicks.
  1.   Drag clicking
    When you drag your finger down the mouse button, multiple clicks can be made in quick succession. With drag clicking you can get a score of 25-100 average click speed.
  2. Using the auto clicker tester or auto click software.


It has indeed been discussed how jitter clicking is dangerous as it can cause health issues like Arthritis or Carpal Tunnelling Syndrome.

Double-clicking with a mouse is possible if you change the double click speed from the mouse settings.

If the mouse driver is old or outdated, if the vents have dust in them, or if the mouse is defective, it is possible that clicks are not made when you press the button.