Keyboard Clicker | Features of Best Keyboard Clickers 2022

Keyboard Clickers

Are you tired of repetitive keyboard clicking? Or are you a gamer who is tired of intensive clicking and in search of a tool that shares your load? Here the best solution is a keyboard clicker that automates key combinations or a single key of keyboard for unlimited time. A keyboard clicker shares your tasks and saves your energy and time so you can spend it on worthy tasks.
For instance, you have to do a data entry job urgently, but you also have to manage other tasks. Here the keyboard clicker helps you by taking responsibility. You have to assign the job and focus on your other important tasks. These tools are designed for these specific tasks; therefore, the chance of error is almost zero.

A professional gamer used to spend hours in front of a screen, but sometimes you need to play repetitive levels necessary to go next. In this situation, a keyboard key presser does these levels. First, you have to set the task requirements. Moreover, many keyboard clickers have the feature of keeping the memory of previous tasks that let you automate tasks for the same functions in the future. 

There are uncountable keyboard auto clickers present on the internet, and this might leave you confused. Each profession required different specifications of keyboard clickers. For example, if you need to handle data entry work, the keyboard clicker with multiple keys clicks suits you. On the other hand, if you want to do repetitive tasks, simple tools work only to click without any additional features. So here I am sharing some best keyboard clickers with their specifications, so you can pick the one that perfectly suits you. Let’s start it.

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List of Best Keyboard Clickers

1. Auto Keyboard Presser

The auto keyboard presser produces unlimited clicks and records performed actions for future execution. Availability of hotkey lets you automate clicks anytime, and you can customize it according to your convenience. Moreover, with all these specifications, this tool is free to download.
For automation of any task, you have to define the job and then automate it. In the case of a hotkey, the tool keeps the memory of the hotkey for a new job, but you can change it whenever you want. With the help of an auto keyboard presser, you can generate unlimited clicks without putting extra effort.


  • Hotkey with customization
  • Generate unlimited clicks for unlimited time
  • Let you set a time interval 
  • You can set the number of clicks 
  • Free to download 
  • Memorize the previous command
  • Record the actions and use for automation

2. Auto Key Clicker

If you want a small-sized simple auto clicker for keyboard to automate your clicking job, then this is the one you are searching for. It is an auto keyboard and mouse clicker that generates unlimited keystrokes along with mouse clicks. Furthermore, you can use this without any interruption because of minimum setting options.
It saves old clicking commands for future utilization. Moreover, because of its small size, it has low CPU usage to keep your system fast.


  • Small-sized
  • Fast clicking speed
  • User-friendly interface
  • Unlimited clicks
  • Auto mouse and keyboard clicker
  • Low CPU usage
  • Keep the memory of old tasks

3. Auto Keyboard

If you have to use different combinations for your work, like data entry and other tasks where you need to click a combination of multiple keys, then this is what you need. This auto keyboard clicker lets you choose the clicking time, but you can leave it for unlimited time. Moreover, you can decide the delay between two clicks or two combinations.
It has a hokey feature to stimulate the keypress, and also you can stop it by directly clicking the hotkey. Thus, the hotkey helps you start the task that you generate and then automate it whenever you feel ready to execute the job.
The best thing about the tool is linkage with the windows startup. So when you turn on your system, it gets ready. So you can automate the job without any delay.


  • Automate combination of keys 
  • Keyboard clicking task
  • You can choose time interval and time limit for clicking 
  • Hotkey with customization 
  • Connect with window startups to avoid time wastage

4. Auto Key Presser

If you need a simple tool with a user-friendly interface without any advanced features, this auto key presser works for you. It automates key pressing, but here, you can automate two keys simultaneously, like shortcuts ctrl+c and many others.
To run the job, you have to tell the tool keys and time of clicking. However, there is no hotkey option, and you have to start it by clicking on the start button. You have a timer option for ending the process, and you can stop it manually by clicking the stop button.
Because of its small size, it takes seconds to download and install. Moreover, it comes with an installation package that removes every tool file after uninstallation without leaving a single trace of presence in the system.


  • Simple tool
  • Easy to use 
  • No advance feature to maintain a user-friendly interface
  • Fast downloading
  • Low CPU
  • Comes with an Installation key to remove every relevant file after uninstallation

5. Robotsoft Key clicker

The key clicker is an auto keyboard clicker for games and repetitive tasks with hotkey compatibility to improve your work quality and gaming experience. It presses the assigned key for unlimited time, and you can start and stop the job with the help of hotkey. Moreover, you can set the job timer and time interval between two clicks. It is freely available on the internet for download.
It is one of the best keyboard clickers for Roblox to achieve the highest score.


  • Execute unlimited clicks 
  • Hotkey to start and stop pressing in the background
  • You can define the time interval 
  • Free available to download


Every keyboard clicker mentioned above is best in its own way because of different specifications. Each one has all qualities required for a keyboard clicker with additional features.
To achieve the highest score in gaming or improve the quality of your work must use these helping tools. These tools share your burden so you can perform effectively in your professional life. So choose the right one according to your profession and enjoy an easy life.