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 Note: You know, the world record for 5 second click test is 16.5 Now!! Can You beat it? Challenge yourself. Click the above box as much as you can in limited time of 5 seconds and see your Clicking test score.

Click Speed Test 15 Seconds

About CPS

The cps test is most definitely a timed game in which you will set the highest score and break other people’s records. The following are the simple steps you must take: –

  1. To begin the game, click the ‘Click Here to Begin’ button in the grey box above.
  2. As soon as you press the button, begin pressing with your cursor as quickly as you can under the time limit. The time will be shown on a timer above the box.
  3. As the timer runs out, the player’s scoreline will be shown. CPS is used to represent the ranking.

It is literally the number of clicks per time unit; in this case, seconds. It means that raising the frequency of clicks continues to boost the ratings. If the game is set to the mandatory detention for 5 seconds, players can adjust the time by using the menu on the settings tab of the website. It consists primarily of clicks every 10 seconds, clicks per 15 seconds, clicks every 30 seconds, clicks every 60 seconds (1 minute), and the colossal clicks every 100 seconds. CPS test is done to check click per seconds. Several software is present there to analyze clicks in 15 seconds. 

Clicking test for 15 seconds can help in making the clicking fast enough to set new world records. 

How Are Clicks Per Second Calculated?

Evaluating the frequency of the clicks is what click per second is all about. It will compute or quantify the number of clicks divided by the time spent clicking.

What Is The Current Record In The Most Clicks In A 15-Second Period?

While the Cps Test is a one-of-a-kind game that can be found on a variety of websites, some professional gamers battle to see who can press the mouse the fastest. It can surprise you, but there is a record holder for the fastest mouse clicker. Brian Pankey is a fictional character. Brian Pankey used a clacker toy to make 83 consecutive clicks in 15 seconds. Cps Test is not simply a game but people use it to calm their minds while they are nervous more than as a game.

How Do I Increase The Number Of Clicks Per Second?

Here the question arises that how many clicks can you do in 15 seconds. Clicks per second are an important metric that players who aspire to become pros in their favourite games pay close attention to. So, if you want to increase the clicks per second, you must put in serious and continuous practice time. By clicking on cpstest.org, you will train everyday and become a pro. We are optimistic that if you train for only 10 minutes a day, you can become a pro in your dream game. 15 second clicks test help to gain the highest clicking ability in gaming. It helps you know that how many clicks you are able to do in just 15 seconds. 

How Does The Click Speed Test Help You Increase Your CPS Speed?

The player wishes to increase his mouse click speed and gain the highest possible score in the allotted time. They strive to outperform their opponent. There are four ways to increase cps speed:

  • Clicking on a regular basis
    Daily Clicking is the simplest of all. You will boost the mouse click by incorporating it into everyday tasks such as text editing, web searching, and so on. On average, a CPS score of 3-6 clicks per second can be obtained. The positive thing of continuing to press is that it allows you to achieve excellence in a successful score battle, but it results in a lower CPS.
  • Going to click Jitter
    Jitter Clicking is a little more difficult than normal clicking, but the effect is just half as easy. It is one of the most advanced mouse click strategies. This technique allows the forearms and forearm to shake in order for you to click the mouse button as soon as possible. It causes vibration in the palm, which causes the jitter effect.
  • The clicking of the Butterfly
    The Jitter clicking is much slower than the butterfly clicking. This allows you to reach a click speed of 15 to 25 CPS. It’s a brilliant strategy that’s far superior to jitter tapping. I find it really easy and recommend that everyone try Butterfly Clicking. It has the ability to significantly increase the CPS levels. The helpful version is posted for you to watch to learn how to press quickly by using the Butterfly clicker.


Approximately 60 seconds

Drag clicking and butterfly pressing are the quickest ways. It's very simple to find video tutorials on some form of clicking, so just check for it so you'll be able to locate any.

J Drag clicking is one of the quickest speed checks for clicking. The rigidities of the finger and mouse have been considered in these techniques. The click speed ranges between 25 and 100 CPS. In the Kohi Click test, it is more helpful. It is one of the easiest strategies for getting more clicks in less time.