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 Note: You know, the world record for 5 second click test is 16.5 Now!! Can You beat it? Challenge yourself. Click the above box as much as you can in limited time of 5 seconds and see your Clicking test score.

11 Second Click Speed Test

Clicking seems to be a common type of action to the majority of people and they might have asked many times that “Why Clicking Is Important?” After our computer turns on we place our hands on the mouse and start clicking to refresh, to open a new document, to play games, and to do most of the things.

The mouse is one of the most important hardware devices to issue most of our commands. The most commonly used mouse events are left-clicked and right-click or simply clicking. Using the mouse, it is obvious that clicking has become more important, because graphical user interfaces are better than command-line interfaces; at the same time, the keyboard has been replaced by the mouse, and also in graphical user interfaces and by using mouse one does not need to remember long commands. That shows that clicking can be considered as an advanced widely adaptable feature in information technology.

All that matters but still one can think clicking is not “quantum physics” or a “black hole tragedy” to be read, understood, or make the theory on. It is simply a gentle press on either the left button or the right button of the mouse. So the better question, in this case, can be “Why is the Clicking Test Important?”

Why is Click Test Important?

This can be grasped by thinking of two professional writers, for instance, a content writer. Both of them use MS Word. Here both know all the commands, memorize the options, get the same view on the use of the menu bar and so on but if they are made to compete with each other, despite having the same knowledge, one whose grip over the keyboard is strong will prevail. This is how writing speed is so important for the users of word processors.


In the same way, gamers or IT professionals can relate themselves. If Graphic Designers are made to compete at the national level all of them will use the same software and will have almost the same skills so Who will be the winner? Of course, the one who has kept even minor things in consideration such as clicking. Consider that your click rate is 5 clicks per second and your competitor can click 7 times a second, who will be able to manage the given time best? That is why the clicking test is important not to tell you “how you click” but to improve “how many you click?

11 Second Click Test

After all these discussions one is sure that in gaming or graphic designing or whatsoever it is, clicking is important. The more you click in a second, the more is your probability to prevail. To understand the working of these click tests let us, for instance, consider a question that “How many clicks can you do in 11 seconds?” To answer this question, I think it is a better option to set a timer and begin to count your clicks. But it is quite inconvenient. Something easier than that can be a Clicking test for 11 seconds. You don’t need to count the clicks or set a timer, you just have to start a” click test 11 seconds” and start clicking with full concentration and at the end of 11 seconds the game is responsible to display the number of Clicks in 11 seconds on the monitor and you can easily find out your ability to thinking.


The discussion is about tracking your clicks in a specific period so it seems to be a good way to “Test Your Clicking Speed”. Yes, it is so but it is not just made to count your number of clicks. With the advent of time, clicking speed tests has itself become a game and is a big source of entertainment. Many websites provide you with many Click Challenges. You can invite your friends to have a competition with them. There can be competitions, enjoyments, winnings, and losses as well. You can find out the Fastest clicker in your social circle or worldwide as well. You can strive for the fastest clicking and competitions can bring pleasure and enjoyment.

Mouse Clicker Test

Mouse Clicker Test can be joyful and is the best way to tell you about your click rate. Besides, it has more advantages as well. Such tests increase one`s ability of clicking. For instance, in the first “clicking test for 11 seconds,” you might have scored 35 Clicks per second but after 10 tries your score can be 43 clicks per second. With every test, your click rate can be improved and thus you can be a more professional gamer or graphic designer or software engineer, or IT professional.


The problem may be due to some software issue in your PC. The PC must have some problem in detecting your mouse. This may be due to the USB port problem. Check your portal or consult some experts.

If the mouse is not moving smoothly, this is because the rollers need cleaning. There must be some dust, hair, or fur in the rollers. Check the bottom of the mouse. Clean the dust with damp cloth. Pick out the hair or fur with tweezers. 

To reset your mouse, unplug the mouse. press both the buttons together. Plug it again while the buttons are still pressed. Release after 5 sec. Your mouse is reset successfully.