Auto Clickers

Various advancements have been introduced in the computing world, making things easier and accessible for users. The purpose of introducing tech-friendly methods is to take less input from humans while, at the same time, producing better output.


For gamers, this is the era of revolution with the utmost ease of accessing gaming features all from their comfort zone. Gone are the days when a player had to go through repetitive clicks to achieve a certain gaming level. It is tedious and somehow frustrating, no matter if you’re a beginner or a professional.


Thanks to the auto clickers for making the clicking job easier for the gamers, saving their time and effort of continuously clicking the mouse to accomplish certain goals.


Many people are usually unaware of the auto-clicker, its working and its usage. To simplify the concept, here is everything you should know about auto clickers, their purpose and usage.

What is an Auto Clicker?

An auto clicker is a piece of software that is programmed to automate mouse clicking on the computer screen. For gamers, an auto clicker is a tool that has helped them get rid of the physical strain of manual clicking. The number of clicks generated by the auto clickers is much higher than intended.


Not just gamers but bidders, coders and software professionals use auto clickers to boost sales and reinforce other computing tasks. From software testing to data entry automation, auto clickers tend to perform a variety of applications.

How Does an Auto Clicker Work?

The functionality of the auto clicker is specified by the user. The auto clicker starts automating tasks which are specified in the settings of the auto clicker by the user. 


Sometimes, hotkeys can be a great method of auto-clicking, with hotkeys being assigned specific tasks and commands to control computer operating systems. When the user presses the hotkey, the command behind it starts generating the output.


Auto clickers are usually used with hotkey management applications where the user specifies the hotkey for the operation. When the user uses an auto clicker with the key combination, the auto clicker starts generating repetitive tasks specified behind the keys.

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Mac Auto Clicker

Auto-clicker can be a very handy tool for simulation of mouse clicks like real. While there are some options available, not a lot are available for MAC devices. If you’re figuring out which auto clicker for MAC is the best for use and how to get it? You are at the right place.

IOS/Iphone Auto Clickers

What can be more boring and tiresome than a task that requires repetitive clicking or tapping? There are numerous activities, including many online games that demand the user to tap the screen at a particular point in case of mobile device, click a mouse or keyboard key in case of a PC, MAC repetitively and at a good speed.
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Android Auto Clickers

We are sure you must have heard about auto clicker apps for Android devices, including smartphones and tablets, and how they can help you automate your daily clicking tasks. But if you’re here and have ever wondered what an auto clicker app does, we are here to help.

Exe File Auto Clickers

Are you looking for an auto clicker that is free to use, small in size, and has an exe file to avoid the installation process? Then you land’ve in the right place because we bring the best auto clickers with exe files to end your searching process. Professional gamers prefer auto clicker exe because of their efficient working and small size, making your system faster instead of slowing it down.
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Chromebook Auto Clickers

While using a computer, many actions require the user to click the mouse faster or press the keyboard button quickly and successively. Moreover, the user’s speed of clicking, also known as the CPS (Clicks per Second) rate, is also significant.

Linux Auto Clicker

Auto clicker is software that helps you perform a function numerous times. Generally, an auto clicker is referred to as an auto mouse clicker. Most auto clickers perform repeated mouse actions. The user records the action he needs to repeat, determines the time and speed of repetition, and allots a keyword responsible for stimulating this action.
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BlueStack Auto Clickers

BlueStacks is one of the best android emulators for Mac and Windows. Although it already has many exciting features, the addition of these amazing auto-clicking features including repeated tap, long press, macros, and scripting has made gaming more fun and easy.

Fastest Auto Clickers

Auto clicker is ideal to do repetitive tasks for you, like during gameplay; an auto clicker is an intelligent companion that helps achieve the highest score. Also, for data entry, it works according to your command and works as a helping hand.
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Roblox Auto Clickers

The passion for games in the people was once suppressed. It was considered one of the useful activities. Especially, the vision about E-sport is extremely misunderstood. People staying at home in the respective pandemic discovered some tactics to find themselves best games to enhance their abilities.

Minecraft Auto Clickers

If you love to play online and PC games, we are sure you must know about the trending, popular PC game, Minecraft. Ever since its release in 2011, this game has become one of the most popular games played around the world. Gamers often use an auto clicker for playing Minecraft.
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Minecraft PvP Auto Clickers

Minecraft is a mouse-clicking game, and to get success; you have to achieve a high clicking speed. To do this naturally in the game, you have to put in extra energy, time, and effort. Instead of this, you have auto clickers to assist you.

Auto Clicker For Mouse

Autoclicking is a function that enables a user to perform certain tasks with automation on a computer without using a mouse manually. Here you can find the fastest auto clickers available free to download for PC, MAC and Linux. An autoclicking utility tool also helps in increasing the CPS for mouse.

Best Keyboard Clicker

Are you tired of repetitive keyboard clicking? Or are you a gamer who is tired of intensive clicking and in search of a tool that shares your load? Here the best solution is a keyboard clicker that automates key combinations or a single key of keyboard for unlimited time.

Auto Key Presser

The use of keyboard while working on computer, PC, or laptop is mandatory. And keyboard key clicking speed has become a significant factor in a range of things today, from gaming to daily keyboard work. Gaming, in particular, requires rapid clicking of certain keyboard keys or mouse buttons, and there are different tools or software for auto keyboard key clicking or pressing.

Best Macro Recorders

With a daily routine already so hectic, it can be a very great challenge, having to perform repetitive clicking tasks time and again. Doing them once is already hard, talk about having to do it repetitively. Fortunately enough, we are living in times where there are multiple applications available that can help us complete our daily clicking tasks with no effort required, thereby saving our time and efforts.

Benefits of Auto Clickers

  • Auto clicker is a great way to reduce the strain of routine tasks, which might include screen recording, multiple clicking on a word document, scrolling through the entire document, etc.
  • Clicking repeatedly or hitting the mouse button multiple times can cause finger strain. The auto clicker saves you from this repetition and makes the target easier to achieve by performing specific actions repeatedly.
  • The auto clicker ensures that the entire process runs smoothly with no specific configurations required in the background.
  • For gamers, an auto clicker is an efficient tool to rapidly accomplish a certain level that requires multiple clicking simultaneously.
  • Often, auto clickers are free and open-source tools, so you can easily download the auto clicker of your choice.

The Auto Clickers Applications


Auto clicker is an excellent tool for gamers that help players in building blocks and beating enemies by automating clicks frequently. In games such as Cookie Clicker and Room Clicker, you need to perform multiple clicks in order to progress to the next stage faster. In such games, auto clickers can be of great help.

Software Testing

The usage of auto clickers is not limited to gaming only, but there are various auto clickers created, which are great with testing software. Since there are numerous UI elements involved, it is tedious to test each of them individually. In such cases, specialised auto clickers are used to test the software.

Data Entry

Auto clickers save the job of data entry operators by repeating the sequence of specific tasks and automating the process on its own. Although the complex level data entry cannot be done by auto clickers, you can still use auto clickers for some basic to middle level data entry tasks.


An auto clicker is an excellent open-source application that is time-saving, efficient and versatile. Its applications in some of the vital aspects of the digital world make it a valuable option to consider. However, in some games, the use of auto clickers gets noticed by the algorithm and if that happens, there are high chances of your account getting banned.