MacBook Overheats During Roblox Gameplay – Factors & Tips to Prevent it

MacBook Overheats During Roblox gameplay

With over 200 million monthly active users, Roblox has gained massive popularity around the globe. The game keeps on adding new captivating features to keep the players interested in the gaming interface. Besides being an immensely popular game, Roblox, like any other game, has some serious issues that still need to be addressed by the […]

Silent Mouse Clicks: A Guide to Noise-Free Working in Your Workspace

Silent Mouse Clicks

Mouse clicking is one of the vital tasks performed on a mouse in which we click on a command and then release the button. Sometimes, for certain reasons, pressing and releasing the mouse button produces a disturbing noise that can distract you from working on the computer or laptop. When you are sitting in a […]

Connecting a Mouse to Your Chromebook: A Guide to Wireless Connectivity

Connecting a Mouse to Your Chromebook

The modern-day Chromebook comes with the ease of handling several devices that are attached to it and makes computing extremely easy. A greater number of USB ports are introduced for the attachment of modern devices at the same time, which also saves from additional efforts. Although it is easy to connect basic devices to the […]

Use of Gaming Mouse Side Buttons: Guide to Functions & Customization

Mouse Side Buttons Guide

A mouse is an essential computing device that has made scrolling, clicking, navigating, and almost every computing task possible. Even long scrolling feels comfortable if we have the right type of mouse right beneath the palm. Back in the days when a mouse used to have only two buttons and a scrolling wheel, life was […]

How Do You Make a Gamepass on Roblox Mobile

How Do You Make a Gamepass on Roblox Mobile

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Roblox earned immense popularity, making it a widely expanding gaming platform where players can program various games and play games of their choice. Today, Roblox has almost 160 million active users worldwide and is expected to gain immense popularity in the near future. With special features and access to gaming tools […]

How to Fefund Items on Roblox

How to Refund Items on Roblox

The popularity of the Roblox gaming platform is spreading across the globe, and with the items’ purchases, anyone can enjoy the versatility of the in-game tools and accessories. However, sometimes, when you accidentally purchase an item on Roblox or lose the unused item, things can go slightly unhappy for you. If a Roblox player is […]

How to Wear Multiple Hairs In Roblox – Step-by-Step Guide

How to Wear Multiple Hair in Roblox

Since its creation, the Roblox game has continuously gripped the player’s attention by introducing new features and accessories and giving more chances to the players to be more creative. There is a massive room for customization for every player through different costumes, colors, and hairstyles, which players enjoy and contribute to Roblox’s popularity. One of […]

Free Online Mirror | See Yourself on Screen [PC, Mobile]

Going to appear in an important interview? Or do you just want to see yourself in the middle of the work? Our webcam mirror is designed to provide you with a screen where you can see your image. It’s just like a regular mirror but with a different mechanism where the light reflects back your […]

Spin the Wheel – Custom Picker for Random Selection

Are you a luck checker? Or do you just want to spin things around? This spinner wheel is the perfect tool to delve into unlimited fun by producing different outputs in a random wheel. This alternative to Picker Wheel and Google Spinner keeps you engaged. You can create your own custom spin wheel with our […]

How to Change Windows Mouse Keys to Right-Click Instead of Left Click?

How to Change Windows Mouse Keys to Right-Click Instead of Left Click?

How to Change Windows Mouse Keys to Right-Click Instead of Left Click? As a fact, whether we like it or not, almost every computer’s ergonomic built is suited for right-hand users. The case of a computer mouse or trackpad is no different. Yet, there are some devices available for left-hand users as well. Before you […]