How Many Keys Are on a TKL Keyboard?

Everything About TKL Keyboards

Whether it’s gaming or work, having the appropriate keyboard at hand is necessary. Tenkeyless keyboards are the latest innovation in typing and gaming technology. We assume that you might be aware of this type of keyboard, but in case you’re not, we are here with all the details. 


While there are multiple options, a tenkeyless keyboard offers a unique design that saves your desk space while offering all the necessary keys. Here is everything you need to know about a tenkeyless, TKL keyboard. 

What is the TKL Keyboard?

TKL, standing for tenkeyless, is a keyboard type that has exactly 10 keys lesser than a full-sized keyboard. In simple words, a Tenkeyless keyboard does not have a numeric pad, making the keyboard smaller and more portable than a full-sized one. Also known as the 80% keyboard, the TKL keyboard typically has 87 to 88 keys in total which is roughly 80% of a full-sized keyboard, based on the country.

Why you Need to Pick this Keyboard?

Today, many people prefer the use of a TKL keyboard over a full-sized one because of the multiple benefits it offers. Why do you need a TKL keyboard? Here are the benefits that will help you decide why!

1. Improved Form and Better Positioning

Other than being an accountant, the absence of the numeric pad shouldn’t be much of an issue. Since a TKL keyboard is lighter and smaller than a full-sized one, it offers the benefit of better positioning and easy handling for workers and gamers. The form of the keyboard is simple and the compact size gives your arm a better positioning.

2. Better Mouse-to-Hand-To-Keyboard Proximity

While some may not consider it important, a TKL keyboard is very effective in offering simultaneous keyboard and mouse use, making it more comfortable for being used for extended periods. With a TKL keyboard, you can place the mouse closer to the keyboard, which is a benefit for people who prefer using both together.

3. Offers Greater Desk Space

Another thing a TKL keyboard offers is great desk space. Other than offering more space for snacks, drinks, and taking notes, a TKL keyboard’s small size offers better movement and accuracy which is a must for gamers. Moreover, not everyone enjoys a big keyboard with keys that they might never use. Hence, with a TKL keyboard, you have more desk space to keep other things.

4. Supports Removable Cables

Another feature that TKL keyboards support is the ability to be detached from their cable, making it easier to replace when a part is worn out. Moreover, this feature also makes the keyboard convenient for travel, where the cable can be packed separately. 

5. Durable

Tenkeyless keyboards are shorter and designed typically for gaming. The short and compact offer more durability as well. Tenkeyless keyboards are designed with durable materials, designed to last long.

6. An Economical Option

Since Tenkeyless keyboards have fewer components, they are less costly than full-sized keyboards. Even though the price difference may not be as high as expected, the functionality and comfort make it worth the cost. Based on your needs, a tenkeyless keyboard can improve your gaming or work experience and is, hence an economical option.

How Many Keys Are on a TKL Keyboard?

TKL Keyboard

A TKL keyboard is 80% of a full-sized keyboard and supports around 87 to 88 keys. Thus, the alternative names of the keyboard are 80% or 87% keyboard. 

87% or 80% Keyboard

You may wonder what this percentage means and how many keys a TKL keyboard has. Well, the answers tend to be linked. 


TKL keyboards are keyboards that have a very compact layout. Corsair and Razer are some of the manufacturers of these keyboards. The keyboard layout eliminates the number pad and has 87 to 88 keys, 10-keys less than a full-sized keyboard. This is 80% of the full-sized keyboards, hence earning the name 80% or 87% keyboard. 

Who Can Use the TKL Keyboard?

Tenkeyless keyboards are perfect for gaming and work. As long as you aren’t an accountant needing a numeric pad, a tenkeyless keyboard is an ideal option for you.


Here, we aimed to acquaint you with a Tenkeyless design keyboard and its details. We have given all the details about the keyboard above and we hope they have been useful.


Yes, the TKL keyboards are very portable because they are compact and lighter to carry. 

Yes. Tenkeyless keyboards are great for gaming because they give your mouse the space to move easily. In most cases, you won’t need the number pad for gaming. So more space is a benefit offered by the TKL keyboard for gaming.

A TKL keyboard is simply a keyboard without a number pad. It is smaller than a full-sized keyboard and is perfect for work and gaming.